Daily Delivery – Who we are?

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DailyDelivery You Deserve a Break. Who we are and What do we Do?

Daily Delivery is a social venture startup based in Downtown Vancouver which provides a range of delivery services to the Downtown Core. At present, these services include Groceries, Food & Liquor which are being provided to Residents and Businesses.

The local community in Vancouver is rapidly growing, and on a daily basis we come across new residential and commercial buildings being constructed. The influx of new residents and businesses, and the need for a reliable and fast delivery service at an affordable price is why this venture was created. Our everyday life is filled with errands forced upon us by necessity, and one n find it quite redundant and time consuming to go about getting these tasks done. Think about all that valuable time and money being wasted in traffic, lineups, scouting for parking spots….This is where DailyDelivery comes in. We realize the value of time for individuals, and so We are here to make their lives easier. Not only this will allow individuals to save time and money, but it will tremendously increase their productivity. The 2 hours once spent on running errands is now quality time which one can spend however they like.  Residents can now visit our website to place orders from any of their favourite stores & restaurants and get them delivered to their doorsteps.

Providing an all-in-one solution for residents and business that will allow them to outsource and remotely manage their undesired tasks; such as dry-cleaning pickup/dropoff, office supply purchases, or grocery shopping is what we are all about. No longer do customers have to find different companies for getting different tasks done. They now have one company which does it ALL. Here at daily delivery, we believe that our customers are entitled to have a “Choice”, when planning to order their desired meal or groceries from their favourite stores. This ensures that customers save their precious time which we value the most. Secondly, We are the Only company in Downtown Vancouver which provides all these services, but Does not harm the environment at all! Yes, all of these deliveries are being made using fully electric scooters which have zero emission and are here to aid Vancouver in becoming the Greenest City by 2020. At DailyDelivery, we firmly believe that our company is what Downtown Vancouver is asking for.

Daily Delivery Team

You Deserve A Break!


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