This Saturday, get your Brunch game on!

(Picture Credit – Elite Daily)

It’s Friday once again! We are sure your “party mode” is on. The Friday hangover can be quite..well, messy. Ever wondered why Friday is so far away from Monday yet Monday comes in so soon after Friday? We can’t figure that out still. Just when you thought you have it all sorted for the weekend, here comes…the hangover, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

By the time you get over the hangover, it’s Saturday…..we totally get you! But enough of that getting up late and wondering what to do. Here’s a tip to hopefully get you motivated: Get your BRUNCH GAME on. The word itself says it all! Breakfast + Lunch, so it’s always good to get a mix of food (or maybe even wine, too) going on. Instead of going heavy like your are having breakfast or going light like you are having lunch, mix and match your favorite dishes.Order from wherever you please and we will be happy to be a part of your Brunch game.

Enjoy and relax because you Deserve a Break!

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