Pick your Super Bowl side and orders today!

superbowl-xlix_home_page1(Picture Credit – TiqIQ Blog)

Yeaaa! The time is here again to reunite with old friends and gather around your flatscreens today afternoon. THE Super Bowl game for 2015 is here!

Let’s be real, not everyone cheering wildly from their homes or at the pub are hardcdore football fans but that does not mean we can’t pretend to be one! Whether you are cheering on the Seahawks or the Patriots…or even Katy Perry during halftime (no judgement), here is how you can successfully enjoy the game and release the inner football coach within:

  1. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors (did we leave anyone out?!). Fans or not, the more the merrier, right!?
  2. Make sure there are enough chairs/seating for your guests.
  3. Football theme every single thing. Amping up the home decor will really pump up the mood!
  4. Order three times the food and adult beverages you THINK you will need as there’s always room for more food (erm, and drinks as well)…always.
  5. Most importantly, make sure to place all your food orders and last minute errands with us on game day!

Who wants to be running around town last minute to grab platters of buffalo wings right before kick-off? We know, you don’t. Or even worse, you run out of food way before Ms.Perry even hits the halftime stage! We have you covered! Place your orders with us today and our Delivery Specialists will come and save you the worry and time. After all, You deserve a Break! (especially during the Super Bowl!)

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