Single on Valentine’s? No more!

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Picture Credit –

With a gloomy welcome to February, all that we are seeing around is rain, clouds and yes, hearts!

Hearts? Yes, THE Valentine’s Day that everyone seems to be celebrating is finally here!

Have you ever thought about how Valentine’s should not only be restricted to couples? What about the other people you love? What about yourself?

Yeaaaa! Yourself! Don’t we all love ourselves?

To aall the Singles out there, Happy Single Awareness Day! C’mon, it’s not a bad thing… whether you chose the single life or the single life chose you, it has it perks either way. Haven’t you ever thought of being like, “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say, it’s going well. Like….it’s working out. I think I’m the one.” But you know, sometimes it is kind of heart melting to receive something for being just an awesome person. Something is just too special when it’s delivered. So why not get something delivered and we can do this all day! Take a break from that “Single life (sigh)”, and be “Yaaaaaaz, the single life!!” Whether it is a meal and coffee for you to enjoy, or a tub of ice-cream for you to cry over being single (Not!) or a book you want to curl up and read, we will deliver anything for you (Well, almost anything!)

Forget about others, we are just a click away from you!

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