Knock, knock! Who’s there? Spring Allergies!

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Picture Credit –

With the mornings shining bright, trees turning green and rains bidding good-bye (at least, for a couple of days!), what do we see around?

Aaachhhooo!! Sorry. So, what do we see around? *cough* *cough*No, not the Oscars and the Fashion police dissecting who wore what. Aaachoo! No, not the gloves that Lady Gaga wore to the Oscars. Aaachoo! No, not the Canucks games. Aaachoo!Yesss! You guessed it right! All we see (or perhaps, hear) around are allergies! Just as much we adore the Spring, we all hate the allergies it brings (a coin always has two-sides! Doesn’t it?)

So, what can we do to enjoy the oh-so-amazing Spring without the coughs and sneezes?Simple, simple. Make some changes to your diet and get those antibodies fight the allergens themselves *dishoom* * dishoom*.

The most essential food items that can protect you from Spring allergies include –

  • Apples – Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Go with that motto and grab an apple now.
  • Red Grapes – No, not the drinks made out of them but a good bunch of red grapes will do the trick.
  • Warm Liquids – Have plenty of warm liquids including different types of teas (like mint and chamomile, ginger), coffees and soups (from chicken to veggies to lentils, just keep the flow going!)
  • Fish – Add a portion of fish to any of your meals to get your dose of good cholesterol and to keep the sneezes at bay.

Apart from these and mostly importantly, take good care of yourself! Enjoy the Spring you all 😉

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