For the Love of the Pound

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Picture Credit –

Don’t we all hate when the pounds pile up? The unwanted mass of guilt, the feeling of each extra inch pushes us against the wall to stand up! Yes, stand up and fight. But, if only all of us had that strong of a will power, we all would have been supermodels! (Read, Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Angels’!)

However, not all pounds are harmful. Think of the British Pound 😉 The feeling of holding a bundle of those pounds in your hands and their smell is just out of the world. Similar is the feeling of holding, smelling and and eating the pound! Yes, The Pound Cake! This beauty of a cake can be eaten guilt-free (of course, it does not have those fattening frostings!) anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

To mark the occasion of the Pound Cake Day, let us talk more about them and honor this beauty. Hhmm, where do we begin, it’s a cake (DUH!) and the reason it is called the “pound” cake is because it was mostly made up of a pound of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. This cake’s claim to fame was its easy recipe. And from what we have heard it always comes out goood. Yes, heard. We didn’t try our hands at baking this yet. Did you?

We will talk more about them after we come back from enjoying our cake. Nothing beats a good pound cake, especially you, lemon pound cake… you smell so good *feeling weak in the knees already* 😉

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