With Soccer vs Hockey this weekend, we can’t pick our favorite!

Picture credit - Whitecapsfc.com
Picture credit – Whitecapsfc.com

For the love of sports in Vancouver, here at Daily Delivery we thought it would be extremely appropriate to discuss both soccer and hockey in our lovely city.

With the Whitecaps home opener under the belt and the Canucks still in battle for playoffs, we are dying of excitement already!

Some people (if not most) looooove hockey, and some (if not most) looooove soccer. But what happens when you are not really into either of these games and are stuck watching them with your friends?!
Don’t worry! We have you covered 😉

For Soccer –

  • Cheer for the Captain Morales! He scored the highest number of goals for Whitecaps last season.
  • Cheer for Mattocks! He was the second highest goal scorer for Whitecaps in the last season.
  • Praise our Goalkeeper Ousted. Games would be so boring without goalkeepers, right?
  • Say that you miss Camilo in the team.
  • Use words like ‘Midfielder’, ‘Defender’, ‘Shots on Goals’, ‘Offsides’ to sound more into the game.
  • Lastly, just loook at those well-built players and get inspired!

For Hockey –

Did we say hockey? Ice hockey! We meant CANUCKS!
Just say, “GO, CANUCKS, GO!”
Glue yourself to the screen and go with the flow. (Love for Canucks should be running in your blood, eh!)

Most importantly, every game is better when enjoyed with your friends and some drinks. Enjoy the entertainment cause “It’s not just sports, it’s entertainment”!

p.s. -hope you get over the ‘games hangover’ soon 😉


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