The Lost Hour that was!

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It’s been a week into THE #DaylightSavingTime! Yeah, a week! Is it just us or time is actually running?!  But anyway, we hope that all of you are coping well with the advanced hour (We are! NOT!)

There are a bunch of us (if not everyone) who have mixed feelings during this occasion, at one point we’re thinking, “Hey! Summer is near!” and at the other end, “I have been robbed!”. 1 HOUR! One hour! We mean being robbed of THAT one hour which we all could have utilized to do a whole bunch of things. Most of us also begin to realize how valuable our time is because we literally cannot bring an hour back and rewind.

So, instead of nagging and whining about the lost hour, let us talk a bit more about it.
First of all, we practice daylight saving time to stretch out the light into the evening (Ok, we know that you already know that. Or at least, we like to think you know it). The main purpose of DST is to use the most of daylight and conserve energy (Now we are talking!) While there’s a long history of the matter, the aim of DST is for efficiency (Ah! How we loove this word!).
Now, there are a lot who are against DST as well. But the more you think about it, the more time you spend stressing on the matter when you should be focusing on bigger things.

Here are just some tips to survive and to adjust to DST

  1. Have a lavish and (importantly) healthy breakfast
  2. Take advantage of the day: Get some SUN!
  3. Keep your usual schedule
  4. (But) sleep a little bit earlier
  5. Do NOT THINK about the lost one hour
  6. Drink lots of WATER
  7. Be ready to welcome Summer with both hands!

If all else fails, just continue with your regular schedule 😉



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