Happy Easter!

Picture Credit - festivalwallpaper.com
Picture Credit – festivalwallpaper.com

Easter Sunday is here, lovely people! (insert loud music and dancing here).

Hope you have enjoyed the first two days of the long weekend and are ready for the last day (We can’t believe it is Monday again, tomorrow!)

Coming to Easter Sunday, it is one of the most celebrated days around the world. Hence, another glorious opportunity to feast with the loved ones. Easter has been around for centuries, and so it spread to different cultures and religions with varying customs and traditions. It’s just one of those shared  traditions, where different groups embraced it and made it their own. There were also historical events that fell on that day that made it more meaningful for people to celebrate. Easter is one of those celebrated days that truly brings people together . It just proves that at the end of the day, it is all about love and sharing. Sharing is caring, you see. Love here is some customs and traditions to share with your loved ones like –

  1. Easter Eggs decorating
  2. Easter cards making
  3. Egg hunting
  4. Attending Easter parades
  5. Baking sweet treats (egg shaped cookies)

If it is about sharing, it has to be about food. Here are some dishes to enjoy this Easter!

  1. Sweet Ham (Yumm)
  2. Cheesy Potatoes (Bliss! Forget the calories during celebrations)
  3. Tasty Deviled Eggs (Yes!)
  4. Carrot Cake (The favorite!)
  5. Buns 😉

Hope you all have a Blessed Easter!


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