Behind the Scenes at Daily’s Den for Dragon’s Den

Spring is here and Summer is near but these are not the seasons we are concerned with right now!

The only season we are concerned with is the Season 10 of CBC’s Dragon’s Den (You knew this was coming, didn’t you?! 😉 )

We are sure that by now you know that we have been preparing and counting days to the D-day (get it?!)

Since Team Daily is all about team-building, group-work and the community, we thought it would just be right for us to give you guys a sneak-peek into our preparations.


Caution – The below preps are not your regular run-of-the-mill preps

Let us get started with the, hhmm, looks?!

Workout (Yes, they workout and how! Pumping hard to face the Dragons, you see!)


Do stripes look better or should we choose plain shirts?! (We will have LOTS of ladies, erm, people watching us on National TV!)


Blazer? Hoodie? This one or that one? (Colors do have an effect on your psychology!)


The BOW-TIES!! Our hearts belong to the bowties.

This or That?!  (Our Boys will put their best bow-ties forward!)


The Pitch! (Trust us, we are now pitching even in our dreams!)


And now, The Numbers! (C’mon, that is confidential! 😉 )


Ok, this amount of Behind-the Scenes information is enough for now 😀

We will be back soon with more, so stay tuned!



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