Ah-So-Mushy, Ah-So-Roomy!

Hello Beautiful People! Enjoying the Sun? We are! (Don’t worry about the play-offs, Canucks will be fine!)

Been long since we discussed the Love of our lives. Yeah, c’mon, we meant it is been long since we have talked about food! 😉

Let us discuss something different different this time. How about mushrooms?!

Picture credit - finecooking.com
Picture credit – finecooking.com

Did you know that although mushrooms are classified as vegetables in the food world but it is actually under the fungi kingdom. Talking about the healthy aspects, mushrooms are low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and calories. Also, these babies are rich in vitamins! They contain antioxidants and beneficial dietary fibers like chitin and beta-glucans that help prevent chronic disease. Mushrooms are not only healthy, they are also delicious in their own right.

Here are just some common types of mushrooms:

  1. White – these types have the mildest flavor and the most common to use in cooking.
  2. Portobello – up to 6 inches wide, quite big, and have steak-like taste
  3. Cremini – similar to white mushrooms but with deeper flavor

On a different note, mushroom allergy is pretty common so before you indulge in these goodies, make sure you are not allergic to them!

Here are some killer (metaphor, metaphor!) foods to try:

  1. Fettucini in Creamy Mushroom Sauce
  2. Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms
  3. Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Don’t we have a knack of adding even the most healthiest of foods to the most creamy, dreamy recipes?

Healthy options for those chiseled abs and cheekbones out there:

  1. Mushroom Salad (toss in all the healthy veggies, lean meat and voila! A perfect salad is ready. Just make sure not to add heavy dressings to this!)
  2. Mushroom Sandwiches (Ah! Our love for The sandwiches)
  3. Mushroom Omelette (Yes, add them to those eggs for an energizing meal!)

Looks like we have given you enough of mushy options to choose from for today’s meals. Eat well till we meet next! 🙂

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