The Curious Case of Cheryl’s Birthday!

Just when we all were focusing on build some muscle for the Summers, in came THE puzzle that is helping A LOT of people around the world build brain muscles!

Yes, yes, we are talking about the puzzle (Or the logical question?  Or is it the mathematical question?!)

We all know that women love to look younger and do not like (read, despise) revealing their age and Cheryl seems to be one Smart Woman!

Team DD loves challenges and when we read about the puzzle, we got our hands (or, should we say brains?) on it.

Below are the reactions of some of the DD team members while and after working on finding Cheryl’s birthday.

Caution – Some reactions might crack you up. Be Prepared!

Sal –

Albert, Bernard, Cheryl.

Bernard, Cheryl, Albert.

Cheryl, Albert, Bernard!

May, June, July, August.

June, July, August, May?!

GOD! When is MY birthday again?!Sal

Fez –

Cheryl? Cheryl’s Age? Other figures interest me! Net Profit and Gross Profit make more sense! 😉


Tenzin –

I will!

Yes, I will!

I will find Cheryl’s…erm…What was I finding?


Jessie –

Cheryl’s age? I don’t care ‘cause I’m Sweet Sixteen forever!


Tom –

What am I doing here?!


Once we DO find Cheryl’s age, we will proceed with preparing for Dragon’s Den so please do not quiz us on this again 😉


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