Another Fun Weekend of Team Daily

Just like all you folks out there, Team Daily LOVES weekends! Well, honestly, we feel and are at our productive best during the last few days of the week.

This past weekend we had A LOT more fun since our Delivery Specialists joined us too! Wonder, why? Read on.

The bright and beautiful Saturday morning started with the Admin Team (read, sleepy and hungry souls) killing it together at the Breakfast table.

After some jokes here and some yawns there, we were all fully prepped up for….yes, our Monthly Team Meeting!

It is during such meetings that we get to see the LIFE of Daily Delivery i.e. Delivery Specialists all in one place and under one roof.

One by one, we had everyone join us in enjoying the mesmerizing view and discussing life(No, we are serious about this!)


We were actually discussing life (just look at those serious faces!)

Everyone was busy sharing their thoughts, giving their inputs and some were busy with their own tasks *cough* *cough*


You know, when it is about Team Daily, it has to be about food. Just some snacks for the team.


During the peak of the meeting!


After some amazing, thoughtful and deep (Really! Believe us!) discussions, it was time for some giveaways! Yaay! Congrats once again Jake and Vince. They definitely had a great weekend and we know it 😉


And then, it was the time we all dread. Yes, the time to say good byes 😦

*Sending virtual hugs to everyone at Team Daily* See you all again, very soon.

Hope your weekend was just as fun and if not, we did not mean to make you jealous 😉


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