Team Daily’s Rowing Star

Hello, folks! We are sure that by now you all must have seen and read about all our ‘behind-the-scenes’ actions at the DD office. So, we thought it is just right for us to introduce you to some of our team members now. Want to know more? Read on!

Team Daily is a ragtag clan of marvelous misfits, and we thought it might be fun to let you know a little bit about each shining cog in the DD machine. Take Vlad Tyminsky, for example.

Vlad joined our team as a Delivery Specialist this past November, but little did we know that he lacked one vital qualification: a Driver’s License! But then, the Universe conspired and the day after he accepted the position, he also aced his driving test (It is all in the stars, we say!)

Being the focused person that Vlad is, there’s really not much that can deter him from achieving anything. This determination has served him well in all facets of his very busy life. And these are the traits that have also made him vital to operations here at DD. So much so, that when he told us that delivering would not work with his situation anymore, we talked him into sticking around as a dispatcher.

Since moving to Vancouver from Ukraine in the summer of 2010 in order to have access to greater opportunity, he’s taken full advantage of the privileges of living here. The man does not have many idle hours between rowing practice in the morning, taking courses in Kinesiology at Langara during the day, and studying, dispatching for DD. If all these activities are not enough, he also coaches rowing students during evenings and weekends (Yes, he is amazingly hardworking like this!)

Some say those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach – but that’s not the case with Vlad. Not only did he take first place in the under-19 category while rowing for team BC, his students nominated him as the top “Learn to Row” coach at the Vancouver Rowing Club. He’s sponsored as a Provincial Development Athlete, and is currently training for a place on Team Canada. If he makes the cut, he’ll be representing Canada at the world championship in Bulgaria this summer! (Yaay! Go Vlad Go! Your supporters are ready already!)


But what fuels our young athlete? How does he have the stamina to sustain his busy schedule and his rigorous training?


He loves a good burrito. “They’re healthy and affordable, and they have lots of options to choose from.”

A note to the folks over at Steamrollers: it would be a shrewd move to offer Vlad some kind of sponsorship. You’re never gonna find yourselves a poster boy with better guns than our buddy, Vlad, so strike while the steamroller’s hot – before Pita Pit picks him up.

Without getting emotional (yeah, we are just those sensitive, soft souls!), Vlad, Team Daily is proud of you! 🙂

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