Simple Pleasures of Life – Vanilla Pudding

How often do we sit and ponder about how life was so much more easier years ago? (Years…ah! Let us all lie about our age now)

Growing up, certain things always excited us like outdoor games, mom’s cooking and desserts (those were the days of eating guilt-free). Talking of desserts, Vanilla Pudding wins hands-down.

On National Vanilla Pudding Day, let us talk more about this good old, heaven sent yumminess.

Picture Credit - dessertswithbenfits.comm
Picture Credit – dessertswithbenfits.comm

Blancmange, is vanilla pudding’s ancestor or (we can say) the French version. It’s main ingredients include milk or cream, gelatin, sugar, cornstarch or Irish moss, and almonds.

It  is one of those dessert dishes where foodies continue to experiment with and make different versions of.

While not entirely in Vanilla Pudding’s Family, Cathedral Window Gelatin is almost close to it.

With Summer already knocking on our doors, Vanilla Pudding smoothies and popsicles can be perfect twists to this great dessert.

It being Fridayaay (We like to spell it like that), gorge on this supreme dessert without counting those calories (Never do that on the weekends! 😉 )

Happy Sunny and Sweet Friday, folks!


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