I Scream, You Scream and We All Scream, “ Top Ice Cream!”

Sunny and breezy weather always calls for some ice cream. But, when it is the National Ice Cream month, you get all the more reasons to indulge (let’s just pretend that we don’t indulge otherwise)

Not sure about you but Team Daily has always wondered about the right time to have a scoop. Should it be had after meals as dessert? How about for breakfast? Is ice cream an ‘anytime snack’? Well, maybe. Can it be had during office coffee breaks? Of course. Instead of warming up with some coffee, chill out with some ice cream!

So, where to get the tastiest, softest and the most delicious scoop from? Here? There? Where? Don’t worry, Team Daily is here to the rescue! After some ice cream-hopping around Vancouver, we have come with the list of our top favorites.

In no particular order, here are the TOP Ice cream places in Vancouver –

Soft Peaks – As the name suggests, they sell dreams, erm, we mean organic milk soft serves. Organic? Yup! Organic and local. Isn’t that amazing? They use the freshest ingredients to whip up their magic. If you haven’t tried their signature Honeycomb Peak, you haven’t tried anything. Why is the Honeycomb Peak so special? It has local, real honeycomb on it. A piece of Real Honey Comb!
And the other flavors they offer? Salty Himalayan, Sunrise in California, North Pole Breakfast and Green Forest to name a few.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Merissa L
                Picture Credit – Zomato/ Merissa L


Earnest Ice Cream – Pint-sized glass jars of ice cream just appear in front of us every time Earnest ice cream is mentioned. Yes, yes, you could return them back if you don’t want to treasure them! Oh, wait. Let’s talk of their ice creams. Dense, creamy and rich in flavor is what sums up Earnest. Salted Caramel and London Fog are the flavors you need to try (i.e, if you still haven’t been to Earnest)
Some other flavors we also like include Whiskey Hazelnut, Serious Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea.

Picture Credit - Team Daily
                   Picture Credit – Team Daily


Bella Gelateria – Bella Gelateria is all about food. This is the place to go if you prefer having ice cream, in this case, gelato as a dessert. Pastas to soups to pizzas, Bella brings the best of Italy to your plate. Since we are only talking of their gelato, their Akbar Mashti flavor stands out. Lavender Earl Grey Tea? Yes, please. Not only gelato, they also sell Gelatini. Gelatini is gelato martini served with a float of gelato. Have Wild Evita Gelatini to end your meal on a high note 😉

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Rick C
                     Picture Credit – Yelp/ Rick C


Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – Yes, we have a pizzeria on this list because they have some of the tastiest gelatos in town. After you have had your brunch/ lunch or dinner at Famoso, opt for the Blood Orange Creamsicle. If not having a complete meal here, try their gelato sandwich, too. Did we mention they have a splendid collection of desserts as well? Nutella Pizza is one of them (already at Famoso for Nutella loaded pizza)

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Mekye
                                 Picture Credit – Zomato/ Mekye


La Casa Gelato – Be at La Casa only if you wish to be spoilt. With 218 flavors always on site to be selected from, you sure are going to have a tough time choosing what to eat and what to leave! Multiple trips are not harmful, actually. Not only are these gelatos tasty, they are a treat for the eyes as well. Colors of neon pink, blue, orange and green fill the store. Curry flavored gelato? Yes, because having regular flavor is too mainstream. From Garlic to Spicy Mango to Durian to Aloe Vera, be prepared to be amazed before heading to La Casa Gelato. If you ahve had enough of gelato, try their ice cream cakes, almond nougats and italian cannolis, too 🙂

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Denise W
      Picture Credit – Yelp/ Denise W

Looks like we have given you enough reasons to chill this week, check them all out while we relish on some more ice creaaamm!


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