Just Some Summer Outings

We have waited so long for this season, but guess what? It is now coming to an end pretty soon (soon not already so relax!)

They say that every summer has it’s own story, and if you feel like this year’s story is not over yet then you are probably right! There are still a lot of memories to make, lots of fun to have and a little bit of more sun to enjoy. Before Fall knocks on our doors, fill in another chapter with some new adventures or the same adventures with different people.

If looking for adventures, you can count on BC to have unlimited attractions available to the adventure-seekers like you.

Some of our top picks? Check them out below –

For quiet time, peace and serenity, head out to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

If you enjoy the city’s hustle-bustle and are an art-lover, Vancouver Art Gallery is your place to be.

Seeking some thrill or just flat out adventurous wandering around? Lynn Canyon or hiking the Grouse Grind with a time record in mind is your best bet.

However, if you are the type who loves to go shopping (yeah, window shopping included) or basically if you’re fond of shops, get a good walk around Downtown, Granville Island, or wait, there is Richmond’s Night Market and even Surrey’s Night Market. Lots of food and lots of shopping!

See you all again when we are back from enjoying some Summer 😉

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