A PERi-PERi Delicious Partnership

Does the title scream it out loud? Did you guess it? If you have guessed it, you are a fan.
Who isn’t a fan of the PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken? Team Daily surely is.
You can find bottles of PERi-PERi sauces in our fridges, us day-dreaming about the chicken and often debating if like our chicken medium or hot. Oh, and the wrap! The sliders. The Grilled Wings. The aroma. Yummmm

Sorry, we just had an episode of nando’s-dreaming again.

Since we are such fans, we know that our customers are fans of Nando’s, too. We strongly believe in keeping our customers happy. So?


Team Daily has partnered up with Nando’s!

Nandos internet logo

For the starters, we have joined hands with the Nando’s location on Davie & Howe Street. Yes, for now, it is just in Downtown but don’t you worry, we will bring you some more good news soon.

We can see the fans making plans already.

Nando’s in the warmth of your home on a chilly evening (or afternoon, even morning sounds just perfect), life is good, really.
Do not wait any further, place an order now to get your hands on some PERi-PERi delicious meals.

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