Junior in Name, Superior in Taste

As the mercury drops, the sun hides and the leaves fall, all we feel like doing is snugging ourselves in bed. Sadly, we cannot do this all day and every day. Alright, on the weekends, maybe?

What else can we do that would give us the same feeling? Eating? Yess, eating. Eating, if you are like Team Daily. Nothing excites us more than food and you know that.

Just the other day, while pondering about life (yeah, this is what we do in the office in addition to the regular stuff), we were thinking about food items that would give us a cozy feeling. A feeling similar to that of tucking into the comforter on a Winter evening. Talking about this, we could only think of something soft, sweet and very mushy. Just as all teams have their differences, even we do. So, half of us wanted something crisp while the other half was in favor of something soft.
We settled the argument by choosing both (how diplomatic!)
And, what made us settle our argument and experience food heaven were cream-puffs.

Cream puffs, not any of those regular cream puffs but Chewy Junior cream puffs.

With Chewy Junior, you will never know what to begin with. There is vanilla cream and chocolate cream. There are fruits and nuts. There is crunch and mush. From Chocolate Oreo Crunch to Matcha Nippon, they have an interesting variety to choose from.

Picture Credit - Chewy Junior Instagram
Picture Credit – Chewy Junior Instagram

More variety means more to items to try. But, that does not necessarily mean more calories! Why? Because cream puffs are baked and not deep fried. Now, everything that looks good doesn’t have to be expensive. Priced between $2.75-$3.25 per piece, these cream puffs are light on the wallet just as they are on your waistline.  Considering their size and the taste, you would want to stock up on some. However, that is not an option since they are best enjoyed when fresh.

Having tried all of them and loved each one of them, we decided to partner up with Chewy Junior to bring the best cream puffs straight to your door. Cream puffs with some Bowtie Swag. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes, it does!

On National Dessert Day, they decided to send us some goodies.

From our Founders, to the Bowtie and Grabbit, they got the essence of Team Daily covered.



Stache & Bowties are always on fleek! Even on cream puffs
Stache & Bowties are always on fleek! Even on cream puffs

Naturally, we were excited on receiving such a fun and thoughtful gift from one of our partners.



Just to let you know, the cream-puffs did not last for more than a few minutes because we gobbled them up in seconds.

Cream-puffs are good to be enjoyed throughout the year. With Team Daily, all your favorites are just a click away. So, getting clicking and start enjoying 🙂

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