We Love That! with Kay – F is for Fall and Fall is for Fashion – Part 2

Kay is back with another fashionable post. Yes, this time it is for the Gentlemen out there!

We’re personally stoked for Men’s Fall Fashion.

So long to pastel-coloured shorts, short-sleeve button-ups, and exposed ankles! Byeee to mirrored plastic frames and frat boy tanks!

The chilly weather brings out the frayed leather boots, the tailored wool coats, and our personal favourite—quirky patterned socks. If there’s something we love more than women’s fall fashion, it is men’s fashion. Funny enough, there are a lot of paralleled trends this year between men’s and women’s fashion. So there’s a chance you might just end up matchy-matchy with your significant other, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Lo and behold, our compiled list of Men’s Fall Fashion Must-Have’s.

Adidas Sneakers
It is indeed the year of Stan Smith. Maybe it’s all thanks to Pharrell’s collab with the massive sneaker corporation, but this classic look has been very slightly revamped and brought back to life. They say trends come back every ten years—we’re not complaining at all!

Long Bomber Jackets
Long coats in general are in this year. Something about extended hemlines—and we mean extended, as in past your knees extended—is definitely trending for both sexes this year. A long bomber jacket is perfectly stylish and practical this year, as it comes with a hood, zippers, functioning pockets and all.

Blanket Scarves
Remember the last few winters when every girl was pulling out their blanket scarf? That Aritzia one that God forbid you toss into your washing machine due to its 100% wool composition? This year, blanket scarves are not just for the ladies. Our personal favourite isn’t so much asquareblanket scarf but a relatively large 100% wool one by Acne Studios. It’s called the Canada scarf—need I say more?

Like the long bomber jacket, stylish and practical.

50 Shades of…
Grey! There is so much grey on the runways. Grey suits, three-quarter length cashmere coats, wide trousers—everything. We find that grey is always a good colour to gravitate towards. It’s understated yet sophisticated, and definitely not as bold as an all-black look.

Layered Knits
Men’s fall fashion always means a good sweater—and a good sweater is always good. Find a particularly thin and comfy turtleneck and do it justice by throwing another sweater overtop. Rollneck sweaters are also applicable to this runway trend.

Baggy Trou’s
Just like how culottes surfaced the women’s fashion runways, baggy trousers are in for men. Forget skinny jeans—those are long gone. A lot of this season’s menswear pays tribute to 70’s suit styles, emphasizing a higher waist and audibly looser cut. Know anything about subversive culture? Think the Zoot suit and you’ll feel badass while simultaneously looking fly.

That’s all from Kay’s fashion desk today, stay warm y’all! 🙂


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