Freshness in a Bowl – Fresh Bowl

Transition from Fall to Winter is a rather slippery one. Blame it on the rain! But, think about it, living in Rain-couver, we are used to it. It is this weather that makes us lazy. Well, lazy may not be the right word. What else best describes the feeling of wanting to be inactive and just munching on and on? Hibernation? Oh, well, NO! Let’s forget about the word and focus on the munching part. Mindless munching. We are all guilty of it, especially, around this time of the year.
Now, you would say that keeping healthy in the festive season is almost not possible. It is a constant battle between tasty and healthy. If it is healthy, it isn’t really tasty. And, if it tasty, chances are, it may not be that healthy.

As always, Team Daily has got your back! Just like we help you indulge in some sweet heaven, we like to help you keep fit, as well.

How does a warm bowl sound? Delicious, right? It tastes even better when it is from Freshbowl.


Freshbowl has blended the traditional recipes of South East Asia with healthy and fresh ingredients to meet the demands of today’s modern consumer. Brendan, General Manager of Freshbowl, says, “Inspired by our South East Asian roots, we aim to breathe new life into traditional classics; while maintaining the integrity and spirit that embodies our traditional cuisine”. Coming from a young General Manager, that’s really thoughtful.

Apart from love, there are lots of fresh veggies and healthy condiments in each bowl. From different varieties of rice to noodles and salads, make your pick for the bowl. Select your sauce along with the protein and voila! Your yummy, healthy bowl is ready.

Depending on the season, their top sellers are the Yellow Curry and Pad Thai. Yellow Curry helps to combat the Vancouver winter and Pad Thai is a street-inspired favourite for the summer months.

What about a personal favourite? Brendan loves Laksa. Being his favourite, he has it at least three times a week! Apart from the taste, there is an emotional bond that he shares with this flavour. “The original Laksa recipe came from my late grandma, with her being a big inspiration for our menu; each bite just takes me back to my childhood”, says Brendan.

Talking about their ingredients, they are fresh not only for namesake. In words of Brendan, “Our ingredients are thoughtfully selected, as our focus has always been about providing a high quality meal at an affordable price. We are continuing to build strong, lasting relationships with our suppliers, to ensure that we are able to source local, organic, and sustainable ingredients as much as we can”.

A business that cares about maintaining and nourishing relationships is the one with a heart and soul.

Freshbowl is a family owned eatery. This is one of the main reasons you will always feel at-home when you step in any of their stores. Just like any other family, Freshbowl family shares and cares which directly gets reflected to their food. They believe in fostering a strong bond with each member of the family and pushing each other to better themselves each day.

FB3If you have not been to Freshbowl yet, trust us, you are missing out on a lot in your life.

Which location should you hop by? Gastown? Yaletown? Either one. Just remember to say Hi to Brendan and the crew.

If Brendan is not around, chances are that he is busy with the renovation of their production kitchen which should be ready in the New Year. However, thi is not their only plan for the New Year, there is apparently a lot planned, so stay tuned till we come back with some more news 😉

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