Dunn’s Famous in Deli Style

Yes, it is the festive season. Yes, we are busy dreaming about food. Yes, we Love Meat! You didn’t see that coming. Did you?

It is no surprise that Team Daily is  food-centric and food-obsessed. With it being the season to eat, we have all the more reasons to talk about food. If you are a foodie like us then you would know about the re-launch of Dunn’s Famous. Yes, Dunn’s Famous, the Meat Heaven. The place to calm all your meat cravings.

They are known for their Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches and are the only restaurant in Vancouver where Smoked Meat is hand sliced to make the iconic Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich the right way.



If you have already been there after their re-launch, you would know why we are so excited. If you have not, then, after reading this blog, you will want to head there soon.

We recently caught up with Yonathan, General Manager of Dunn’s Famous BC, to learn about the revamped version of their restaurant.

To give you a quick overview, Dunn’s Famous is now Deli Style. With the deli-like setting, you can now see the Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat being hand carved in front of your eyes. Trust us, this actually makes you more hungry and makes you appreciate your meal more. With the new design, Yonathan says that they are looking to go back to the roots of Dunn’s Famous in Montreal and creating a culture of Smoked Meat here in BC.
Yum, that smoked flavor!



Dunn’s re-launch is not only about looks. You can now expect quicker service, freshest products, updated menu and more retail items to take home.

Their menu now includes Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwiches, numerous Poutines, Coffee Brined Roasted Beef Sandwich (Yeah, Coffee Infused Roast Beef. This is something you cannot miss!), a Seasonal Vegetarian Sandwich (that one vegetarian friend in the group will now be happy, too),  and The Platters. Yonathan says, “The platters are a big add-on to our menu”. After all, sharing is caring. And, what better time to introduce the platters than the festive season? We say, this year, while planning your Holiday Dinners, do keep in mind Dunn’s.

Now, you would be thinking of calling them to place your order, or heading there and wondering if all this could be made easier. Answer is, it is made easier. Dunn’s Famous BC now offers online ordering option on their website. So, just click your favorites away and the Bowtie Squad will bring your favorite items right to your doorsteps.



Other than eating in, you can take home a piece of Dunn’s Famous with you, literally. In addition to their Latkes, Matzha balls, Jar of pickles, Saurkraut, Pickled tomatoes, and Cherry peppers, you can purchase cold chunks of smoked meat to steam at home or cold sliced items sold by the weight. Just like Daily Delivery, Dunn’s Famous is all about convenience.

If you are still thinking of Dunn’s Famous as another sandwich store, think again. Yonathan explained to us how they hand slice their meat.  He says, “Hand slicing is an art that takes years to perfect and in many cases, in Montréal, is passed down through generations. Dunn’s is the only hand sliced Montréal Smoked Meat in Vancouver”.

Just like you, we were also wondering how is it different from the other types of sliced meats out there in the market? To this, Yonathan mentioned that machine slicing of meat leads to two unique problems.

  1. When machine sliced, the meat needs to be cooked for a shorter period of time. Otherwise, it does not hold up on the slicer. This reduction in cooking time results a tougher chewy product. (Ah, now we get that elastic-y feeling!)
  2. Machine slicing creates uniform slices that are not always against the grain aging resulting in a tougher sandwich.

For the soft, melt-in-your-mouth meat sandwiches, Dunn’s is your place to go.



From their food to their ambience to their staff, everything is so welcoming that you would want to be back there again. For Yonathan and his Team, upholding their reputation of being the Best and offering outstanding customer service are the two things they strive for.



If eating-in and ordering online are not enough, Dunn’s Famous BC is also open to catering for your office lunch or party at home. Want Dunn’s  Famous Meat and the ambience? Call them to book their private back room (for up to 40 people). More than 40 people on the groups? You can book the whole restaurant for your Holiday Party.


See you soon, at Dunn’s, of course! 🙂


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