We Love That! With Kay – Different & Fun Eats in Vancouver

Vancouver is the birthplace of many, many foodie gems. Close your eyes for a little longer than a few seconds and bloop….there’s a new restaurant on the corner of a newly gentrified neighbourhood with a lineup out the door.

Let us guess – they don’t take reservations, they’re closed in the middle of the day, and the fare is fresh and locally grown. Correct? That’s the beauty of the Vancouver food scene – it’s continuously blossoming and providing us with a new dining experience on a daily basis.

Luckily for us locals, many of these dining experiences are fairly unique. Although each restaurant is arguably a unique experience on its own, some of Vancouver’s finest food establishments stand out from the rest. Daily Team has assembled a list of places offering something a little different!

If you’re looking to eat in the dark, find an entirely vegan meal, or be waited on by purposely dry-humoured staff…here goes our list in no particular order!

Dark Table
Where: 2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Dull one of your senses and intensify the others. Dark Table is all about taking away your ability to see and allowing your sense of taste to strengthen as you enjoy your meal. After choosing a set meal at the front door, you are subjected to complete and utter darkness for the rest of the night. The dining room is truly pitch black—there are curtains covering most doorways to ensure that no light gets in.
Most of the staff is either blind or visually impaired, and having them serve you and guide you through the restaurant is truly an experience in itself. Not only is the service great and the experience memorable, but the food is good too!

Picture Credit - Zomato
Picture Credit – Zomato


Where: 32 Water St, Vancouver, BC
Ah, two of our favourite food groups: wine and desserts. Mosquito is a dessert, wine, and champagne lounge located in the heart of Gastown, where you can sit back and enjoy its quietly sexy atmosphere. The desserts are deliciously elaborate. Does the sound of an olive oil bavarois with madeleine sponge stimulate your salivary glands like it does ours? Mosquito also offers a few snacks, like Parmesan popcorn and a charcuterie plate if you’re looking to munch alongside a cocktail.
Mmmm. Wine for dinner always sounds good. Oh, getting your date here is a good idea, too!

Picture Credit - Winghin T/ Zomato
Picture Credit – Winghin T/ Zomato


ZEND Conscious Lounge
Where: 1130 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC
ZEND Conscious Lounge is one of the first full-fledged vegan restaurants to open in Vancouver. In addition to being 100% vegan, the restaurant doesn’t serve liquor. Howvever, they offer juices with ingredients that are supposed to help soothe you naturally. The dishes are colourful and made for sharing. Although they are on the pricier side, think of the fancy neighbourhood (hello, Town of Yale – we see you!) and the awesome, awesome fact that all proceeds go to charity.
Mmmm. Healthy food and philanthropy.

Picture Credit - Tracy A/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Tracy A/ Yelp


The Elbow Room
Where: 560 Davie St, Vancouver, BC
A few Internet people have donned this restaurant as the Rude Restaurant in Vancouver. That’s because the staff at The Elbow Room are purposely dry-humoured and sarcastic once you walk through the door. It’s fine – we mean, eating a forkful of brunch passively is completely normal, right?
If you can handle the occasional quips and the blatant disregard for your feelings, then come hither. The Elbow Room might just tickle your fancy and give you a good laugh, but more than that, your unfinished food goes towards charity. Not the actual food, of course. But a donation will be taken and given towards A Loving Spoonful.
P.S. Read the rules once you get in. It helps with the coping.

Picture Credit - Leo L/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Leo L/ Yelp


Afghan Horsemen
Where: 1833 Anderson St, Vancouver, BC
If you thought belly dancers were reserved for sheikhs and 90’s rap songs then you are very, very wrong, my friend.
Afghan Horsemen serves up – you’ve guessed it – Afghani cuisine. The atmosphere is lively and the décor is impeccable, especially if you’re seated in the pillow room where you can rest your laurel on a cushion and fawn over the delicate drapery. The food itself has been voted top Middle Eastern food in Vancouver a handful of times, so this place is the real deal.
FYI, belly dancers are in on Friday nights. Do not miss them.

Picture Credit - Zomato
Picture Credit – Zomato

While you are out and about to experience the little different food scene, we are going to go back to bring you something more interesting! Till then, Happy Munching 🙂


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