It’s all about Team Eating with Kessel and March

When was the last time your Team  and you went for a relaxing meal? Not long ago considering the Holiday season was just few weeks back, correct? Sharing a few laughs over a delicious spread coupled with warm hospitality only helps to bring teams, friends and families closer.

If your Team consists of your friends and is like your family, then even better, we say!

Having tried a lot of different cuisines over the past sometime, Team Daily was in search of a joint that would offer home-like European fare. Our search ended with Kessel & March. Not only is their food scrumptious, the ambience and the hosts make you feel at-home.

We love the food at Kessel&March or as we like to say, K&M, and also adore the owners Sachi & Tony.

We got chatty with them the other day to know more about Kessel and March and thought to share the same with you. Be assured that by the end of this post, you will want to meet them and yes, enjoy some delicacies at K&M, too.

Kessel&March opened its doors in the summer of 2013 by Sachi & Tony, a husband and wife team. The name Kessel&March is inspired by, the husband, Tony’s European roots. It is a play on his parents’ last names. Kessel is a portion of his mother’s maiden name (German) & March is the anglicized translation of his father’s last name Marzo (Italian). Lovely, isn’t it?

K&M’s essence is European Gastronomy.  Everything on the menu has a story that originates from a city or country in Europe, a nostalgic nod to traditions.  Their food is classic, timeless, natural and clean.

They had initially started as a dinner and brunch restaurant serving the Modern European dishes that were technical and specialized. As the fare was delectable, catering orders started flowing in. Slowly and steadily, catering orders for K&M had started to grow and that is when Sachi & Tony decided to move forward with lunch and catering services instead of brunch and dinner. We are glad they made this choice as now with the catering services, we can share their delicious meals with one and all.

Among all things perfect, it is difficult to decide the best item on the menu. But, if we really had to choose, it will be their Best Selling Quiche & Coronation Chicken Sandwich. Quiche because they have the best tasting quiche! Coronation Chicken because of its unusual and punchy flavour profile.
(You have to try them since our words do not do justice to their flavours)

On being asked about their personal favorites, Tony was quick to respond with Ham & Cheese Quiche. Sachi loves their Cauliflower Salad, it’s a seasonal item and not always on the menu.

Apart from the amazing reviews on food, the relationships that Sachi & Tony have built with their customers is what keeps them motivated. In their words, “We have a lot of regular customers and we greet many of our lunch customers by their first names.  We enjoy their company and on-going conversations we have with them with each visit.” Hospitality at its best, you see.

If you are looking for private dinners and events, get in touch with them soon. They are constantly hosting private dinners and events at the restaurant in the evenings and weekends. The menus are customized for each event.  In addition to their lunch catering, they have also been involved in off-site catering and canapé events.

So, now you know who to contact for your next event or maybe even office lunch! But wait, before the events, make sure to visit K&M to meet Tony & Sachi 🙂

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