How do we spell fun? B33R!

How do we spell fun? B33r, we said. Okay, it is not a random collection of alphabets and words but just a cool way to spell beer!

If you would have been following 33 Acres Brewing on Social Media, you would have guessed it.

Yeah, 33 Acres, the place that is so much more than just beers. Team Daily is a fan of their ambience, the warm welcoming feeling, the friendly faces, and of course, the beers and the snacks.

2015_05_28 - Burger_02-1

Being a fan, it was natural for us to write about them. As a Team, we feel so connected to them. The feeling of being a community, sharing ideas, enjoying drinks, good food, good company, aren’t these values same as Team Daily’s? They are!

While talking to them, we learned a little bit more about them and thought to share the same with you.

The vision of 33 Acres Brewing was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing drinks, food, conversation, space, and ideas. They carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. They are influenced by the natural elements of the surroundings, fueled by creative thinking, and driven to make the highest quality product. It is inspiration, creativity and drive that makes T3am 33 experiment and produce perfect drinks.

2014_03_03_Tours_06 (1 of 1)

Talking of their drinks, 33 Acres of Ocean is their bestseller. A hop forward pale ale, this is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to their Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionarily from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament. Woah! This adds so much character to a b33r, eh? Happens only at 33 Acres!


While 33 Acres of Ocean is the bestseller, their team loves 33 Acres of Darkness. But why is it their favourite? Because of it’s deep, dark colour yet crisp, light finish. While most equate heaviness with flavour, this Schwarzbier strives to bring tantalizing taste beyond the usual weight.

Not only drinks, their snack menu also lists some exotic items. Fancy a whiskey or malt flavored ice-cream? Yes? You know where to get it now. These boozy ice-creams are made available courtesy their collaboration with Earnest Ice cream.
Apart from ice-creams, they also have early morning, mid morning and all day snacks. Mom’s b33r chilli and perogies get our votes! The yummy snacks are made in house as well as in collaboration with partners including Nelson the Seagull and Bestie.


Ambience, warmth, drinks, food. Isn’t your plan for the weekend set now?

See you at 33 acres soon! 😀

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