We Love That With Kay! – Gifts for your Valentine

Ah, it’s that time of year again. That time of year when a prix fixe is the only option you have at a restaurant, when it’s literally 50 Shades of Red at your local drugstore, and your SO/person you’ve been seeing for the last while starts giving you the side-eye about this upcoming holiday

To take the pressure off of this celebrated day that seems to be more consumer-oriented than love-oriented at times, Team Daily has come up with a little Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her.

The last time you had to give gifts was only a little over a month ago, so why should you drown yourselves in that kind of pressure all over again? As always, Team Daily has got your back!

From us to you—Happy Valentine’s Day! Or for all the single friends, Happy Single’s Awareness Day!

Gifts for the Lady

Kate Spade Journal
Kate Spade doesn’t just make great leather goods, she also designs some kick-ass minimalistic-chic stationary. She makes stripes and polka dots sexy as hell.

Picture Credit - Chapters
Picture Credit – Chapters


Agenda from Anthropologie
We’re sure that everyone can agree that everything from Anthropologieis absolutely precious. Just like Kate Spade, they come out with amazing stationary all the time. We’re especially huge fans of their planners. They’re just…so pretty.

Picture Credit - Anthropologie
Picture Credit – Anthropologie


Silk Bed Sheets OR Pillow Case
Diving into a bed of velvety softness? Yum. We’d also like to add that silk bed sheets are better for your skin (more hygienic) and hair (less flyaways). They’re pricey but technically they’re a gift for the two of you.

Picture Credit - Manito Silk
Picture Credit – Manito Silk


Vancouver Candle Co.: Premium Soy Candles
Support a local business and have your home smelling like pure bliss. Vancouver Candle Co. produces candles in scents themed in Vancouver’s neighborhoods—like, all of them and it’s awesome. Our favouritescent is Fairview.

Picture Credit - Vancouver Candle Co
Picture Credit – Vancouver Candle Co


Beauty Box Subscription
Give her the gift of new beauty products delivered at her door every single month. This might sound excessive to some but for anyone who enjoys trying outnew products now and then, monthly beauty boxes are a win.

Picture Credit - Instyle
Picture Credit – Instyle


Gifts for the Dude

N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton Vinyl
For anyone who was born in the late 80’s and early 90’s, gangsta rap is pure nostalgia. Giving the fact that the movie Straight Outta Compton was muyexcellente, if your man has a turntable, grab him N.W.A.’s most epic album in the form of an LP record.

Pick one from here  – Amazon

Jedi Bathrobe
Pop culture references are always a must; hence the onslaught of Star Wars paraphernalia is hitting stores everywhere. This Jedi bathrobe is relevant, and altogether just really cool.

Find one here – Amazon

When we think cufflinks, we think mmm fancy and reserved for a special occasion (if you’re not CEO, does anybody rock French cuffs all-year-round?). So why not for Valentine’s Day? Keep his wrist game proper.
If you’re feeling especially sentimental on this oozy-gooey holiday, get him a pair of personalized cufflinks—maybe with his name or his initials? Et voila!

Get some from here  –  Things Remembered

Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle
A hit in Japan, and now it’s making its rounds here. This water bottle contains binchotan charcoal that purifies your water through reducing chlorine, mineralizing water, and balancing pH.

Picture Credit - DeSerres
Picture Credit – DeSerres


Paul Smith Socks
‘Cause they’re better than Rob Kardashian socks.

Picture Credit - Nordstrom
Picture Credit – Nordstrom

These were some ideas from our side. In case, you do not have the time to shop, you know who to get in touch with 😉
From flowers, to champagne, gifts, chocolates and everything in between, we will help to make your Valentine’s Day/ Single’s Awareness Day a memorable one!


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