Private Juice Tasting at Commodity Juicery with Kay (Courtesy of Zomato!)

Nothing says “I am the epitome of health” quite like a Tumblr-worthy minimalist-chic bottle of cold pressed juice, right?

(Being perfectly honest) This was the gist of our internal narrative before attending the private tasting at Commodity Juicery. And lo and behold, we left with a completely different opinion on cold pressed juices right after our visit.

Cold pressed juices are special (and healthier) because unlike juicers that heat up (due to the blades spinning) and end up destroying some vital enzymes in your fruit and vegetables, cold pressed juicers don’t produce as much heat. Regular juicers use a centrifugal process (the fast spinning blade) and cold press juice machines literally press fruit so that it yields juice.

We met with Karolina, their in-house holistic nutritionist (how legit is that?) God bless her soul because she was helpful as ever. She gave us the 4-11 on everything we consumed at the juicer, was just crazy informative on how the ingredients affected our bodies, and even where the ingredients came from. We learnt a ton. A few health tidbits will be included below!

We were lucky enough to sample a bunch of refreshing juices, some vegan treats, a raw bowl off their food menu, as well as a smoothie made right before our eyes!



Here’s a rundown:

1) 01 – Sweet Greens (pineapple, kale, romaine, cilantro, green apple, lime)
This one was our favourite—the pineapple flavour is the most prominent and we’re not complaining.

2) 04 – Bright Greens (romaine, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, celery, lemon)
One sip and you’re like, “Dang, this tastes like green juice.”

3) 06 – Purple Puppy (beet, cucumber, cilantro, orange, apple)
Beet juice is always a favourite among the Daily Team. It might surprise you the next time you go to the washroom but it gives Purple Puppy a distinctively sweet and earthy flavour.

4) 10 – Sunrise (grapefruit, apple, lemon, mint)
Exactly what you’d expect from grapefruit juice—tart and refreshing.

5) 08 – Orange Roots (carrot, turmeric, apple, lemon)
We liked this one a lot because carrot juice is sublime in itself. Also, we got to see what turmeric looks like—it pretty much looks like ginger. Legit.

6) Healthy G (kale, banana, spinach, avocado, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, ginger, spirilina, dates, apple juice)
Ah, yes. The smoothie that was birthed right before our eyes. We liked this one so much that we each took one home at the end of the tasting! It’s got more grit than a cold pressed juice, as it’s literally your Vitamix-type blended smoothie. It’s filled with green goodness though, including spirillina—a green algae superfood.


7) Pad Thai (carrots, red peppers, green onions, zucchini, green cabbage, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, ­Pad Thai dressing)
Raw vegan pad Thai with zucchini noodles instead of rice noodles. So yummy and full of crunch! We like texture here at Daily Delivery, and this was a fresh spin on a noodle dish favourite.It’s pretty much the salad version of your traditional Pad Thai.
It was really good. We had a moment where we asked what kind of lab they had in the back and who was cooking up these raw vegan concoctions for the public. Spoiler: they have a really experienced and specialized chef who’s been doing this for years.


8) Macaroon (almond, coconut)
A lovely raw vegan alternative to your traditionally baked [and likely sugary] macaroon!

9) Kale chips
Served at the beginning of our tasting. The ones they serve here are tangy and addictive.


Overall, we love the Commodity Juicery. Not just that it’s located in Mount Pleasant that gives it a neighbourly feel, but the service is excellent and their products are on their A game (we promise!)

What makes it even better is that the company clearly has a passion for propagating a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just indicative in the products, like their cleanses that are available to order (a pretty cool service, we’ve noted), but in what Karolina was able to tell us about how the business is run. For example, the juice pulp that comes out of the machines are composted or taken home by their employees to be reused in some baked goods. Beet pulp brownies, anyone?

The fact that this sense of company culture is reverberated in every aspect of the business was extremely cool for us to witness. Commodity Juicery is definitely a new favourite! It doesn’t hurt that it’s located right across from Earnest Ice Cream so we mean…if you’re feeling guilty after a scoop (or if the line is too long, because that happens more often than not), head across the street for some fine juice. We literally mean some fine juice.

By the way, we absolutely love the people at Zomato. Shout out to their community manager, Sophia Rizos for always being so awesome and inviting us to this tasting!

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