It’s not Sandwich, It’s called Hubbub

Continuing with the healthy eating saga, do sandwiches pop-up in your mind when healthy is mentioned? Maybe. Bland, tiny sandwiches is what you end up thinking of. Correct?

What about messy, flavourful and scrumptious sandwiches? *lost in sandwich land*

They can be healthy, too. How? Hubbub!


If you are a lunch fan, a food loving being like the members of Team Daily, odds are that you have been to Hubbub a lot more times than you can remember.

Rightly called “Sandwich and Salad Bliss”, Hubbub is a sandwich lover’s paradise. Oh, sandwich paradise with salads, drinks and snacks too.
Having worked with them for a long time now, we decided to bring you more about Hubbub.
So, one fine morning, we got in touch with Stefan (who had stepped out of the kitchen just to talk to us) to learn more about the journey of Hubbub.

We began our chat by learning that Stefan and Ben have been friends from the past 20 years. Hubbub is the brainchild of both these gentlemen.
Prior to Hubbub, Stefan worked in a restaurant while Ben was working in the financial sector. It all began with Ben’s idea of opening up a restaurant. While working on it, they decided on  a Sports Bar. When that didn’t work out, they went back to the drawing board and finalized the Sandwich shop. Once they focused on sandwiches, everything fell into place. And rest is history.

While deciding on the name, they wanted something unique. Something that would describe the feeling of being surrounded by people. After a lot of brainstorming, they decided on Hubbub which means the noise made by an excited and happy group of people. Perfect! Isn’t it?


Coming to food, Hubbub makes its items in-house, daily. All their sandwiches are made by hand and they consider sandwich making an art. Everything at Hubbub is a reflection of the team’s passion for food.
They are just as much about salads as they are about big, messy sandwiches. Balance is everything, afterall.
They pride themselves in being quick and rightly so. 30 seconds to 5 minutes is all it takes to get your hands on some sandwich goodness. Nothing pretentious, Hubbub is simple, fresh and fast.

When quizzed about their best selling item, Stefan was quick to respond with the Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Pulled Pork Salad. Describing why it is a favorite, Stefan mentions that their pulled pork is a Cuban Pulled pork, which unlike most pulled pork is not just pork in barbecue sauce. It is spicy, hot with a distinct blend of spices. The manner in which he explained it to us, we could almost feel the taste in our mouths! Stefan added that a bite into the sandwich is like a moment of bliss. Yes, you literally lose yourself in its flavours. If you have tried it, you know what we mean.

PorkSandwich_twitter (2)

After talking about their best seller, it was time for Stefan to talk about his personal favorite. Within a moment he said, “Turkey Salad”. He says he enjoys the turkey salad so much that he can have it any day and any time of the day. What makes the turkey salad so special? Well, it makes you feel satisfied but not stuffed. Your tummy will get happy and not drowsy after you relish one.

During the course of our conversation with Stefan, we realized how caring he is about his customers, their tastes and their preferences. There is a reason why he is the Director of People at Hubbub. He spoke about how he enjoys discussing Hubbub with people and is all ears to what they have to say. Continuing our talk about the customers, Stefan said that his most memorable day at Hubbub was the day they opened their doors to the customers for the first time. It was fantastic to see the customers walk in, order and savor their meals, says Stefan.

Now, let’s get to some surprise for you. The Hubbub’s Kale Caesar and Summer Salads are coming back so get ready to get your hands on them soon. Want a bigger surprise? All you North Van folks, Hubbub will be in your neighbourhood in 2017! When in 2017? Watch this space for more details.

With various options to choose from, let your creative side help you create some delectable sandwiches and salads. Robson, Hornby or Cambie, hop into their store to get your hands dirty (in a delicious way) and hearts satisfied.


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