Easter Weekend Things

Team Daily enjoys holidays especially holidays that involve food and family. Food, family and friends, these are the greatest joys of life, correct?

With holidays like Easter (which bring along the long weekend among other things), it is just vice to enjoy good food and great company!


While bunnies (which Grabbit adores) and Easter eggs may look like the focal point of the celebrations, it is the spirit of Easter that we go with. Just like other holidays, it is time to emphasize on the love we share and how much we care. Like we always say, Sharing is Caring. Honestly, Team Daily wishes the holiday season never ends. We love the activities, the cheerful faces, the extra time on hands (don’t say you don’t think about this) and the delicacies, of course.

Talking about these, let’s have a look at what you can do during the Easter long weekend to make most of it.


  • Meet family – Remember they form the essence of all holidays.
  • Catch up with friends – Catch up on all the latest happenings in your friends’ lives over some delicious goodies.
  • Go egg hunting – What is Easter without egg hunts? Hop to Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Gardens or drop by any community center near you to take part in egg-citing hunts! Easy or difficult, just make sure to have some fun with your bunch.
  • Easter Brunching – Yes, brunch is our favorite meal. Easter gives us another occasion and another reason to eat more. Yeah, we are straight to the point like that.
    And, if you would like to combine Easter brunch with the egg hunt and scenic views, check out Grouse Mountain’s amazing package.
  • Stay at home – Isn’t it what many many of you are thinking of? While at home, bake Easter goodies, cook up an Easter feast, make cards, decorate your place, possibilities are endless, actually. Then, choice is yours to invite others over or enjoy it yourself.

Coming to the Easter feast, what are your favorites? Below are Team Daily’s top picks. Do indulge in some or all of them.
(There’s still time to get beach ready!)

Picture Credit - BettyCrocker.com
Picture Credit – BettyCrocker.com
  • Hot Cross Buns (In fact, all pastries and breads)
  • Deviled Eggs (Eggs, eggs and more eggs)
  • Ham (Glazed traditional ham, quiche with ham, mac and cheese with ham, ham sandwiches, ham and everything, really)
  • Chocolates (Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, just chocolate, basically)
  • Cake (Bunny shaped cakes, egg shaped cakes, bunny cupcakes, cupcakes decorated with eggs. Cakes that celebrate the spirit of Easter)

As numerous activities and various delicacies are there for you to choose, just remember to enjoy and indulge in all of them with Smile. Laughter makes everything perfect!

On that note, here is wishing you a Happy Easter from everyone at Team Daily 😀


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