We Love That With Kay! – James Bay

James Bay was in Vancouver last month and being a fan, Kay had to be there for the concert. What happened next? Read to find out 😉

Haaaaay! James Bay!” – Just a sample of some of the things I was screaming on a fine Wednesday night in April at the Orpheum. The rest might have been a little NSFW.
First of all, James Bay was going to perform on a stage that I  had on for my graduation. James Bay and I were about to share the same stomping grounds—kind of. It felt like we were about the grace each other’s presence in a retroactive/The Lake House-type way.

James Bay started off his set like a full-on rockstar—which was NOT at all what I expected. My girlfriend and I thought the show would consist of a skinny little mic-stand, a spotlight, and James sitting atop a stool. He’d be crooning into the mic and strumming away at an acoustic guitar. There would be multiple renditions of “Let It Go.” Perhaps his fedora would even be strategically dipped below one eye. Or, so we thought!

We had completely missed James Bay at Squamish Festival last year (so many regrets) so we had no idea the man had this much energy. But nay—James Bay dances a little bit like Elvis, he seriously rocks out, and he does the candlelight music to a tee. That boy has got moves and more!

Given the nature of his music—something reminiscent to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran’s love child—I personally thought James Bay would bring us to tears. And granted, he did, but in a different way.

It’s important to mention that in addition to delivering great music—the kind that pulls at your heart strings and grazes your soul ever so gently—James Bay is a sick performer.

As mentioned, lights were used, slow dancing ensued, and lots of hyping up the crowd was happening. James was incredibly engaged with us and seemed to genuinely want to be there. On top of looking really good in skinny jeans, he had that humble artist persona done sooo right.


He got us to stand up, to hold whoever you brought by their shoulders and literally sway to one of his songs (pretty much the best wingman when you think about it), and made us laugh with his dry British humour. He donned his signature fedora and charmed us to a smitten state.

“Let It Go” obviously made the entire crowd sway and swoon. “Hold Back the River” was played dead last; after James and co. left the stage and pretended the show was over. He also performed an unreleased song with his opening band, Joseph.
(I should also add that Joseph was crazy good. Three sisters from Oregon who have a little bit of a twang and harmonize like they’re singing for the Greek Gods. They’re amazing, and I immediately had to look them up on YouTube after I got home from the concert.)

I won’t delve too far into his music but the most magical moment of the night for me was “Scars.” The song is played right after a few steady riffs of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”Everyone heard the first few notes and somehow all caught up in singing the lyrics in unison.

There’s something so special about having an audience sing together. I’m already a huge sucker for audiences singing back songs to an artist (which happened a lot during the show) because of the look on the artist’s face. That moment they’re realizing their music isn’t just theirs, but it’s been played over and over again and is being heard.

I love it. And I love James amazing Bay!


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