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As I was turning kebabs generously smothered with Hawaiian BBQ sauce on the grill, I couldn’t stop thinking how far I have come. OK, me and Alex. Not only “I”. My bare feet were warm from pavers Alex installed year, the ones we couldn’t afford 5 years ago. My meat was organic chicken breasts which is double the…

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4 Ingredients Banana and Peanut Cookies —

The South Arm Community Kitchen made a very simple cookie with just 4 ingredients. You can substitute the dried papaya with dried pineapple, raisin or any dried fruit or even chocolate chips. Ingredients 2 large or 3 small over ripe bananas 2 to 3 tablespoons peanut butter (depends on how ripe the bananas are) 1 […]

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Summer Pea Pesto Orecchiette — Dish ‘n’ the kitchen

The sweet summer peas have begun to arrive in gardens and markets everywhere. If you haven’t already, go get yourself a bag and start shelling… Shelling peas is the ultimate early summer meal prep, preferably done with a grandma on a back porch, somewhere near a sleeping dog and a cold glass of lemonade. No matter […]

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Easy Peasy: Early Summer Frittata with Peas, Garlic Scapes and Shiitakes — Crumb: A Food Blog

Every time I make a frittata, I find myself wondering why in the heck I don’t make frittatas more often. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re stupidly easy to make, they don’t require any fancy ingredients or techniques, and the leftovers taste just as good (if not better) the next day. And best of…

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Coconut Lime Turkey Kabobs Recipe- Fresh Idea for Summer — Hello Creative Family

Coconut Lime Turkey Kabobs Recipe A Fresh Idea for Summer I am one lucky woman. I’m in an amazing profession, where I get to create for a living and then share it with all of you. I have a husband who has supported me, encouraging me to leave my 9-5 job to make the dream…

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Quick & Easy Chicken Dinner Pizza — i am a food blog

We’re taking a quick break from the camping, quite literally, right now. Both virtually with this chicken dinner pizza, and physically because we’re at a Starbucks, enjoying some caffeine and free wifi. Mike’s busy catching up on work that he’s… The post Quick & Easy Chicken Dinner Pizza appeared first on i am a food…

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It’s Investment Time for Team Daily with FrontFundr

If you have been following us from the past few months, you would know that Team Daily has been busy.

From closing some great accounts and starting new partnerships to working on our launch in other cities, we have been juggling multiple difficult tasks. This is very typical of the startup lifestyle and Team Daily thrives under that pressure.



Even while balancing several tasks, a successful startup always has funding on their mind.

Meeting with different investors, pitching at countless events, and talking to numerous angel investors are the most common activities that startups think of when someone mentions funding.

How about equity crowdfunding? Equity crowdfunding is where a startup opens up their opportunity to the crowd allowing their customers and those closest to them to invest. Feeling a little skeptical?

Being in a business based on crowdsourcing resources, we were confident of this model. As our customers, you are so important to us that we want you to become investors and owners in our company. Without you, Daily wouldn’t exist, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to share in the benefits of ownership.

However, like every one of you, we also had questions. All of our questions were answered by the FrontFundr team in a way that made it simple for us to understand the process.

Now we are on their Pitch Place. So, you can invest in Team Daily just like Dragon Michelle Romanow did.
Who qualifies to invest? Everyone.
Is there a minimum amount to invest? Yes. It’s just $500 for shares in our company.

How to get started? Click on the link below for the details and become a member of the Bowtie Squad!


Speaking of FrontFundr, they are doing a great job in bringing startups and investors in one place through their Fintech(financial technology) model.


And, if you are still not convinced with this model of financing, in their first year of business, they have helped three local startups raise the funds they needed to grow.

Isn’t technology making everything easier? Get clicking to invest or seek investment.

We are with You!

Risk Warning
Please be aware. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential returns. Please read our Disclaimer before deciding to invest. We also recommend to go to Investright, a program of the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).


London Fog Vanilla Cake x Caramelized Potato Chips — i am a food blog

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my dear friend Betty’s birthday. I love any excuse to make a cake, but a birthday is the best! I wanted to make a cake that was something that she liked, but was also… The post London Fog Vanilla Cake x Caramelized Potato Chips appeared first on i am…

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