Numero Uno – Number E

What does your ideal lunch look like? Now, don’t list soup, salad and other such healthy items.
Be truthful.
How about the good ‘ol sandwich? Maybe.
Sandwich with simple ingredients and complex flavours? Sure.
Warm, freshly made sandwich? Definitely!

IMG_4389 (2)

Definition of the perfect sandwich changes from person to person, day to day and even mood to mood. What make the perfect sandwich are not ingredients but feelings! Feelings with which the sandwich is made and the feelings with which the sandwich is relished.

On a sunny afternoon, one of our sandwich expeditions ended at Number E. More like #e. While chatting and eating, we learned so much about our new partner that we had to share with you.
To begin with, there’s an interesting story behind their name. Glenn, founding owner of Number E, narrated how the name came from an eatery he frequented in Ottawa. He said, “the store had the menu board by letters. All items were listed with alphabets instead of numbers. The older gentleman working there would always shout out who ordered the Number E, the letter of the meal I regularly ordered”. He further added how #e has stuck with him even before the hashtag craziness came into being. When Glenn founded the eatery, he was looking for a name that could be a symbol and would become a brand. Hence, Number E or #e was born.

Number E promotes healthy, clean eating sans additives and preservatives. All their items are store made with bread baked daily in house. “We do not use any frozen items and do not reheat or microwave orders. If we cannot make it in-house, we do not do it”, says Glenn. He adds that their store motto is to eat clean food without additives, just real food.
This really made our superficial health conscious selves happy. If you are into clean, healthy eating then make #e your new hangout.

For all those of you who think clean, healthy eating is boring and bland, think again.

A bite into Number E’s Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Sandwich will change your mind and beliefs for good. This also happens to be their best selling item. It has to be! You know the meal is delicious when you want to eat it slower just so you can enjoy it longer. Perfectly grilled juicy pieces of chicken on freshly baked Tuscan bread with baby greens, pickled jalapenos (made in-house) and avocado, this sandwich from #e gets 2 thumbs up from us.

Rosemary Chicken-3 (2)

While discussing their best selling item, Glenn said, “People love our chicken. It’s fresh as it’s from a local farm. We buy all our meats from local farms. The idea is to try to keep our money in our region and to support local businesses”. As a local startup, we support and preach this idea, too.

Discussion about food is always incomplete without us quizzing the Owners/ Founders about their personal favourites. Glenn responded to this query of ours with Reuben Sandwich. What makes Reuben his favourite?
“It’s in the way we prepare it”, he says. He explained how this idea, too, came from little eatery in Ottawa that he visited often.”The older Italian gentleman at the shop would throw the smoked meat on his flat top, put it in a Hoagie bun, garnish it with some mustard and pickle and the sandwich was ready! It was great. Simple but great”, said Glenn almost picturing the sandwich. Their Reuben sandwich is definitely one of a kind with simple ingredients yet powerful flavours. This could be one of the reasons why someone once placed an order for it right from the airport!

o (2)

Making it to the list of most memorable experiences at work, this incident made Glenn happy and proud. Giving us more details about the incident, Glenn said, “I was preparing to close the restaurant on a Saturday evening when a guy called me from the airport at about 4:15pm saying he is on his way and would arrive by 5pm. He called at 4:40 again telling me where he was and ordered a Reuben and a Chicken Sandwich. The two showed up just before 5pm, sat in and enjoyed their sandwiches. Infact, he loved the Reuben so much that he ordered another one! Not only that, he came in 2 other times before he went back home to Sacramento”.

Now that you know that Number E’s Rueben sandwich has international fans, too, you have to try it if you still haven’t. Then there’s our favourite Lemon-Rosemary Chicken sandwich. Oh, you cannot miss the Meatloaf sandwich. It’s a meat lover’s heaven! Apart from sandwiches, #e’s menu boosts a delicious selection of soups and take-home meals. The choice of drinks at #e does not end at water and pop. They have different teas, smoothies and lattes on their menu. If that’s not enough, they even have various pickles and spreads available on sale in store. So much deliciousness under one roof? Yes, that’s #e for you.


o (1)

With eyes set on expansion, all Glenn wants is to keep cooking and making good food that makes people happy!


We Love That With Kay! – James Bay

James Bay was in Vancouver last month and being a fan, Kay had to be there for the concert. What happened next? Read to find out 😉

Haaaaay! James Bay!” – Just a sample of some of the things I was screaming on a fine Wednesday night in April at the Orpheum. The rest might have been a little NSFW.
First of all, James Bay was going to perform on a stage that I  had on for my graduation. James Bay and I were about to share the same stomping grounds—kind of. It felt like we were about the grace each other’s presence in a retroactive/The Lake House-type way.

James Bay started off his set like a full-on rockstar—which was NOT at all what I expected. My girlfriend and I thought the show would consist of a skinny little mic-stand, a spotlight, and James sitting atop a stool. He’d be crooning into the mic and strumming away at an acoustic guitar. There would be multiple renditions of “Let It Go.” Perhaps his fedora would even be strategically dipped below one eye. Or, so we thought!

We had completely missed James Bay at Squamish Festival last year (so many regrets) so we had no idea the man had this much energy. But nay—James Bay dances a little bit like Elvis, he seriously rocks out, and he does the candlelight music to a tee. That boy has got moves and more!

Given the nature of his music—something reminiscent to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran’s love child—I personally thought James Bay would bring us to tears. And granted, he did, but in a different way.

It’s important to mention that in addition to delivering great music—the kind that pulls at your heart strings and grazes your soul ever so gently—James Bay is a sick performer.

As mentioned, lights were used, slow dancing ensued, and lots of hyping up the crowd was happening. James was incredibly engaged with us and seemed to genuinely want to be there. On top of looking really good in skinny jeans, he had that humble artist persona done sooo right.


He got us to stand up, to hold whoever you brought by their shoulders and literally sway to one of his songs (pretty much the best wingman when you think about it), and made us laugh with his dry British humour. He donned his signature fedora and charmed us to a smitten state.

“Let It Go” obviously made the entire crowd sway and swoon. “Hold Back the River” was played dead last; after James and co. left the stage and pretended the show was over. He also performed an unreleased song with his opening band, Joseph.
(I should also add that Joseph was crazy good. Three sisters from Oregon who have a little bit of a twang and harmonize like they’re singing for the Greek Gods. They’re amazing, and I immediately had to look them up on YouTube after I got home from the concert.)

I won’t delve too far into his music but the most magical moment of the night for me was “Scars.” The song is played right after a few steady riffs of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”Everyone heard the first few notes and somehow all caught up in singing the lyrics in unison.

There’s something so special about having an audience sing together. I’m already a huge sucker for audiences singing back songs to an artist (which happened a lot during the show) because of the look on the artist’s face. That moment they’re realizing their music isn’t just theirs, but it’s been played over and over again and is being heard.

I love it. And I love James amazing Bay!

We Love That With Kay! – Luminescence Exhibit

By now, we are sure that you are aware of the fact that apart from being foodies, we are adventure seekers, too. When we say we, we mean all of Team Daily! While some get the adrenaline rush from skiing and zip-lining, others enjoy shopping at new places and trying out new workout regimes. However, over the past week, Kay was on a different adventure. An art exhibition. How did it go? Did she enjoy it? Does she recommend it? Hold on with the questions there and read her first hand experience below.

What?   Luminescence Exhibit
Where? Deer Lake Park Gallery
When?  In celebration of the spring equinox, so it’s over now—but try to catch it when it’s back again!

Growing up, one of the girls in my class had her mother work at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We’d do workshops every semester and visit every new exhibition that graced the deep halls of the Gallery. All the exhibitions were breathtaking to say the least. During my year in Europe, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of art museums. I’ve wandered underneath the ceiling masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. I’ve gazed at the remarkable curvature of the David’s bottom (let’s keep it clean here) by Michelangelo in Florence. On my tippy-toes, craning my neck above the hordes of surrounding tourists, I’ve seen the Mona Lisa behind its pane of protective glass when I was sixteen and visiting Paris for the first time.

When it comes to modern art—what the Luminescence Exhibit is more geared towards—I personally find myself less than thrilled. I am a huge fan of ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art (it might just be my favourite museum ever) but not so wowed by museums like the Tate Modern in London (sorry if I offend!). I think what pushed me over the edge at the Tate Modern was when a straight-up mirror was presented as a work of art. No. I could. Not. Gel. With. That.

Talking of the Luminescence Exhibit, we had no idea what to expect. I was semi-aware that Deer Lake Park hosted a gallery somewhere along my 144 SFU bus route to school back in the day, but couldn’t be sure. One of my girlfriends was joining me that day and she had Google mapped the place in advance. She sent me the picture featured on Google images and asked, “Is it in a house?”

Picture Credit – Google Maps

We were definitely about to get turned into human centipedes.

Nope. Just kidding!

A little background info – The Luminescence Exhibit pays tribute to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room installation. It is insanely gorgeous and the name speaks for itself—a spectacular LED light display that is made to look like it spawns on forever and forever.

Virtual tour here –

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Tate Modern, one of the best things about modern art and art in general is that it’s all about perception and interpretation. I had read that the Luminescence display was featured in a utility closet come to life by mirrors and lights, and had actually received some comments on social media commenting on my gallery photos with something along the lines of, “Wasn’t that just a room with lights hanging from the ceiling?”

But isn’t a painting just duck cloth wrapped around a wooden frame with paint slapped on it?

I think that’s pretty dope if you can turn a storage room into an interactive piece of art. The gallery itself is relatively small and indeed, located in a house. All other pieces of art had to do with light. It was a lovely visit—getting a little culture outside of the city. There were plenty of people paying a visit to the gallery as well and a small line had formed outside of the storage closet door. Plus, opening night had a line around the block!

Groups were going in one by one…et voila:

Kay at the Exhibit
Kay at the Exhibit

And there you have it—a small look into the beyond.

Till my next adventure, here’s Kay signing off. Catch you all later!


We Love That With Kay! – Ziplining in Whistler

Ziplining. Sounds a lot of fun, right? Not only does it sound fun, it’s absolutely auh-mah-zing 🙂

Kay was out and about the other day ziplining in Whistler. How was it? Did she enjoy it? Let’s hear it straight from her.

What: Superfly Ziplines
Where: 211 – 4293 Mountain Square, Whistler BC,V0N 1B4

Entering Whis’ is like entering a whole new country—the landscape, the people,the feel, the everyday everything is so different. I love it!

Undoubtedly, Whistler is the home of extreme sports. Besides your usual winter activities, Whistler is a place for ziplining. As a matter of fact (and I literally found this out the other day), Whistler is home to the tallest and the longest zipline in all of Canada.

Let’s cue an “Ooh” in unison.

My girlfriend and I decided to go ziplining on a whim. And, because of a Groupon. We wanted to do at least one winter activity (other than boarding or skiing), and lo and behold, a discount was available for ziplining so we took it. We took it with our bare hands and made it into something special.

My few pieces of advice for you before we begin:

  1. Do not be late. They will leave without you. They do not care. We left Vancouver around 12:30PM (yes, we’re aware we were pushing it) and we ended up having to meet the group at the actual mountain instead of the home office in Whistler Village. We were those people.
  2. Don’t wear Uggs. They have zero traction to snow. You will fall! (because I did)
  3. It wasn’t as cold as we thought it’d be, so wearing a thick pair of tights and combat boots/runners would have been completely fine at this time of year. Again: no need for Ugg boots.
  4. If you have a GoPro, bring it. Superfly Ziplines provides helmets that are GoPro compatible and you get fantastic footage of snow-capped mountains, greenery on greenery, valleys filled with nature, yourself screaming etc.
  5. Get pumped because it is a wicked experience. There’s only four ziplines so get confident and get comfy to take full advantage of all four!

Our guides were so helpful and professional. They knew their stuff to the tee and added a little dry humour to it—a great combination for an activity that may or may not freak you out. There are a total of four ziplines that go from the tallest, the longest, the steepest, and then one that takes you back to home base/takes a lovely photo of you as a souvenir for home.

Zipline numero uno was amazing. So you’re at the forefront of the tallest zipline in Canada, and despite the spring equinox, you’re surrounded by snow and a bit of a chill. The view is freaking stunning and you’re about 650 feet up in the air. Yikes but so exciting at the same time! This one was by far the most beautiful zipline, and duh, you are flying with the birds at this point. Enjoy the view!

Zipline numero dos was long and hard (that’s what she said) Oh, I am kidding about the hard part. Ziplining is easy peasy because your guides strap you in, keep you safe, and are really good at what they do. But yes, this one was the longest zipline—cross your ankles and become as aerodynamic as possible to really enjoy zipping down to Point B.

The steepest zipline in all of Canada is also the most fun. Think rollercoaster drop. My friend and I were known as the loudest people in the group at this point because we were screaming our heads off at every step of the way, while everyone else remained cool as a cucumber. Screaming makes it more exciting FYI.

The last zipline gives you the opportunity to take a romantic picture—it’s the only zipline in Canada where you can hold hands. Very cute. My girlfriend and I held hands throughout most of it. It kind of felt like she was going to pull my arm out of its socket—but all good, we got our picture and it is cute as hell, as we intended it to be.


Obvs, we had to hit up Cow’s for some ice cream. I got Birthday Cake (frosting + birthday cake batter) because I’m a huge fan of anything rainbow sprinkles/funfetti involved. On the other hand, my friend got Wowie Cowie and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also had dinner at El Furniture Warehouse because where else would you go?


All in all, Whistler is definitely a new fav. We are already planning our next trip up! How about you?


Daily Delivery on Dragons’ Den, Again!

Don’t we all just love Dragons’ Den? We do!
Don’t you all love Team Daily? If you are reading this blog, chances are that you do!

How about having Team Daily on Dragons’ Den again? Oh, not a repeat of the old segment but an entirely new segment? Sure, you would say.

Alright, alright, we did listen to you and so did CBC. Since our Stache Boys received a lot of love (read deals) in the Den, they decided to bring us back to your screens this year. This year? This week. Oh, this Wednesday, actually.

Now that we have pitched to the dragons and secured a deal, what are we doing in the Den this week? Read on to find out.

Some time during the sleepy winter months of 2015, we were asked by Dragons’ Den to film a follow-up segment. Just about a month into our first-ever television appearance, we were asked to prep-up for the second one already. We were excited. All the more happier since the filming was to take place in our office and our entire team was going to be a part of it.

From getting the haircuts right to keeping the stache stiff, the boys were preparing to show the camera a day in the life of Team Daily. Not a whole day but the busiest and the most important part of the day.

An early start to the day and seeing the filming equipment around, we were a little goofy.


Lights, Camera, Mics, Director, Dragon, we felt as if we were being a part of the next big blockbuster.


We did carry on normally with our daily activities but just had some extra guests and cameras watching us this time around.


Did we do anything special? We officially welcomed Michele to Team Daily. Got her to see the action at the Rabbit Hole first hand and made her a part of the action, too. Without giving out the details, let’s just say that our very dear partners Thierry and De Beers were involved.


The hustle bustle, the laughter, the activity and the red all over made us feel like Christmas had come in early.
After a whole day of filming, we were tired but thrilled to show everyone what Team Daily is usually up to when not talking to you.

See you all on CBC this Wednesday! Do tell us how we did especially the team members since the Stache bros are used to the limelight now 😉





Easter Weekend Things

Team Daily enjoys holidays especially holidays that involve food and family. Food, family and friends, these are the greatest joys of life, correct?

With holidays like Easter (which bring along the long weekend among other things), it is just vice to enjoy good food and great company!


While bunnies (which Grabbit adores) and Easter eggs may look like the focal point of the celebrations, it is the spirit of Easter that we go with. Just like other holidays, it is time to emphasize on the love we share and how much we care. Like we always say, Sharing is Caring. Honestly, Team Daily wishes the holiday season never ends. We love the activities, the cheerful faces, the extra time on hands (don’t say you don’t think about this) and the delicacies, of course.

Talking about these, let’s have a look at what you can do during the Easter long weekend to make most of it.


  • Meet family – Remember they form the essence of all holidays.
  • Catch up with friends – Catch up on all the latest happenings in your friends’ lives over some delicious goodies.
  • Go egg hunting – What is Easter without egg hunts? Hop to Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Gardens or drop by any community center near you to take part in egg-citing hunts! Easy or difficult, just make sure to have some fun with your bunch.
  • Easter Brunching – Yes, brunch is our favorite meal. Easter gives us another occasion and another reason to eat more. Yeah, we are straight to the point like that.
    And, if you would like to combine Easter brunch with the egg hunt and scenic views, check out Grouse Mountain’s amazing package.
  • Stay at home – Isn’t it what many many of you are thinking of? While at home, bake Easter goodies, cook up an Easter feast, make cards, decorate your place, possibilities are endless, actually. Then, choice is yours to invite others over or enjoy it yourself.

Coming to the Easter feast, what are your favorites? Below are Team Daily’s top picks. Do indulge in some or all of them.
(There’s still time to get beach ready!)

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –
  • Hot Cross Buns (In fact, all pastries and breads)
  • Deviled Eggs (Eggs, eggs and more eggs)
  • Ham (Glazed traditional ham, quiche with ham, mac and cheese with ham, ham sandwiches, ham and everything, really)
  • Chocolates (Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, just chocolate, basically)
  • Cake (Bunny shaped cakes, egg shaped cakes, bunny cupcakes, cupcakes decorated with eggs. Cakes that celebrate the spirit of Easter)

As numerous activities and various delicacies are there for you to choose, just remember to enjoy and indulge in all of them with Smile. Laughter makes everything perfect!

On that note, here is wishing you a Happy Easter from everyone at Team Daily 😀


We Love That With Kay! – Gifts for your Valentine

Ah, it’s that time of year again. That time of year when a prix fixe is the only option you have at a restaurant, when it’s literally 50 Shades of Red at your local drugstore, and your SO/person you’ve been seeing for the last while starts giving you the side-eye about this upcoming holiday

To take the pressure off of this celebrated day that seems to be more consumer-oriented than love-oriented at times, Team Daily has come up with a little Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her.

The last time you had to give gifts was only a little over a month ago, so why should you drown yourselves in that kind of pressure all over again? As always, Team Daily has got your back!

From us to you—Happy Valentine’s Day! Or for all the single friends, Happy Single’s Awareness Day!

Gifts for the Lady

Kate Spade Journal
Kate Spade doesn’t just make great leather goods, she also designs some kick-ass minimalistic-chic stationary. She makes stripes and polka dots sexy as hell.

Picture Credit - Chapters
Picture Credit – Chapters


Agenda from Anthropologie
We’re sure that everyone can agree that everything from Anthropologieis absolutely precious. Just like Kate Spade, they come out with amazing stationary all the time. We’re especially huge fans of their planners. They’re just…so pretty.

Picture Credit - Anthropologie
Picture Credit – Anthropologie


Silk Bed Sheets OR Pillow Case
Diving into a bed of velvety softness? Yum. We’d also like to add that silk bed sheets are better for your skin (more hygienic) and hair (less flyaways). They’re pricey but technically they’re a gift for the two of you.

Picture Credit - Manito Silk
Picture Credit – Manito Silk


Vancouver Candle Co.: Premium Soy Candles
Support a local business and have your home smelling like pure bliss. Vancouver Candle Co. produces candles in scents themed in Vancouver’s neighborhoods—like, all of them and it’s awesome. Our favouritescent is Fairview.

Picture Credit - Vancouver Candle Co
Picture Credit – Vancouver Candle Co


Beauty Box Subscription
Give her the gift of new beauty products delivered at her door every single month. This might sound excessive to some but for anyone who enjoys trying outnew products now and then, monthly beauty boxes are a win.

Picture Credit - Instyle
Picture Credit – Instyle


Gifts for the Dude

N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton Vinyl
For anyone who was born in the late 80’s and early 90’s, gangsta rap is pure nostalgia. Giving the fact that the movie Straight Outta Compton was muyexcellente, if your man has a turntable, grab him N.W.A.’s most epic album in the form of an LP record.

Pick one from here  – Amazon

Jedi Bathrobe
Pop culture references are always a must; hence the onslaught of Star Wars paraphernalia is hitting stores everywhere. This Jedi bathrobe is relevant, and altogether just really cool.

Find one here – Amazon

When we think cufflinks, we think mmm fancy and reserved for a special occasion (if you’re not CEO, does anybody rock French cuffs all-year-round?). So why not for Valentine’s Day? Keep his wrist game proper.
If you’re feeling especially sentimental on this oozy-gooey holiday, get him a pair of personalized cufflinks—maybe with his name or his initials? Et voila!

Get some from here  –  Things Remembered

Black+Blum Eau Good Water Bottle
A hit in Japan, and now it’s making its rounds here. This water bottle contains binchotan charcoal that purifies your water through reducing chlorine, mineralizing water, and balancing pH.

Picture Credit - DeSerres
Picture Credit – DeSerres


Paul Smith Socks
‘Cause they’re better than Rob Kardashian socks.

Picture Credit - Nordstrom
Picture Credit – Nordstrom

These were some ideas from our side. In case, you do not have the time to shop, you know who to get in touch with 😉
From flowers, to champagne, gifts, chocolates and everything in between, we will help to make your Valentine’s Day/ Single’s Awareness Day a memorable one!

Fabulous February

Believe it or not, we are a month into 2016 already! Yeah, January bid us goodbye just a few days back. With the first day of the month being a Monday, we agree, it gets a little difficult to keep up with time.

But hey, now that Fabulous February is here, we have all the more time to enjoy the New Year. All the more time because 2016 happens to be a leap year. It being a leap year, February is going to be 29 days! 1 extra day! Imagine the things you can achieve in the extra 24 hours that we are getting this year.

Let’s begin with the basics. How are you doing with the changes you decided to make to your lifestyle this year? Almost there? Trying to incorporate them into your daily routine? Just don’t say that you haven’t started yet. In case you haven’t, let’s just say that January was the practice month. February is the time to seize the opportunities and grab them by the horns!

So what if the first day of the month was a Monday? The first weekend of the month is going to be a long one. 3 days of fun, family, friends.

Make sure to catch the Super Bowl Game on Sunday, February 7th. If you are not really into the Super Bowl games, catch up on all the crazy parties, food deals and celebrations wherever possible. Super Bowl 50 does not happen every day!

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

Monday, February 8th, is a double bonanza day. Chinese New Year and Family Day, too. It is definitely the day to spend with your family. Again, food, games, gossip and loved ones make it a memorable weekend. Oh, getting the little red envelopes from family members is going to be just one of the best things.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

If you are the one who enjoys some thrill, weekend getaway with family or friends is even better. What say?

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

After the long weekend, Valentine’s Day falls on the next Sunday. With hearts and cupids all around, it is impossible not to celebrate it even if you are single. Singles night out, movie marathon, games night or any activity to keep you busy and keep the boredom at bay sounds perfect.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

Talking about keeping the boredom at bay, hot chocolate is something that can cheer you and warm you up anytime. When in a city like Raincouver, indulging in hot chocolate is heaven! And, no better time than now to please your hot chocolate cravings with the Hot Chocolate Festival being in full swing. Going on until the 14th of February, you still have handful of days left to taste some exotic flavours being served by all the participants.

From Thierry to Soirette to Chocolate Arts, make sure to taste their special flavors to become a self-proclaimed Hot Chocolate Specialist.
(Specialist and not snob, okay!)

Picture Credit - Thierry
Picture Credit – Thierry

So, plans are in place till the 14th but what about after that? We definitely know how to help you to keep busy but let’s talk about that in the next post.

Till then, Smile and Shine! 😀


We Love That! With Kay – Different & Fun Eats in Vancouver

Vancouver is the birthplace of many, many foodie gems. Close your eyes for a little longer than a few seconds and bloop….there’s a new restaurant on the corner of a newly gentrified neighbourhood with a lineup out the door.

Let us guess – they don’t take reservations, they’re closed in the middle of the day, and the fare is fresh and locally grown. Correct? That’s the beauty of the Vancouver food scene – it’s continuously blossoming and providing us with a new dining experience on a daily basis.

Luckily for us locals, many of these dining experiences are fairly unique. Although each restaurant is arguably a unique experience on its own, some of Vancouver’s finest food establishments stand out from the rest. Daily Team has assembled a list of places offering something a little different!

If you’re looking to eat in the dark, find an entirely vegan meal, or be waited on by purposely dry-humoured staff…here goes our list in no particular order!

Dark Table
Where: 2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Dull one of your senses and intensify the others. Dark Table is all about taking away your ability to see and allowing your sense of taste to strengthen as you enjoy your meal. After choosing a set meal at the front door, you are subjected to complete and utter darkness for the rest of the night. The dining room is truly pitch black—there are curtains covering most doorways to ensure that no light gets in.
Most of the staff is either blind or visually impaired, and having them serve you and guide you through the restaurant is truly an experience in itself. Not only is the service great and the experience memorable, but the food is good too!

Picture Credit - Zomato
Picture Credit – Zomato


Where: 32 Water St, Vancouver, BC
Ah, two of our favourite food groups: wine and desserts. Mosquito is a dessert, wine, and champagne lounge located in the heart of Gastown, where you can sit back and enjoy its quietly sexy atmosphere. The desserts are deliciously elaborate. Does the sound of an olive oil bavarois with madeleine sponge stimulate your salivary glands like it does ours? Mosquito also offers a few snacks, like Parmesan popcorn and a charcuterie plate if you’re looking to munch alongside a cocktail.
Mmmm. Wine for dinner always sounds good. Oh, getting your date here is a good idea, too!

Picture Credit - Winghin T/ Zomato
Picture Credit – Winghin T/ Zomato


ZEND Conscious Lounge
Where: 1130 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC
ZEND Conscious Lounge is one of the first full-fledged vegan restaurants to open in Vancouver. In addition to being 100% vegan, the restaurant doesn’t serve liquor. Howvever, they offer juices with ingredients that are supposed to help soothe you naturally. The dishes are colourful and made for sharing. Although they are on the pricier side, think of the fancy neighbourhood (hello, Town of Yale – we see you!) and the awesome, awesome fact that all proceeds go to charity.
Mmmm. Healthy food and philanthropy.

Picture Credit - Tracy A/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Tracy A/ Yelp


The Elbow Room
Where: 560 Davie St, Vancouver, BC
A few Internet people have donned this restaurant as the Rude Restaurant in Vancouver. That’s because the staff at The Elbow Room are purposely dry-humoured and sarcastic once you walk through the door. It’s fine – we mean, eating a forkful of brunch passively is completely normal, right?
If you can handle the occasional quips and the blatant disregard for your feelings, then come hither. The Elbow Room might just tickle your fancy and give you a good laugh, but more than that, your unfinished food goes towards charity. Not the actual food, of course. But a donation will be taken and given towards A Loving Spoonful.
P.S. Read the rules once you get in. It helps with the coping.

Picture Credit - Leo L/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Leo L/ Yelp


Afghan Horsemen
Where: 1833 Anderson St, Vancouver, BC
If you thought belly dancers were reserved for sheikhs and 90’s rap songs then you are very, very wrong, my friend.
Afghan Horsemen serves up – you’ve guessed it – Afghani cuisine. The atmosphere is lively and the décor is impeccable, especially if you’re seated in the pillow room where you can rest your laurel on a cushion and fawn over the delicate drapery. The food itself has been voted top Middle Eastern food in Vancouver a handful of times, so this place is the real deal.
FYI, belly dancers are in on Friday nights. Do not miss them.

Picture Credit - Zomato
Picture Credit – Zomato

While you are out and about to experience the little different food scene, we are going to go back to bring you something more interesting! Till then, Happy Munching 🙂

Make it a Happy New Year!


The parties were fun, the food was delicious and the gifts were fantastic. With these, the Holiday Season of 2015 came to an end. Along with it, ended another fabulous year.
2015 was a great year for Team Daily and we are hoping 2016 is going to be even better.

Just as the New Year starts, one of the words that you get to hear here, there and everywhere is resolution!

My New Year’s Resolution is to do this, do that, accomplish this, accomplish that and so on and so forth. We, at Team Daily, do not believe in resolutions. We believe in goals. With the end result in mind, we start working towards it. Actually, more than the result, we enjoy the journey. It is the simple things in life that we like and appreciate. A smile from your co-worker, a cheerful greeting from a stranger, a scrumptious home-made meal, early morning sunshine, things like these just make every day a little different, a little more happier.

How are you going to be happy this year? Struggle to achieve the resolutions? No! Instead, make little changes to a healthier and happier you.

As a Team, below are some changes that we are looking to make in our daily lives this year. We suggest, you try these, too. And, let us know what you think!

  • Walk – Walk whenever you can. Walk around the office, around the town, in the park, anywhere.
  • Stretch – Every now and then, get up stretch. Breathe in, breathe out and see the difference.
  • Smile – Smile. You do not know whose day you’ll make with that beautiful smile!
  • Talk – Talk about what we feel. Talk to someone instead of texting and messaging.
  • Connect – Connect with family, friends, colleagues. Isn’t life all about making connections?
  • Read – Read as many books possible. Informative magazines and newspapers count, too. Let’s start with a new book each month. What say?
  • Eat – Eat healthy. Not skip meals. Eat what the heart desires and not what someone suggested!
  • Drink – Drink lots of water. If you are not drinking enough water, keep a reminder to do so.
  • Balance – Try to give as much time to life as we do to work. There is more to life than the computer screen!
  • Dress well – Dress in a way that makes us feel the most comfortable and happy!
  • Worry Less – Things are never the same. Instead of worrying, let’s work to resolve the troubles.

Let us all trying incorporating these little changes to our lives to be a little more happier each day.

Of course, there are so many more things to discuss and change but let’s first take some baby steps.
The small changes are the ones that make bigger differences! On this note, here is wishing you all a Happy New Year with a Happier You! 🙂