We Love That! With Kay – Vancouver Winter Festivities

The trees are sans leaves, everyone at the office is catching a cold, and going out without a scarf is just a poor, poor wardrobe judgement on your part.

Tis the season for so many things: merry-making, hot chocolate, Christmas tree-shaped cookies, sharpening the ends of candy canes till they operate like daggers, enjoying the cold while complaining about it…etc.

Sigh. What a time it is to be alive!

Besides all the joyous sentiments that come with the holidays, Vancouver provides some tangible sources of holiday cheer as well.

Here at Daily Delivery, along with Kay, we’ve created a little list of some fun things to stick your runny noses into this season! (Alright, not literally, though)
Get your scarf on and get your candy cane spear ready…

Canyon Lights @ Capilano Suspension Bridge
Where: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
When: Till January 7th
Such beauty. Such beauty. Even upon opening the Capilano Suspension Bridge’s website, they’ve got a great little holiday tune playing in the background as you scroll through the webpage. It’s a little bit of a drive to get there and at $38 per ticket, it’s not the cheapest holiday event out there. However, if you’re a sucker for twinkly lights combined with the beauty of Vancouver’s greenery, you’ll loooove this one. Just be sure to bundle up and bring a camera!

Picture Credit - Capbridge.com
Picture Credit – Capbridge.com


Festival of Lights @ VanDusen Botanical Garden
Where: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1
When: Till December 31st
This is an annual favourite of many! Every year around Christmas time, a massive wave of sparkling lights hit the VanDusen Botanical Garden. It’s hella romantic—just make sure you’re warm enough to avoid any potentially embarrassing sniffly noses! Tickets include entry to Enchanted Nights at Bloedel Conservatory—a walk through the miniature world of fairy villages combined with the backdrop of the dome’s already impressive tropical plants. Like we said, what a time it is to be alive!

Picture Credit - Vancouver4Life
Picture Credit – Vancouver4Life


Bright Nights Train @ Stanley Park
Where: Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4
When: Till January 2nd
Our personal favourite on the list! The Bright Nights Train is a nostalgic event for many of us here at Daily Delivery. What’s great about this attraction is that it’s not just about gazing at pretty holiday lights, there’s also live actors, impromptu Disney themes, and of course, the warm fuzzy feeling of doing anything holiday-related.

Picture Credit - Miss604.com
Picture Credit – Miss604.com


Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas Celebration
Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9
When: Till January 4th
Pretty much what happens is that Grouse Mountain gets turned into the North Pole. Literally, there are reindeer, breakfast with Santa, and all the bells and whistles of Christmas fun. It’s all your childhood dreams come true, especially with a Gingerbread Village and a magical Light Walk. Sounds like a mystical woodland dream, right?

Picture Credit - GrouseMountain.com
Picture Credit – GrouseMountain.com


Make It! Vancouver
Where: The PNE Forum
When: Dates are no longer available in Vancouver, but you can go next year! (Sorry, this seems like a mean one—but truly, this was a fun event that you can attend in upcoming years.)
If you’re into artisanal candles (shoutout to Vancouver Candle Co. for making candles that smell so good, you literally want to take a bite out of them), Primo chocolatiers, local Vancouver jewellery designers, and more… you are at the right place. Make It! Vancouver is aisle upon aisle of handcrafted goods—anything from clothing to coasters. A lot of the items are Vancouver themed, making it extra special to gift to older relatives who are especially nostalgic.

Picture Credit - MakeItProductions.com
Picture Credit – MakeItProductions.com

With so many places to explore, so many people to visit,  and so many delicacies to try, we know that your Holidays are going to be great!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays from Team Daily! 🙂


Movember Loving!

Known as the Bowtie Squad, Team Daily members are always out and about flaunting their bowties. Bowties are our pride. We love them so much that we got Grabbit and Yuki wear them, too.



Don’t they look just adorable?

Apart from bowties, one more thing is very noticeable about some of the members of Team Daily.
Since we are talking about Movember here, moustache it is. Or, the way we like to say, stache!
Fez and Sal regularly charm one and all  with their stache and this month, Sam joined them, too.

How does Sam (first-time-stacher) feel about the stache? What do the boys think about their most noticeable feature? How can You take care of your handle bar?

Hold on, we got the answers for you!

Along with Kay, we bring you some stache fun.

After observing Movember for the whole month, Sam feels at ease with his achievement, erm, stache. He says, “I plan on keeping the moustache and seeing where it takes me”. On being asked to describe his stache in 3 words, he had a rather quirky answer. “Tom Selleck Impersonator”, he said. We are not too sure about this one. What do you think?


Having observed Movember since high school where a fundraiser motivated him, Sam says that he receives a lot of compliments on his stache. And, we couldn’t agree more. Good Job, Sam!

With the stache, Fez feels that it is easy to stand out. The stache has become such an integral part of his look that he feels incomplete without it. “Wonder how I will be able to stay stache-free now!”, says Fez when quipped if he is planning to change his look anytime soon. On asked about the most important stache grooming product, he said, “Beeswax is KING”. Yes, it is. Look at his hard work!


When we quizzed Sal about his stache, he said, “It is fantastic”. Sal’s stache-piration comes from Fez. He feels that the stache gives him a more mature look, a more formal look, a look that he is fond of. He, however, isn’t shy of changing the style of his stache every now and then. “You need to experiment, sometimes”, he says. Like Fez, he is also a fan of Beeswax.

Team Stache, actually, Team Daily in all their stache glory.


This is about our team and their staches.
Below are the details from Kay on how you can take care of your stache in this festive season.

We know beards have been all the rage this year, but an old school gentleman’s moustache still tickles our fancy.

In the spirit of Movember, here’s a list on how to take care of your mo’!

Step 1: Start Using a Wax
We recommend Clubman Moustache Wax. Once your moustache starts getting long, the wax will help keep it nice and tidy. It’ll keep stray hairs from, well…going astray.

Step 2: Get a Moustache Comb
Get a moustache comb—these are tiny and can be kept in your pocket. You’ll need to apply the wax and to keep your moustache from getting filthy. Plus, you can use it on your hair!
We recommend Kent Fine Toothed Moustache and Beard Comb. They’re known for their sturdiness, quality, and are handmade!

Step 3: Use Wax Sparingly
Take a tiny bit of moustache wax and work your moustache brush along the wax. If you use too much, your moustache is going to look like it’s drawn in. Not cute.

Step 4: Don’t Play With Your Moustache
As tempting as it is to keep twirling the ends (if you’re looking at a handlebar moustache) or just stroking it in general, the more you touch your moustache, the more wax is going to fall out. Leave it alone otherwise you’ll keep having to reapply!

That’s all the Stache love from us, till we see you next, enjoy the weather and festivity around 🙂


We Love That! with Kay – Haunted Vancouver

First of all, Happy Halloween Weekend! It is Halloween and the Weekend, imagine how happy we are.


Now that you are dressed in your Fall favorites, Kay is back in the house to guide you to some spooky spots.

Although Vancouver is a relatively young city, it has got its fair share of paranormal activity and historically-grounded ghosts roaming around town.With all its supernatural bits, Vancouver still has a handful of fun events to attend for Halloween.

Before you say, “Dunbar Haunted House”, it has , unfortunately, been closed after running every Halloween for over a decade. But that doesn’t mean there’s not more to do in the city.
Not into the club scene? Here are some spooky things you can get up to this Halloween in Vancouver!

Zombie Combat Zone
Where: Semiahmoo Park
When: Thursdays – Fridays, from dusk – 1am
Get your paintball guns and get ready for the zombie apocalypse we’ve all been waiting for. The Zombie Combat Zone is a 45-minute interactive experience in the creepy setting of Semiahmoo Park in White Rock. Everything is scripted to make you feel as though you’re in one of those post-apocalyptic zombie games. Ever played Left 4 Dead? Or Call of Duty: Zombies?
Yes. Welcome.
You’re taken through a bit of a horror-flick narrative and it’s your job to save a group of scientists looking for the cure for the surrounding flesh-eating creatures.
Come with a big group and just know that bookings need to be made in advance!

Stanley Park Ghost Train
Where: Stanley Park, of course
When: October 9th – November 1st
This one is a personal favourite! This is where childhood dreams come true and live beyond the years of just getting free candy. First of all, it’s all beautifully made. It’s a chilly train ride in the park but completely worth it. Everything is decorated to perfection and the actors have created tableaux that are more stunning than they are scary.
As you can imagine, this train ride is definitely kid and family-friendly. Just make sure you bundle up because it’s getting a little frigid here in Vancouver!

Chinatown Haunted House
Where: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden
When: October 21st – October 31st
OK, this attraction is definitely not for children or even for the faint of heart for that matter!
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden’s ordinarily pristine nature is transformed into something closer to nightmarish. There will be tons of actors portraying terrifying characters, dancers, and musicians to make this haunted house especially chilling. You can expect the place to be scary as hell, as it’s all been organized by professionals—the Seven Tyrants Theatre.

Halloween and Harvest Fun at Capilano Suspension Bridge
Where: Capilano Suspension Bridge
When: October 30th – 31st
We personally find the Capilano Suspension Bridge to be scary as is. Especially when you’re that friend who likes to jump erratically once you’ve reached the ricketiest part of the bridge: the middle.
For Halloween, the people at Capilano Suspension Bridge have set up an elaborate display of carved and lit Jack-o-lanterns throughout the entirety of the park. Adding to the Halloween festivities, there will also be fortune tellers brought forth to predict your future!
If you’re a fan of Treetop Adventures—being about 110 feet above the forest floor and all—the park is also offering a special Halloween-themed Treetop Adventure.
Jump on it at night and let us know how confident you feel looking down at the dark forest below!

And if you like to keep things posh, we have another  option for you.

The Fairmont Vancouver Hotel
At the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel is where one of Vancouver’s most beloved ghosts resides. The lady in red is said to have been seen by several of the staff and guests at the hotel. If you check the menu at Griffins, there’s even a cocktail named after her.
For Halloween, the Fairmont amps up its festive factor by allowing guests to dine with the elegant lady in red herself. You can enjoy afternoon tea or a meal at Griffins with the spirit herself!

Choose your favorite and enjoy the spook-fest. And if you survive it, we will see you later!


We Love That! with Kay – F is for Fall and Fall is for Fashion – Part 2

Kay is back with another fashionable post. Yes, this time it is for the Gentlemen out there!

We’re personally stoked for Men’s Fall Fashion.

So long to pastel-coloured shorts, short-sleeve button-ups, and exposed ankles! Byeee to mirrored plastic frames and frat boy tanks!

The chilly weather brings out the frayed leather boots, the tailored wool coats, and our personal favourite—quirky patterned socks. If there’s something we love more than women’s fall fashion, it is men’s fashion. Funny enough, there are a lot of paralleled trends this year between men’s and women’s fashion. So there’s a chance you might just end up matchy-matchy with your significant other, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Lo and behold, our compiled list of Men’s Fall Fashion Must-Have’s.

Adidas Sneakers
It is indeed the year of Stan Smith. Maybe it’s all thanks to Pharrell’s collab with the massive sneaker corporation, but this classic look has been very slightly revamped and brought back to life. They say trends come back every ten years—we’re not complaining at all!

Long Bomber Jackets
Long coats in general are in this year. Something about extended hemlines—and we mean extended, as in past your knees extended—is definitely trending for both sexes this year. A long bomber jacket is perfectly stylish and practical this year, as it comes with a hood, zippers, functioning pockets and all.

Blanket Scarves
Remember the last few winters when every girl was pulling out their blanket scarf? That Aritzia one that God forbid you toss into your washing machine due to its 100% wool composition? This year, blanket scarves are not just for the ladies. Our personal favourite isn’t so much asquareblanket scarf but a relatively large 100% wool one by Acne Studios. It’s called the Canada scarf—need I say more?

Like the long bomber jacket, stylish and practical.

50 Shades of…
Grey! There is so much grey on the runways. Grey suits, three-quarter length cashmere coats, wide trousers—everything. We find that grey is always a good colour to gravitate towards. It’s understated yet sophisticated, and definitely not as bold as an all-black look.

Layered Knits
Men’s fall fashion always means a good sweater—and a good sweater is always good. Find a particularly thin and comfy turtleneck and do it justice by throwing another sweater overtop. Rollneck sweaters are also applicable to this runway trend.

Baggy Trou’s
Just like how culottes surfaced the women’s fashion runways, baggy trousers are in for men. Forget skinny jeans—those are long gone. A lot of this season’s menswear pays tribute to 70’s suit styles, emphasizing a higher waist and audibly looser cut. Know anything about subversive culture? Think the Zoot suit and you’ll feel badass while simultaneously looking fly.

That’s all from Kay’s fashion desk today, stay warm y’all! 🙂

Team Daily, Dragons, Drinks and the Deal

Team Daily’s Dragon madness has been going on for the past couple of months. We started with preparing for our pitch, preparing for the trip, and preparing to face the Dragons.

Once that was done, our dragon madness seemed to rest for a bit till we heard we would be airing. Airing on CBC, at Prime time, on Dragons’ Den for the Premiere episode! Gosh! We really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Since happiness multiplies when shared, we decided to host a viewing party for our first-ever television appearance.

If you have ever hosted a party (chances are that you have!), you know how the logistics work.

We started with the guest list. We believe in the more, the merrier. On knowing that we have a lot of people to share our happiness with, we went on for venue-hunting. That was The Most Difficult Task! After running around for quite a bit, we finalized Rogue Kitchen + Wet Bar.

Since it was Rogue, we didn’t have to worry about decorating, shopping, stocking and after-party cleaning.

What we did was reach the venue on time, talk, enjoy, watch Team Daily on TV, celebrate and be thankful.

Didn’t we just summarize our party in one sentence? But, hey. It was a rocking affair. Let’s have the pictures do the rest of the talking!

IMG_2974This is how it looked like in the beginning with some networking going on.

IMG_2977I can’t disclose everything right now. You will have to watch the show”

IMG_2983And, the Dragons’ Den Season 10 kicks off. *Waiting for Team Daily to make an appearance on the Den*

IMG_2981Deal it is! Surprise and happiness in equal measure among the guests and the hosts.


The messages kept pouring in and the smiles kept getting brighter throughout the night.

Those are all the pictures from the night that we all enjoyed and will remember for quite sometime. How about the other pictures? Well, some we din’t click and some we couldn’t click (we were celebrating, you see!).

The party would not have been possible without everyone who showed up and of course, their continuous support. Thank You All! 🙂


We Love That! with Kay – F is for Fall and Fall is for Fashion

Finally, fashion! Team Daily has been talking about food all along. Apart from food, we also talk to visiting places and our regular updates. However, we had missed out on one very important element that gets us all excited (because Team Daily holds different views about it), Fashion.

With Fall blessing us already, it is the perfect time to talk about dressing up and layering up. Gentlemen, you will be disappointed since this post is exclusively for the Ladies. Worry not, our next fashion blog post will be solely dedicated to you.

Kay is the house, again, to give our lovely ladies a round-up on Fall Fashion.

Goodbye, caramel tans, Daisy Dukes, and open-toed shoes! It’s that time of year where the air is getting crisper and our cheeks begin to flush at the change in temperature. It’s that time of year where the leather boots come out, the beautiful coats, and a hot coffee in hand.

Living in Vancouver, we’re bundled up 8 months out of the year. It only makes sense that we’ll be looking cute while doing so.

They’re making a comeback. If you’ve had a chance to look at H&M window displays as of late, you’ll notice that it’s all about the seventies. Flower prints, sunglasses Jackie Onassis would wear, and an onslaught of suede. The key to rocking flares? Opt for a pair that accentuates your waistline—as in, preferably a high-waisted pair.

Picture Credit - Glamour.com
Picture Credit – Glamour.com


Long Camel Coats
Literally our favourite trend of the season. Being in Paris last year, we scoured the designer second-hand shops for something long, something camel, and something belted.Et voilà, a mint-condition Escada coat was found. Looking to find your own vintage luxury items in Vancouver? Check out TheClosetYVR located on Carrall St.

Picture Credit - Cosmopolitan.com
Picture Credit – Cosmopolitan.com


Chunky Knits
You probably already own this if you live in Vancouver. If you’ve got a turtleneck chunky knit sweater then you are ahead of the game this season. Turtlenecks were trendy last year and they’re defs hot this year. Tuck your hair into your turtleneck and get instantly snuggly.

Picture Credit - Cosmopolitan.com
Picture Credit – Cosmopolitan.com

Flat Black Boots
Girl. These were hot last year and they’re here to stay. We love this trend because they combine style with practicality. Especially when Vancouver gets especially chilly—near icy conditions—these boots will hold down the fort. A.K.A. Don’t worry about tripping on wet leaves, black ice, or just some really wet pavement—because that happens to the best of us, right?

Picture Credit - Cosmopolitan.com
Picture Credit – Cosmopolitan.com


Statement Earrings
Go big or go home.

Picture Credit - Cosmopolitan.com
Picture Credit – Cosmopolitan.com

Head-to-Toe Black
We find that this look to be ultra-chic and sophisticated. The fact that it’s monochromatic means that it’s slimming as well. #YeezyTaughtMe

We love a good shearling coat. We’re not gonna lie—we were stoked to hear that shearling is trending again. As seen on Fall fashion runways as of late, big, oversized shearling coats are back in style. Besides looking like a badass who knows how to frolic in the wilderness, they are guaranteed to keep you warm.

Picture Credit - Glamour.com
Picture Credit – Glamour.com

That’s all from Kay. Keep warm, folks! 🙂

We Love That! with Kay – It is Squamish September

Kaylynn is back! And this time, she is talking about something that Team Daily really likes. Yes, outdoors. Wait, not the patio-type outdoors but Mother Nature’s outdoors 🙂

The past weekend was a little rough for some of us but, hey, the weather forecast for the coming long weekend is perfect. If you don’t have any plans yet, you definitely will have some after reading this post.

In Kay’s words – With our first year spending a whole weekend in Squamish Valley, we can say that we LOVE Squamish! Only a 45 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver, it’s the perfect mountain-studded getaway. For real, it’s like living in a postcard.

Here’s a few reasons why Squamish Valley is one of our favourite stay-cation spots:

Stawamus Chief – Possibly my absolute favourite thing about Squamish. The Chief is a lot of fun – three peaks means three amazing panorama views. It’s about a 6-hour long hike to make it to all three peaks, but totally worth it. The hardest part of the hike in my opinion? Scaling the mountain when getting to the very top.
Not to worry, you’ll make it!

Squamish Valley Music Festival – Had my first experience with Squam Fest just this summer. Was it fun? Hell ya! The music was an unparalleled experience altogether. Sam Smith’s vocals? Ooof. The performances definitely delivered goose bumps and a respectable amount of swooning, but the camping. The camping is another story.
My girlfriends and I know nothing about camping but thought it’d be all giggles if we camped this year. Let me tell you, festival camping is not easy for novices.
Oh, we definitely had giggles, but those giggles were NOT happening when we arrived at our campsite past midnight, after dragging our stuff five blocks into the camp and down a gravel road, took out our tent, and realized it had no poles.
It was a learning experience to say the least.

Sea to Sky Gondola – Scenic doesn’t even begin to describe the Sea to Sky Gondola ride.
As we’ve mentioned, one of the most amazing things about Squamish Valley is that it looks like something out of a postcard, no matter where you look. You’ve got the water, the mountains, the blue skies – it’s truly breathtaking.
Head up and enjoy a beer at the top! As Squamish is home to Howe Sound Brewing, you can enjoy handcrafted ales and lagers at every bar in the city.
With the Sea to Sky Gondola, you can opt to take the gondola there and back, or even hike up the Sea to Summit Trail and gondola down!

Camping(Alice Lake, Klahani Campground, Paradise Valley Campground etc.) – We know, we know – we just talked about camping and its multitude of sins. But camping is also a lot fun. It’s great bonding time between you and your friends (especially if you’re bonding over who’s putting up the tent wrong and all that.)
It also gives you the opportunity to put away technology and sit back and bask in everyone’s presence. Plus, camping food is so good. There’s something about being out in the wild, rationing, and an overcooked hot dog suddenly tastes like heaven.

Shannon Falls – If the Chief is looking a little too intimidating for you, Shannon Falls is the next best thing. Completely hiking-with-a-hangover friendly, as well as being totally family friendly.
Surrounded by lush, lush nature, and blessed with a beautiful view of the falls. It’s a mere stop on the Sea to Sky Highway. Lots to explore and picnic areas are available at your service!

Now, you must be wondering where are all the pictures in this post? We didn’t put them in purposely. Why? Because we want you to experience the beauty of Squamish and paint your own memories.

Until next time, stay safe and prep up for Fall 🙂

Hi there, City Adventures!

Whether you are busy preparing for the start of another school year, just going on with your regular work schedules or waiting for Fall (really!) one thing is for sure – Summer is going by quickly.
We’re sure that a lot of you are still out camping, traveling, or chilling to make the most of the last few weeks (erm, days, maybe?) of Summer. In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the places around the City you could casually hang out and relax. But Summer ‘adventures’ ought to get some adrenaline pumping.

Yes, we know you are busy. We also know that you like the comfort of your home and enjoy the hustle-bustle of the City. But that does not mean you cannot indulge in some adventurous activities in the City itself!

The thing is: there’s still adventure even if it does not cost an overnight in the wild. Here are, maybe, some unexplored adventures around the City that you need to uncover before Summer bids us adieu.

Forbidden Vancouver When the name is so mysterious, imagine the secrets you might just discover. Their walking tours will take you through the notorious history of the City. Whether you want to catch the Lost Souls of Gastown, step into the Prohibition City or know of the Secrets of the Penthouse, be quick to book your place in the walking tours because places are limited! Oh, if you want someone else to unravel the City’s past, give them Forbidden Vancouver Gift Certificate. What to know more about it? Check it out on – http://forbiddenvancouver.ca/

Picture Credit - Forbidden Vancouver
Picture Credit – Forbidden Vancouver


H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – If history doesn’t excite you and Science does then this is your place to be. Bring out the geek in you at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. Learn more about the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Earth all while having fun. They have various shows scheduled for the mornings and evenings alike so head there at your convenience. But if shows are not your thing, you could check out the observatory and be fascinated by how amazing the Universe is! Don’t want to head there alone? Enjoy the experience with your family and friends by taking advantage of their Group visits and Family Program.
And if you truly are a geek, rent one of their facilities and be ready to be mesmerized.
Learn more about them on – http://www.spacecentre.ca/

Picture Credit - H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
Picture Credit – H.R. MacMillan Space Centre


Vancouver Seaplane Tours – Up, Up, in the Air is what we like. Being at the top is what we all love. Don’t we? 😉 This adventure might cost you a little bit more but the extend of BC’s beauty that you will discover, really justifies the cost. From Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo, Victoria, pick your destination and ready to fly. Now you must be thinking that the options to choose from are limited. Wait. For each of these places, they have different packages. Pick, Hop and Fly. You will definitely be in awe of nature’s beauty at its finest and rawest form.
Find more about their deals on http://www.harbourair.com/

Picture Credit - Harbour Air Seaplanes
Picture Credit – Harbour Air Seaplanes

Once back from the tours, do let us know how they were 😉

Just Some Summer Outings

We have waited so long for this season, but guess what? It is now coming to an end pretty soon (soon not already so relax!)

They say that every summer has it’s own story, and if you feel like this year’s story is not over yet then you are probably right! There are still a lot of memories to make, lots of fun to have and a little bit of more sun to enjoy. Before Fall knocks on our doors, fill in another chapter with some new adventures or the same adventures with different people.

If looking for adventures, you can count on BC to have unlimited attractions available to the adventure-seekers like you.

Some of our top picks? Check them out below –

For quiet time, peace and serenity, head out to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

If you enjoy the city’s hustle-bustle and are an art-lover, Vancouver Art Gallery is your place to be.

Seeking some thrill or just flat out adventurous wandering around? Lynn Canyon or hiking the Grouse Grind with a time record in mind is your best bet.

However, if you are the type who loves to go shopping (yeah, window shopping included) or basically if you’re fond of shops, get a good walk around Downtown, Granville Island, or wait, there is Richmond’s Night Market and even Surrey’s Night Market. Lots of food and lots of shopping!

See you all again when we are back from enjoying some Summer 😉

Go! Canada Go!

No, it is not Canada Day yet. We are all pumped up and geared to cheer for Team Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup that is being held, here, in Canada!

Different cities of Canada, different shades of Summer, and different teams playing for one prestigious Cup. Oh, the Summers are going to be so kick-ass (well, literally!)

With the Cup being held in Canada, the tournament’s first game is going to be played between (you are right!) Team Canada and Team China.

#SportsSaturday and #SportySaturday have more reasons to be trending now. We are definitely sure that all the matches are going to keep us super busy and super entertained.

Picture Credit - Sportsmirchi.com
Picture Credit – Sportsmirchi.com

Talking of Team Canada , we can’t help but be proud of our own team representing 6 provinces. And the players, they are just Perfect!

Picture Credit - Phoenixsoccer.ca
Picture Credit – Phoenixsoccer.ca

With 153 goals, Captain Christine is the player other teams need to watch out.

Goalkeepers Karina LeBlanc, Erin McLeod and Stephanie Labbe will make sure goals are scored but …. from our side.

With defenders including Rhian Wilkinson and midfielders including Diana Matheson, don’t be surprised if Team Canada goes on a winning spree.

So, get all your energy together, get all your friends together, get everything together (Oh, don’t worry, we are here to help if you need anything) and say, “GO! CANADA GO!” 🙂

Crazy fans like us will head to The Vancouver Fan Zone! How about you?