It’s a Must Have – H.A.V.E

It’s of common knowledge that Team Daily is a food loving bunch. Food forms the focal point of all our discussions, meetings and talks. Apart from food, community is what we feel strongly about. Of course, loving food and caring for the community are the two traits that all our partners share, too. The partner that we are talking about today is so passionate about food that they even teach how to whip up delicacies. Yes, they are a Culinary Training Society. And, a Not-for-profit one at that. With the community at heart, they are also a registered charity. Yes, we are talking about H.A.V.E Culinary Training Society today.  We recently got in touch with Adriane from HAVE to learn more about them and to bring you their story to you.

HAVE is acronym for Hope Action Values Ethics. Given that HAVE is a registered charity and not-for-profit culinary training society seeking to empower individuals to break away from the cycle of poverty, their name is very fitting.

Since their inception in 2007, they have been working closely to help individuals, particularly from the DTES and Strathcona areas, who face barriers to employment. It is through their eight week long culinary training program that they equip these individuals with skills that enable them to get into the workforce.

HAVE also operates a Cafe and Catering Social enterprise that gives their students on-the-job training while aiding HAVE in funding their programs.
HAVE’s day to day operations are managed by Executive Director Amber Anderson. She is a Culinary Chef de Cuisine (CCC) and Chef Instructor at HAVE, too.

Executive Director Amber Anderson
Executive Director Amber Anderson

She is supported by Glenda Phillips, Professional Cook 1 and HAVE graduate.
HAVE’s close knit team also includes Café Manager Robert Jamieson, Student Counselor and Employment Coach Celena Arthur and Executive Assistant Adriane King.

With three well-equipped kitchens and a restaurant, HAVE is in the forefront of culinary training as well as helping the fraternity.Their premises is rented from the Lookout Emergency Aid Society. The kitchens are HAVE’s training facility. It is in the kitchens that their students prepare the meals which then go on to being served at their restaurant, to catering customers and for contract shelter meals.


While Adriane was talking about the students preparing the food, we had to know what’s the dish that the students enjoy making. She replied saying that the students really enjoy making their daily Pizza special. “Being one of the most popular items, it usually sells out and when it does, students can often be seen high-fiving each other!”, she added.

When we quizzed her on what is something that troubles the students, she replied with measurements. Elaborating on it she said, “being one of the more technical skills, students initially have tough time dealing with accurate weights and measures”.

Think about it, measuring everything to the correct weight does sound tedious. However, the students at HAVE take little time in familiarizing themselves with it. Not only they get accustomed to it, they get onto making delicious concoctions and mouth watering dishes.


Being foodies, we had to talk more about food and of course, we had to ask Adriane about her personal favorite from HAVE. Yes, her favorite sounded like we should try it soon (which we will, of course!). She said Montreal Smoked Beef and Swiss Cheese on Marbled Rye Sandwich and their homemade Tomato Soup. Yum!

Elaborating more on food, Adriane talked about how HAVE caters 7 dinners a week for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. A great initiative and we feel proud to have partnered with an entity like HAVE. Other than this, their contract catering orders go to various businesses and organizations across the city.  For your next office lunch, you know whom to contact, right?


Adriane told us that their sandwich, fruit and cookie platters are very popular for meetings and training sessions. Now you know what to order, correct? Well, we do. They are also in the process of updating their catering menu, so expect to see some yummy additions soon.


Adriane talked about her HAVE family with joy. We had to question her about her most memorable time at HAVE. It was then that she spoke about their last year’s Christmas celebrations. Adriane said, “We are lucky to work with a leader like Amber whose dedication, passion and energy does not stop uplifting and inspiring students and staff. If I had to pick one memorable day, I would have to say our Christmas celebration in 2015. We had our current students, past students and members of the community all come together with staff and our Board of Directors to celebrate.  Ian Tostenson, President of the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservice Association and a board member of HAVE, dressed up like Santa Claus Santa and gave each student a gift bag containing non-perishables, socks, shampoo/conditioner, grocery store gift certificates, White Spot gift certificates and other goodies. We had a delicious meal served by Chef Amber. Many of our students do not have family or other supports so at HAVE, we are all a big family. Celebrating Christmas with my HAVE family was really a memorable experience”.

HAVE truly reflects the values of caring and sharing. With partners like HAVE, we are motivated to work every day to be better and help others.
On this note, see you all very soon with another partner story.


2014, the amazing year it was!

Its been an amazing first year at Daily as we set out a new path, working with local businesses and residents to help create more sustainable and interconnected communities in the neighbourhoods we serve. With just a couple of days left for 2015, we decided to look back at 2014 and reminisce the year it was.

This year started for us like every one of you. But, how did it start? We don’t remember anything! Anyway, we are glad to have crossed many milestones and achieved many targets this year. From expanding our operations, to serving more customers, to building new partnerships… WOAH ! We have done so much.

Special Mention
All of this would not have been possible without our partners Just-Eat,, LazyMeal,, MintyFusion, and DinnrTime who have been supporting us throughout. A BIG THANK YOU to you all!

Our Clients
Apart from our partners, we have had the pleasure to cater to, and work with some wonderful clients including A Thinking Ape, Have Culinary Training Society, Freshbowl, Build Direct, Dunns Famous BC, Rebellious Tomato, India Bistro, India Gate, Yummy Pizza , Chengdu Bistro, and Kadoya Japanese Restaurant. A BIG SHOUTOUT to all of you!

Our Expansion
We have been constantly looking into serving more customers, and have expanded our operations to the neighborhoods of Kitsilano, Arbutus, Shaughnessy, Cambie, Fairview, FalseCreek, Mount Pleaseant, Hastings, East Hastings, Grandview, Renfrew, Renfrew Heights, Collingwood, Victoria, Knight, Fraser, Main, Mackenzie Heights, Quilchena, and Kerridale in Vancouver.
In the coming year, we are looking to expand our operations in the UBC & SFU campuses, W&N Vancouver, and even Toronto.
Having listened to our customers’ feedback, we are working on Grabbit; our consumer focused app to cater specifically to our individual users.

Our Team
In addition to the operations, we have also expanded our team and on-boarded more than 200+ Community Specialists some of whom are students, fathers, teachers, and even professional athletes. As we hope to expand our operations in the future, we are always on the lookout for more Community Specialists as well as more talent to join us at the Core Team of Daily Delivery.

Community Engagement
Coming to the community, we are honoured to have sponsored and serve the Greater Vancouver Food Bank program, StartUps-Care, and TEDxSFU this year.

So much achieved and so much more to look forward to! It was a collective effort of everyone that has brought about such a successful year for us.
Stay tuned with us for more exciting news in the coming year!
Till then, here is wishing everyone a very Happy, Rocking and Delicious New Year ahead!

The Year in Numbers
Over 25,000 Orders delivered in the first year of our operations.
Saved over 400,000 minutes of people’s time.
Delivered over a $1 million worth of food.