Daily Delivery on Dragons’ Den, Again!

Don’t we all just love Dragons’ Den? We do!
Don’t you all love Team Daily? If you are reading this blog, chances are that you do!

How about having Team Daily on Dragons’ Den again? Oh, not a repeat of the old segment but an entirely new segment? Sure, you would say.

Alright, alright, we did listen to you and so did CBC. Since our Stache Boys received a lot of love (read deals) in the Den, they decided to bring us back to your screens this year. This year? This week. Oh, this Wednesday, actually.

Now that we have pitched to the dragons and secured a deal, what are we doing in the Den this week? Read on to find out.

Some time during the sleepy winter months of 2015, we were asked by Dragons’ Den to film a follow-up segment. Just about a month into our first-ever television appearance, we were asked to prep-up for the second one already. We were excited. All the more happier since the filming was to take place in our office and our entire team was going to be a part of it.

From getting the haircuts right to keeping the stache stiff, the boys were preparing to show the camera a day in the life of Team Daily. Not a whole day but the busiest and the most important part of the day.

An early start to the day and seeing the filming equipment around, we were a little goofy.


Lights, Camera, Mics, Director, Dragon, we felt as if we were being a part of the next big blockbuster.


We did carry on normally with our daily activities but just had some extra guests and cameras watching us this time around.


Did we do anything special? We officially welcomed Michele to Team Daily. Got her to see the action at the Rabbit Hole first hand and made her a part of the action, too. Without giving out the details, let’s just say that our very dear partners Thierry and De Beers were involved.


The hustle bustle, the laughter, the activity and the red all over made us feel like Christmas had come in early.
After a whole day of filming, we were tired but thrilled to show everyone what Team Daily is usually up to when not talking to you.

See you all on CBC this Wednesday! Do tell us how we did especially the team members since the Stache bros are used to the limelight now 😉






Movember Loving!

Known as the Bowtie Squad, Team Daily members are always out and about flaunting their bowties. Bowties are our pride. We love them so much that we got Grabbit and Yuki wear them, too.



Don’t they look just adorable?

Apart from bowties, one more thing is very noticeable about some of the members of Team Daily.
Since we are talking about Movember here, moustache it is. Or, the way we like to say, stache!
Fez and Sal regularly charm one and all  with their stache and this month, Sam joined them, too.

How does Sam (first-time-stacher) feel about the stache? What do the boys think about their most noticeable feature? How can You take care of your handle bar?

Hold on, we got the answers for you!

Along with Kay, we bring you some stache fun.

After observing Movember for the whole month, Sam feels at ease with his achievement, erm, stache. He says, “I plan on keeping the moustache and seeing where it takes me”. On being asked to describe his stache in 3 words, he had a rather quirky answer. “Tom Selleck Impersonator”, he said. We are not too sure about this one. What do you think?


Having observed Movember since high school where a fundraiser motivated him, Sam says that he receives a lot of compliments on his stache. And, we couldn’t agree more. Good Job, Sam!

With the stache, Fez feels that it is easy to stand out. The stache has become such an integral part of his look that he feels incomplete without it. “Wonder how I will be able to stay stache-free now!”, says Fez when quipped if he is planning to change his look anytime soon. On asked about the most important stache grooming product, he said, “Beeswax is KING”. Yes, it is. Look at his hard work!


When we quizzed Sal about his stache, he said, “It is fantastic”. Sal’s stache-piration comes from Fez. He feels that the stache gives him a more mature look, a more formal look, a look that he is fond of. He, however, isn’t shy of changing the style of his stache every now and then. “You need to experiment, sometimes”, he says. Like Fez, he is also a fan of Beeswax.

Team Stache, actually, Team Daily in all their stache glory.


This is about our team and their staches.
Below are the details from Kay on how you can take care of your stache in this festive season.

We know beards have been all the rage this year, but an old school gentleman’s moustache still tickles our fancy.

In the spirit of Movember, here’s a list on how to take care of your mo’!

Step 1: Start Using a Wax
We recommend Clubman Moustache Wax. Once your moustache starts getting long, the wax will help keep it nice and tidy. It’ll keep stray hairs from, well…going astray.

Step 2: Get a Moustache Comb
Get a moustache comb—these are tiny and can be kept in your pocket. You’ll need to apply the wax and to keep your moustache from getting filthy. Plus, you can use it on your hair!
We recommend Kent Fine Toothed Moustache and Beard Comb. They’re known for their sturdiness, quality, and are handmade!

Step 3: Use Wax Sparingly
Take a tiny bit of moustache wax and work your moustache brush along the wax. If you use too much, your moustache is going to look like it’s drawn in. Not cute.

Step 4: Don’t Play With Your Moustache
As tempting as it is to keep twirling the ends (if you’re looking at a handlebar moustache) or just stroking it in general, the more you touch your moustache, the more wax is going to fall out. Leave it alone otherwise you’ll keep having to reapply!

That’s all the Stache love from us, till we see you next, enjoy the weather and festivity around 🙂


Summer Roundup

We have written quite a lot about Summer, Summer foods and Summer adventures already. So, we thought that before the beautiful weather bids us adieu, we should have a last post dedicated to it.

Now, as you would know, Summer is the season of activity. And in the season of activity, Team Daily has been up to a lot of things.

We waited till the end of the season to update you on this because we believe in bigger surprises. The more, the merrier, right?

Where should we start from?

Let’s start from our office. Did we not tell you that we moved into a spacious and brighter workplace? No? We just told you.
Just a few blocks away from our old office, the new office is in the middle of the city’s hustle-bustle and we love the energy around.
Ever since we have moved in here, the whole Team has been putting its ‘interior design skills’ to use. But, we still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on *wink*



Tanning on the beach with a chilled bottle in hand. It is a summer dream! But the dream shatters when you realize you forgot to carry the SUP board. Even worse, you don’t own one! Sitting there and staring at people is no fun.

But when Daily Delivery is around. Do you have to get worried? No!

Team Daily has joined hands with Share Shed. With them, you can rent your outdoor gear from your local friends, whenever and wherever you are.
Forget about the summers, if you are looking to go skiing this winter, you know where to get the gear from 🙂

Smoothie Pleasure
Vegetables and smoothies make a great combination. But peeling, chopping and cleaning the veggies is no fun. Team Daily’s middle name is convenience. So, we have partnered up with Smoothie Veggies who prepare packages of fresh veggies and send them to you so all that you have to do is blend-it-babeh 😉

Sweet somethings
Too much of everything is not good. Eating healthy all the time is also not good, either.
If you are to indulge yourself, it should be worth it. And what better than perfectly crafted macarons? Pastel colors, rich flavors and a variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice at Soirette.
If you have tried all the macarons, you have to get your teeth into their cakes. They are oh-so-heavenly! At the end, wash them all up with their ultra-rich selections of teas.

11372210_1613424805608267_1922110623_n (1)


If you are not into macarons (who is not?), then you must be into chocolates. And if you are into chocolates, you must have visited Chocolate Arts already. In case you did not, you are missing out on something really delicious in your life. From individual chocolates to bars to even drinks, Chocolate Arts creates magic with chocolate.


Healthy Eating
Are you the one who thinks healthy eating is expensive? Expensive and requires more time for preparations? Then Healthy Cuisine is your angel in disguise.
Providing super healthy, amazingly delicious (we have tried them) and affordable meals at your doorsteps is what Team Daily and Healthy Cuisine are looking to do.
Be assured, these meals are dietitian approved and Team Daily approved, too. *enjoying the Kung Pao Chicken*

Fashionably Yours
If you think Team Daily is all about food, you are wrong. We believe, to look good, you should feel good. To feel good, most of us decide to wear something fashionably awesome. We have taken care of this need of yours, too. We have partnered with TheClosetYVR so that you can shop in peace and we will drop your items to you at your convenience.

Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR Picture Credit - TheClosetYVR Instagram
Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR
Picture Credit – TheClosetYVR Instagram

The Surprise
As always, we leave the Big Surprise for the end! What is it this time? Keep guessing and we’ll see you soon. Actually, you will see us soon (this is a hint!)


When will we reveal the surprise? Very soon. Sooner than you think.

Till then, enjoy the last few days of the Sun 🙂


Team Daily’s Rowing Star

Hello, folks! We are sure that by now you all must have seen and read about all our ‘behind-the-scenes’ actions at the DD office. So, we thought it is just right for us to introduce you to some of our team members now. Want to know more? Read on!

Team Daily is a ragtag clan of marvelous misfits, and we thought it might be fun to let you know a little bit about each shining cog in the DD machine. Take Vlad Tyminsky, for example.

Vlad joined our team as a Delivery Specialist this past November, but little did we know that he lacked one vital qualification: a Driver’s License! But then, the Universe conspired and the day after he accepted the position, he also aced his driving test (It is all in the stars, we say!)

Being the focused person that Vlad is, there’s really not much that can deter him from achieving anything. This determination has served him well in all facets of his very busy life. And these are the traits that have also made him vital to operations here at DD. So much so, that when he told us that delivering would not work with his situation anymore, we talked him into sticking around as a dispatcher.

Since moving to Vancouver from Ukraine in the summer of 2010 in order to have access to greater opportunity, he’s taken full advantage of the privileges of living here. The man does not have many idle hours between rowing practice in the morning, taking courses in Kinesiology at Langara during the day, and studying, dispatching for DD. If all these activities are not enough, he also coaches rowing students during evenings and weekends (Yes, he is amazingly hardworking like this!)

Some say those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach – but that’s not the case with Vlad. Not only did he take first place in the under-19 category while rowing for team BC, his students nominated him as the top “Learn to Row” coach at the Vancouver Rowing Club. He’s sponsored as a Provincial Development Athlete, and is currently training for a place on Team Canada. If he makes the cut, he’ll be representing Canada at the world championship in Bulgaria this summer! (Yaay! Go Vlad Go! Your supporters are ready already!)


But what fuels our young athlete? How does he have the stamina to sustain his busy schedule and his rigorous training?


He loves a good burrito. “They’re healthy and affordable, and they have lots of options to choose from.”

A note to the folks over at Steamrollers: it would be a shrewd move to offer Vlad some kind of sponsorship. You’re never gonna find yourselves a poster boy with better guns than our buddy, Vlad, so strike while the steamroller’s hot – before Pita Pit picks him up.

Without getting emotional (yeah, we are just those sensitive, soft souls!), Vlad, Team Daily is proud of you! 🙂

Top Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

If you’ve been good and listening to our last posts on a healthier lifestyle…well you know there are always cheat days (Yaaay! We heart cheat days! 😀 ). You deserve it! (But just every now and then though, okay?) We cannot keep our inner foodies in hiding for more than two days here at DD. So here is another cheesy post!

Top three places that we’ve tried (more like trucks) around town where you can max out your cheat day on some scrumptiously goud(a) (get it? :P) grilled cheese! In no particular order, let’s dive right in!

Taser Grilled Cheese (food truck)

No words can describe how in love we are with their grilled cheese sandwiches. DO NOT underestimate their cozy little truck, they produce huge flavours and good old hearty grilled cheese. Our personal favourite is So Gouda: gouda cheese entwined with our favourite bacon and some tangy apple slices to balance it all (mmmm!) Need we say more?!

Let’s be real, all their other sandwiches are just as good..so what are you waiting for? Run now (Yeah, burn those calories beforehand 😉 )

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Vancity Noms
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Vancity Noms


Mom’s Grilled Cheese (Yes, another food truck!)

The grilled cheese here taste as home-y as the name of this truck sounds! The Jackson 3 is at the top of our list. What is better than mixing three different cheeses? Nothing, Ab-so-lutely Nothing! Moms always have a knack for knowing what’s best, so we definitely do advise you to go try some for yourself ASAP!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ FoodPunk
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ FoodPunk


Burgoo (Finally, not a truck!)

After a long work day hustling and bustling about, what better way to relax than with a bowl of tomato soup and a classic grilled cheese? With the relaxing Burgoo ambiance, get yourself seated and enjoy unwinding with a pleasant meal. You really can’t go wrong here!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Foodobyte
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Foodobyte

By now, we are sure that you are in food heaven just thinking about these delicacies. So, here is to an amazing and fulfilling day ahead, CHEESE! 😉


Time to go Green!

Picture Credit - www.Care2.com
Picture Credit – http://www.Care2.com

“I’m strong to the finich, ’cause I eats me Spinach, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man” – Popeye the Sailor Man Theme Song

Now, most of us have heard of this line time and time again (Don’t lie!). Some of us might even have been hooked to Spinach when we were younger because we truly believed that it made us stronger. But sometimes, a little voice inside our heads used to say, “oh, this is just a cartoon. This is not for real”. Irrespective of all this, most of us still believed in it, and some of our parents had even taken that opportunity to make us eat our vegetables back then. But the truth is, Spinach really is packed with nutrients and a lot more (Believe us!) We think, Popeye surely knows his greens!

Coming to our darling Spinach, it is packed with tons of nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, and K, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids,(Oh-Em-Gee! If that is not enough…wait for it!)and is also low in calories!

Before you run to grab that bunch, we are not done yet! Spinach is also loaded with flavonoids which serve as antioxidants that protect our body from free radicals. Furthermore, it contains anti-cancer substances, too. Moreover, it is very healthy for the heart.
(Isn’t it WOW! Like Just WOW! Spinach is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you can think of!)

Spinach is readily available everywhere, around the year, and it is very versatile.

Here are just some of the ways you can eat your Spinach:

  1. Eat fresh for salad
  2. Sautee with garlic with a squeeze of lemon
  3. Spinach Dip
  4. Spinach Taco
  5. Sandwiches (How can we forget these?)
  6. Pastas
  7. Pizzas (Add it as another topping!)
  8. Smoothies (YEAH! That will be one healthy drink!)
  9. Almost anything! (Drinks? Maybe, not 😉 )

Now, go ahead, grab that bunch of goodness AKA Spinach and start your journey to a greener and healthier life!

It is DD time for Dragon’s Den!

Picture Credit - 4vector.com
Picture Credit – 4vector.com

We are sure that by now you all know that we have been selected for CBC’s Dragon’s Den! (Whaaaat?! You did not know it?! Well, now you do so smile! 🙂 )

Since we are soo excited about this, we decided to share our excitement with you and talk more about being chosen to face THE Dragons.

Just like all of you, we are also avid followers of the Dragon’s Den. Having watched numerous episodes and most of their seasons, we thought it would be fun auditioning for it. So, one fine afternoon when we learnt that Dragon’s Den will be auditioning in Vancouver, we leapt with joy, literally. Yeaa, that was one thing off of our bucket-list!

Prior to the auditions, we were sitting and wondering about what really sets us apart from the many other businesses that have been on the show! Then we realized how Daily Delivery or Team Daily (as we like to call ourselves) is more than just another business. Our love for the community, food, saving time and engaging with others helped us conceive Daily Delivery. We are just as passionate about the local community and our service, as an author would be for writing!
With each passing day, our ideas, plans and actions are all geared towards making the lives of all of us easier and simpler in these stressful times (Yes, we totally get the looming deadlines!)

During auditions, it was our love for what we do that helped us to get selected for Dragon’s Den. Now, we will show the entire country how a business can be successful by having your heart in the right place (Credit has to be given to our Founders for being soo charming, erm…..hardworking! 😉 )

Without getting emotional, (c’mon, it is just a TV show that we got selected for!) we would like to thank our phenomenal Internal Team (We love you, guys!), our team of fantastic Delivery Specialists (You have made Team Daily what it is today!), our amazing Customers (You are the reason we exist!) and our super-supportive Partners (You all rock!).

Congratulations all! *sending some virtual hugs*

With this, it is now time to get back to business and plan how to tame those Dragons 😉


It is Time for some Irish fun!

Picture Credit - Christmasgreetings2015.com
Picture Credit – Christmasgreetings2015.com

Good day everyone! Hope everyone got a chance to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday (Now don’t say no!). Today, as we mark the St. Patrick’s Day, we hope this day brings delight and some Irish luck to get you throughout your day (and the days to come and the years to come! Yes, we are optimistic like that!)

Just a quick fact: St. Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland and it’s symbol, shamrock, is mostly confused with the four-leaf clover.

Coming back, St. Patrick’s Day is a very heart-warming holiday, where a lot of us not only celebrate St. Patrick himself, but also celebrate our family, and our heritage. A lot of times, we are too caught up with work and life that we miss out on some of the things that truly mean the world to us (like our families) because we think that these will always be there for us.

Holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, give us the opportunity to reunite with our families and friends. And one of the most famous ways of celebrating this exceptional holiday is (you know it) indulging in beer! (Ah! Beer! One of the best things to have happened to the mankind).

So, here is a short list of our top picks of beers/ drinks to indulge in! (Not like we need a reason to indulge in these but anyways 😉 )

  1. Guinness Pub Draught
  2. Harp Lager
  3. Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey
  4. Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale Draught
  5. Murphy’s Irish Red

Done with the drinks but what about food? Here is a list of some Irish delicacies to enjoy as well –

  1. Potato and Spring Onion Pancakes
  2. Guinness Lamb Stew with Vegetables
  3. Celeriac Soup with Scallops and Black Pudding
  4. Irish Cream Tiramisu

(Enough of talking, let us get into some action now!)

Hope you all have safe and amazing St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!


Pick your Super Bowl side and orders today!

superbowl-xlix_home_page1(Picture Credit – TiqIQ Blog)

Yeaaa! The time is here again to reunite with old friends and gather around your flatscreens today afternoon. THE Super Bowl game for 2015 is here!

Let’s be real, not everyone cheering wildly from their homes or at the pub are hardcdore football fans but that does not mean we can’t pretend to be one! Whether you are cheering on the Seahawks or the Patriots…or even Katy Perry during halftime (no judgement), here is how you can successfully enjoy the game and release the inner football coach within:

  1. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors (did we leave anyone out?!). Fans or not, the more the merrier, right!?
  2. Make sure there are enough chairs/seating for your guests.
  3. Football theme every single thing. Amping up the home decor will really pump up the mood!
  4. Order three times the food and adult beverages you THINK you will need as there’s always room for more food (erm, and drinks as well)…always.
  5. Most importantly, make sure to place all your food orders and last minute errands with us on game day!

Who wants to be running around town last minute to grab platters of buffalo wings right before kick-off? We know, you don’t. Or even worse, you run out of food way before Ms.Perry even hits the halftime stage! We have you covered! Place your orders with us today and our Delivery Specialists will come and save you the worry and time. After all, You deserve a Break! (especially during the Super Bowl!)

This Saturday, get your Brunch game on!

(Picture Credit – Elite Daily)

It’s Friday once again! We are sure your “party mode” is on. The Friday hangover can be quite..well, messy. Ever wondered why Friday is so far away from Monday yet Monday comes in so soon after Friday? We can’t figure that out still. Just when you thought you have it all sorted for the weekend, here comes…the hangover, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

By the time you get over the hangover, it’s Saturday…..we totally get you! But enough of that getting up late and wondering what to do. Here’s a tip to hopefully get you motivated: Get your BRUNCH GAME on. The word itself says it all! Breakfast + Lunch, so it’s always good to get a mix of food (or maybe even wine, too) going on. Instead of going heavy like your are having breakfast or going light like you are having lunch, mix and match your favorite dishes.Order from wherever you please and we will be happy to be a part of your Brunch game.

Enjoy and relax because you Deserve a Break!