Movember Loving!

Known as the Bowtie Squad, Team Daily members are always out and about flaunting their bowties. Bowties are our pride. We love them so much that we got Grabbit and Yuki wear them, too.



Don’t they look just adorable?

Apart from bowties, one more thing is very noticeable about some of the members of Team Daily.
Since we are talking about Movember here, moustache it is. Or, the way we like to say, stache!
Fez and Sal regularly charm one and all  with their stache and this month, Sam joined them, too.

How does Sam (first-time-stacher) feel about the stache? What do the boys think about their most noticeable feature? How can You take care of your handle bar?

Hold on, we got the answers for you!

Along with Kay, we bring you some stache fun.

After observing Movember for the whole month, Sam feels at ease with his achievement, erm, stache. He says, “I plan on keeping the moustache and seeing where it takes me”. On being asked to describe his stache in 3 words, he had a rather quirky answer. “Tom Selleck Impersonator”, he said. We are not too sure about this one. What do you think?


Having observed Movember since high school where a fundraiser motivated him, Sam says that he receives a lot of compliments on his stache. And, we couldn’t agree more. Good Job, Sam!

With the stache, Fez feels that it is easy to stand out. The stache has become such an integral part of his look that he feels incomplete without it. “Wonder how I will be able to stay stache-free now!”, says Fez when quipped if he is planning to change his look anytime soon. On asked about the most important stache grooming product, he said, “Beeswax is KING”. Yes, it is. Look at his hard work!


When we quizzed Sal about his stache, he said, “It is fantastic”. Sal’s stache-piration comes from Fez. He feels that the stache gives him a more mature look, a more formal look, a look that he is fond of. He, however, isn’t shy of changing the style of his stache every now and then. “You need to experiment, sometimes”, he says. Like Fez, he is also a fan of Beeswax.

Team Stache, actually, Team Daily in all their stache glory.


This is about our team and their staches.
Below are the details from Kay on how you can take care of your stache in this festive season.

We know beards have been all the rage this year, but an old school gentleman’s moustache still tickles our fancy.

In the spirit of Movember, here’s a list on how to take care of your mo’!

Step 1: Start Using a Wax
We recommend Clubman Moustache Wax. Once your moustache starts getting long, the wax will help keep it nice and tidy. It’ll keep stray hairs from, well…going astray.

Step 2: Get a Moustache Comb
Get a moustache comb—these are tiny and can be kept in your pocket. You’ll need to apply the wax and to keep your moustache from getting filthy. Plus, you can use it on your hair!
We recommend Kent Fine Toothed Moustache and Beard Comb. They’re known for their sturdiness, quality, and are handmade!

Step 3: Use Wax Sparingly
Take a tiny bit of moustache wax and work your moustache brush along the wax. If you use too much, your moustache is going to look like it’s drawn in. Not cute.

Step 4: Don’t Play With Your Moustache
As tempting as it is to keep twirling the ends (if you’re looking at a handlebar moustache) or just stroking it in general, the more you touch your moustache, the more wax is going to fall out. Leave it alone otherwise you’ll keep having to reapply!

That’s all the Stache love from us, till we see you next, enjoy the weather and festivity around 🙂



We Love That! with Kay – F is for Fall and Fall is for Fashion – Part 2

Kay is back with another fashionable post. Yes, this time it is for the Gentlemen out there!

We’re personally stoked for Men’s Fall Fashion.

So long to pastel-coloured shorts, short-sleeve button-ups, and exposed ankles! Byeee to mirrored plastic frames and frat boy tanks!

The chilly weather brings out the frayed leather boots, the tailored wool coats, and our personal favourite—quirky patterned socks. If there’s something we love more than women’s fall fashion, it is men’s fashion. Funny enough, there are a lot of paralleled trends this year between men’s and women’s fashion. So there’s a chance you might just end up matchy-matchy with your significant other, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Lo and behold, our compiled list of Men’s Fall Fashion Must-Have’s.

Adidas Sneakers
It is indeed the year of Stan Smith. Maybe it’s all thanks to Pharrell’s collab with the massive sneaker corporation, but this classic look has been very slightly revamped and brought back to life. They say trends come back every ten years—we’re not complaining at all!

Long Bomber Jackets
Long coats in general are in this year. Something about extended hemlines—and we mean extended, as in past your knees extended—is definitely trending for both sexes this year. A long bomber jacket is perfectly stylish and practical this year, as it comes with a hood, zippers, functioning pockets and all.

Blanket Scarves
Remember the last few winters when every girl was pulling out their blanket scarf? That Aritzia one that God forbid you toss into your washing machine due to its 100% wool composition? This year, blanket scarves are not just for the ladies. Our personal favourite isn’t so much asquareblanket scarf but a relatively large 100% wool one by Acne Studios. It’s called the Canada scarf—need I say more?

Like the long bomber jacket, stylish and practical.

50 Shades of…
Grey! There is so much grey on the runways. Grey suits, three-quarter length cashmere coats, wide trousers—everything. We find that grey is always a good colour to gravitate towards. It’s understated yet sophisticated, and definitely not as bold as an all-black look.

Layered Knits
Men’s fall fashion always means a good sweater—and a good sweater is always good. Find a particularly thin and comfy turtleneck and do it justice by throwing another sweater overtop. Rollneck sweaters are also applicable to this runway trend.

Baggy Trou’s
Just like how culottes surfaced the women’s fashion runways, baggy trousers are in for men. Forget skinny jeans—those are long gone. A lot of this season’s menswear pays tribute to 70’s suit styles, emphasizing a higher waist and audibly looser cut. Know anything about subversive culture? Think the Zoot suit and you’ll feel badass while simultaneously looking fly.

That’s all from Kay’s fashion desk today, stay warm y’all! 🙂

We Love That! with Kay – F is for Fall and Fall is for Fashion

Finally, fashion! Team Daily has been talking about food all along. Apart from food, we also talk to visiting places and our regular updates. However, we had missed out on one very important element that gets us all excited (because Team Daily holds different views about it), Fashion.

With Fall blessing us already, it is the perfect time to talk about dressing up and layering up. Gentlemen, you will be disappointed since this post is exclusively for the Ladies. Worry not, our next fashion blog post will be solely dedicated to you.

Kay is the house, again, to give our lovely ladies a round-up on Fall Fashion.

Goodbye, caramel tans, Daisy Dukes, and open-toed shoes! It’s that time of year where the air is getting crisper and our cheeks begin to flush at the change in temperature. It’s that time of year where the leather boots come out, the beautiful coats, and a hot coffee in hand.

Living in Vancouver, we’re bundled up 8 months out of the year. It only makes sense that we’ll be looking cute while doing so.

They’re making a comeback. If you’ve had a chance to look at H&M window displays as of late, you’ll notice that it’s all about the seventies. Flower prints, sunglasses Jackie Onassis would wear, and an onslaught of suede. The key to rocking flares? Opt for a pair that accentuates your waistline—as in, preferably a high-waisted pair.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Long Camel Coats
Literally our favourite trend of the season. Being in Paris last year, we scoured the designer second-hand shops for something long, something camel, and something belted.Et voilà, a mint-condition Escada coat was found. Looking to find your own vintage luxury items in Vancouver? Check out TheClosetYVR located on Carrall St.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Chunky Knits
You probably already own this if you live in Vancouver. If you’ve got a turtleneck chunky knit sweater then you are ahead of the game this season. Turtlenecks were trendy last year and they’re defs hot this year. Tuck your hair into your turtleneck and get instantly snuggly.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

Flat Black Boots
Girl. These were hot last year and they’re here to stay. We love this trend because they combine style with practicality. Especially when Vancouver gets especially chilly—near icy conditions—these boots will hold down the fort. A.K.A. Don’t worry about tripping on wet leaves, black ice, or just some really wet pavement—because that happens to the best of us, right?

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Statement Earrings
Go big or go home.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

Head-to-Toe Black
We find that this look to be ultra-chic and sophisticated. The fact that it’s monochromatic means that it’s slimming as well. #YeezyTaughtMe

We love a good shearling coat. We’re not gonna lie—we were stoked to hear that shearling is trending again. As seen on Fall fashion runways as of late, big, oversized shearling coats are back in style. Besides looking like a badass who knows how to frolic in the wilderness, they are guaranteed to keep you warm.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

That’s all from Kay. Keep warm, folks! 🙂

Summer Roundup

We have written quite a lot about Summer, Summer foods and Summer adventures already. So, we thought that before the beautiful weather bids us adieu, we should have a last post dedicated to it.

Now, as you would know, Summer is the season of activity. And in the season of activity, Team Daily has been up to a lot of things.

We waited till the end of the season to update you on this because we believe in bigger surprises. The more, the merrier, right?

Where should we start from?

Let’s start from our office. Did we not tell you that we moved into a spacious and brighter workplace? No? We just told you.
Just a few blocks away from our old office, the new office is in the middle of the city’s hustle-bustle and we love the energy around.
Ever since we have moved in here, the whole Team has been putting its ‘interior design skills’ to use. But, we still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on *wink*



Tanning on the beach with a chilled bottle in hand. It is a summer dream! But the dream shatters when you realize you forgot to carry the SUP board. Even worse, you don’t own one! Sitting there and staring at people is no fun.

But when Daily Delivery is around. Do you have to get worried? No!

Team Daily has joined hands with Share Shed. With them, you can rent your outdoor gear from your local friends, whenever and wherever you are.
Forget about the summers, if you are looking to go skiing this winter, you know where to get the gear from 🙂

Smoothie Pleasure
Vegetables and smoothies make a great combination. But peeling, chopping and cleaning the veggies is no fun. Team Daily’s middle name is convenience. So, we have partnered up with Smoothie Veggies who prepare packages of fresh veggies and send them to you so all that you have to do is blend-it-babeh 😉

Sweet somethings
Too much of everything is not good. Eating healthy all the time is also not good, either.
If you are to indulge yourself, it should be worth it. And what better than perfectly crafted macarons? Pastel colors, rich flavors and a variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice at Soirette.
If you have tried all the macarons, you have to get your teeth into their cakes. They are oh-so-heavenly! At the end, wash them all up with their ultra-rich selections of teas.

11372210_1613424805608267_1922110623_n (1)


If you are not into macarons (who is not?), then you must be into chocolates. And if you are into chocolates, you must have visited Chocolate Arts already. In case you did not, you are missing out on something really delicious in your life. From individual chocolates to bars to even drinks, Chocolate Arts creates magic with chocolate.


Healthy Eating
Are you the one who thinks healthy eating is expensive? Expensive and requires more time for preparations? Then Healthy Cuisine is your angel in disguise.
Providing super healthy, amazingly delicious (we have tried them) and affordable meals at your doorsteps is what Team Daily and Healthy Cuisine are looking to do.
Be assured, these meals are dietitian approved and Team Daily approved, too. *enjoying the Kung Pao Chicken*

Fashionably Yours
If you think Team Daily is all about food, you are wrong. We believe, to look good, you should feel good. To feel good, most of us decide to wear something fashionably awesome. We have taken care of this need of yours, too. We have partnered with TheClosetYVR so that you can shop in peace and we will drop your items to you at your convenience.

Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR Picture Credit - TheClosetYVR Instagram
Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR
Picture Credit – TheClosetYVR Instagram

The Surprise
As always, we leave the Big Surprise for the end! What is it this time? Keep guessing and we’ll see you soon. Actually, you will see us soon (this is a hint!)


When will we reveal the surprise? Very soon. Sooner than you think.

Till then, enjoy the last few days of the Sun 🙂


EcoLuxury with a Compassionate Heart

Amongst the hustle-bustle of the city, the endless lines and pending deadlines, the opportunity for convenience is truly music to hardworking ears.

How often does Team Daily talk about convenience? Always! However, we usually and always talk about food. But hey, we have heard you!

Living in a beautiful city like Vancouver, it is a must that you feel and look fabulous. Now, you would say that it is difficult to feel fabulous when so many others are buying the same pieces at the ‘it’ shops. We understand that and so have partnered up with THECloset YVR.

*Drum roll* Here is introducing our newest partner THECloset YVR (thee closet) which is an ecoluxury lifestyle boutique set to open this weekend in historical and uber-trendy Gastown.

Picture Credit - THEClosetYVR
Picture Credit – THEClosetYVR

Hold on, THECloset YVR is not just another consignment boutique around the corner. THECloset YVR has a compassionate heart and point-of-view. You will be impressed and trust us, you will find yourself there soon.

What exactly makes us like THECloset YVR so much? Read on.

Partners Helen Siwak and Vladimiros Xanthopoulos with the guidance of their mentors Craig Patterson (Retail-Insider, Winston Collective) and lawyer & style writer Ritchie Po (KnotWerk By Ritchie Po) are bringing to you not a boutique – but ‘ecoluxury lifestyle’.

Picture Credit - THEClosetYVR
Picture Credit – THEClosetYVR

The ‘ecoluxury lifestyle’ concept is one that the pair believes will thrive in Vancouver given the city’s perpetual thirst for the “next big thing” and love of the environment.

‘Ecoluxury’ means that every garment, footwear and accessory will have passed through at least one set of hands (making it ecofriendly) and will have its high level of quality reflected in the designer label (luxury). The ‘lifestyle’ refers to all additional complementary products, including vegan grooming products, upcycled/recycled accessories, decorative homewares and artwork, created by artisans living in BC such as MeYouBody, Basic Design, Soap Rebel and Reclaimed Print.

Picture Credit - THEClosetYVR
Picture Credit – THEClosetYVR

As Helen say, “We view ourselves not just as a resale boutique, but as an eco-shopping experience”. She further adds that “Our mission is to provide our clients with a wide range of the highest quality in luxury garments and the opportunity to be assisted by professional stylists in a welcoming atmosphere with value-added services and refreshments.” Sounds fancy but it basically means that the people working in the boutique are totally qualified to discuss what works for you and not just rehashing shopping mall clerk gibberish.

Unique designer fashion at unbelievable prices but not sure what to buy? Co-founder Helen will be there to help style you towards making great fashion decisions. And, if she is not around, you will be in the safe hands of professional stylist Dominique Hanke. Did we mention that they not only cater to the fashionista of Vancouver but also the suave gentlemen and the urban dandies of Gastown? No? Now you know!

While you will be busy choosing from the best ecoluxury collection in town, Miss Snickers – Head of Security – will be guarding the store and encouraging with cuteness people to shop and not just window shop. Didn’t we up the ‘AWW’ quotient a couple of notches higher with this?

Adorable Snickers! Picture Credit -THEClosetYVR
Adorable Snickers! Picture Credit -THEClosetYVR

Still not sure? Apart from shopping, you could also hang around, read some fashion magazines, get professional style advice and all this while sipping on some coffee (which is on-the-house, btw). You know, if it is shopping, it has to be about the deals, too.

Every Sunday, yes for 52 weeks, THECloset YVR will pay homage to a luxury designer born that week in history. Exclusive and one-of-a-kind pieces from classic designers – both living and dead. Hhmm, doesn’t get better than this, right?

But, wait. There is more. If you need more incentive THECloset YVR will have No Tax Tuesdays. You heard that right. No Tax! It is also on Tuesdays when the new items are hung. A Win-Win situation, we say.

And our favorite part, you could also arrange a private shopping party from 6pm-9pm on ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’! More details on it? You will have to visit THECloset YVR for that 😉

The best part is that if you have shopped for too much and for too long, Team Daily will drop your bags to your place while you could just hang around.

How convenient is that? Very. It is luxurious and yes, it has a very Big Heart. All this rightly sums up THECloset YVR.
THECloset YVR and Team Daily have lots of exciting things lined up for you so you better keep an eye on this space for more 🙂