Fabulous February

Believe it or not, we are a month into 2016 already! Yeah, January bid us goodbye just a few days back. With the first day of the month being a Monday, we agree, it gets a little difficult to keep up with time.

But hey, now that Fabulous February is here, we have all the more time to enjoy the New Year. All the more time because 2016 happens to be a leap year. It being a leap year, February is going to be 29 days! 1 extra day! Imagine the things you can achieve in the extra 24 hours that we are getting this year.

Let’s begin with the basics. How are you doing with the changes you decided to make to your lifestyle this year? Almost there? Trying to incorporate them into your daily routine? Just don’t say that you haven’t started yet. In case you haven’t, let’s just say that January was the practice month. February is the time to seize the opportunities and grab them by the horns!

So what if the first day of the month was a Monday? The first weekend of the month is going to be a long one. 3 days of fun, family, friends.

Make sure to catch the Super Bowl Game on Sunday, February 7th. If you are not really into the Super Bowl games, catch up on all the crazy parties, food deals and celebrations wherever possible. Super Bowl 50 does not happen every day!

Picture Credit - NJ.com
Picture Credit – NJ.com

Monday, February 8th, is a double bonanza day. Chinese New Year and Family Day, too. It is definitely the day to spend with your family. Again, food, games, gossip and loved ones make it a memorable weekend. Oh, getting the little red envelopes from family members is going to be just one of the best things.

Picture Credit - Jetpens.com
Picture Credit – Jetpens.com

If you are the one who enjoys some thrill, weekend getaway with family or friends is even better. What say?

Picture Credit - GrouseMountain.com
Picture Credit – GrouseMountain.com

After the long weekend, Valentine’s Day falls on the next Sunday. With hearts and cupids all around, it is impossible not to celebrate it even if you are single. Singles night out, movie marathon, games night or any activity to keep you busy and keep the boredom at bay sounds perfect.

Picture Credit - TasteOfWineCountry.com
Picture Credit – TasteOfWineCountry.com

Talking about keeping the boredom at bay, hot chocolate is something that can cheer you and warm you up anytime. When in a city like Raincouver, indulging in hot chocolate is heaven! And, no better time than now to please your hot chocolate cravings with the Hot Chocolate Festival being in full swing. Going on until the 14th of February, you still have handful of days left to taste some exotic flavours being served by all the participants.

From Thierry to Soirette to Chocolate Arts, make sure to taste their special flavors to become a self-proclaimed Hot Chocolate Specialist.
(Specialist and not snob, okay!)

Picture Credit - Thierry
Picture Credit – Thierry

So, plans are in place till the 14th but what about after that? We definitely know how to help you to keep busy but let’s talk about that in the next post.

Till then, Smile and Shine! 😀



50 Shades of Green!

Picture credit - pistachiohealth.co.uk
Picture credit – pistachiohealth.co.uk

Blame it on the month of love (no, really!)that we all have  been so concerned about red and grey (Yes, you know which Grey we mean! 😉 )
But have you been paying attention to your greens?Yes, the Greens! The most important part of your diet. Let us see how many greens we can name…Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale and yeah, Pistachio. Yes, pistachio is also one of the most important greens that you should include in your diet.

Not sure why pistachio is one of the most important greens? (Ok, we will help you know why!)

  • They are packed with various vitamins including B1, B2, B3 and numerous minerals including Calcium, Iron and Zinc. These vitamins and minerals collectively help with maintaining good heart health.
  • The presence of vitamin B6 makes pistachio capable of improving your immune system.
  • With vitamin E also present, pistachio helps you achieve glowing skin (Yeah, now we are talking!)
  • Another significant benefit of consuming pistachio is that it helps you reduce stress reaction. (Yess, sounds good now, right?)

Raw pistachio can be added to salads, sandwiches, cookies, cakes and maybe everything you prepare. So, go grab those amazing and divine seeds and enjoy!

Ok, enough of praising pistachios now! Keep in mind to always have raw pistachio nuts to reap their benefits. Otherwise, if you choose those salted and tangy varieties, be prepared to face their side-effects which include increasing blood pressure and weight-gain.

Why does everything have to have side-effects? Maybe, that is nature’s way of telling us to eat in moderation 😉

Single on Valentine’s? No more!

Picture Credit - Favim.com
Picture Credit – Favim.com

With a gloomy welcome to February, all that we are seeing around is rain, clouds and yes, hearts!

Hearts? Yes, THE Valentine’s Day that everyone seems to be celebrating is finally here!

Have you ever thought about how Valentine’s should not only be restricted to couples? What about the other people you love? What about yourself?

Yeaaaa! Yourself! Don’t we all love ourselves?

To aall the Singles out there, Happy Single Awareness Day! C’mon, it’s not a bad thing… whether you chose the single life or the single life chose you, it has it perks either way. Haven’t you ever thought of being like, “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say, it’s going well. Like….it’s working out. I think I’m the one.” But you know, sometimes it is kind of heart melting to receive something for being just an awesome person. Something is just too special when it’s delivered. So why not get something delivered and we can do this all day! Take a break from that “Single life (sigh)”, and be “Yaaaaaaz, the single life!!” Whether it is a meal and coffee for you to enjoy, or a tub of ice-cream for you to cry over being single (Not!) or a book you want to curl up and read, we will deliver anything for you (Well, almost anything!)

Forget about others, we are just a click away from you!