Say Hi to New Members of Team Daily

Hasn’t it been long since we last communicated? Oh, we feel like it’s been ages!

Yes, we were missing in action here but the action wasn’t missing us. While we were away from the blog, we were busy with growing Team Daily. From Delivery Specialists to Sales Reps to Interns, we have quite many new Daily-ians around.

Today, we’ll be talking to one of our new team members about some cliched and some interesting topics.

So, let’s get chatting with Rashmi Acharyya – our newest Intern.
Rashmi is a postgraduate candidate at SFU and you guessed it, she got in touch with us through our network at the University. She has been with us for over 2 months now and plans to extend her internship well into the New Year.


Prior to joining our Team, Rashmi said that she thought Daily’s working environment was just like any other office where employees came in at 9am, quietly did their tasks, took a lunch break and left by 5pm. Although she was looking to gain work experience, she mentioned that she did not want a corporate style worklife.

With the stroke of their magic wand, our contacts at SFU got Rashmi in touch with us and the rest, let’s hear it from her.

Knowing that she doesn’t enjoy the traditional working environment, we quizzed her on how she finds Daily. She started with, “it’s so much fun” and added, “I love the people around me”. Smiling brightly, like she always does, she went on to say that she is always surrounded by fun, jokes and laughter. She’s right and you all know it! Talking about her team members, she said, “Fez, Sal and Jessie are such cool people to work with. I love their energy and their passion towards their work”.
Going by her enthusiasm, we think that our energy and passion has definitely rubbed on to her.
Talking about Daily moved on with us asking her about her tasks in the office. No, we don’t burden our interns with work. And no, we don’t get our interns to grab donuts and coffee for us. Okay, donuts are fattening and we drink beer so scratch that. Coming back to Rash (as we fondly call her), she said that though initially nervous, she is now confident to dabble in everything she can. She further added that she has learnt a great deal about all facets of a startup after joining us. “Choosing to join a startup was a conscious decision since I wanted to do learn about operations management, HR, accounting and all the tiny bits about running a business. I did not want to limit myself to just development work”, she elaborated on why she chose a startup for her internship. Good decision, we say!

Rash hard at work
Rash hard at work

Other than learning about the nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations at Daily, Rash said that she’s also getting to improve her communication skills. She would like to use her enhanced interpersonal skills in the Sales arena. “Once I am well-versed with the business and am confident enough, I would like to go out and bring more clients for Daily”, she included.

It’s impressive to see Rash’s drive and zeal to learn more and do more. After all, these two qualities form the core of Team Daily.

While we can go on and on talking about work, we switched topics and asked Rashmi about fun at work. “Like I said earlier, every day at Daily is full of fun and laughter”, she said giggling thinking of all the usual antics of Daily-ians. When asked to narrate an incident, she spoke about the time Leo came into the office. “Amir’s puppy, Leo, is adorable. Playing with him while working is a lot of fun. When Leo was in the office, seeing Jessie also try and play with him was interesting. It was all the more interesting since Jessie is scared of dogs”, she said while looking at a visible embarrassed Jessie and bursting with laughter. “Also”, she went on, “playing with the drone in the office is another stress buster. But I get everyone staring at me when I crash it against the wall”. Yes, Rash, we get worried that we might just lose our beloved drone.
Work is all fun and games especially at this time of year. When inquired about her Holiday plans, Rash said that she did not have any concrete plans but looks forward to absorbing Vancouver’s Holiday spirit. With various activities and events going on, we are sure that Rash will have a gala time.

We are all in Holiday mode and mood. How about you? While you enjoy some hot chocolate, we’ll get back to working hard to bring you some exciting surprises next year. Till then, have a great time y’all! 😀


We Love That With Kay! – Adventure Time in the Trees

Where is Kay? Yes, she has been busy. Busy with some interesting and thrilling adventures. Here’s an account of one of her recent adventures. She writes this while she’s packing and planning for the next one!

What:   Treetop Adventure Course
Who:    The Adventure Group
Where: Whistler
When:  All. Summer. Long.

Treetop Adventures is best described as an obstacle course of sorts, situated within the trees of Whistler’s Cougar Mountain. Imagine living in a tree house and having to traverse your way across a community of tree houses built on ladders, tightropes, suspended buoys, and the occasional zip line taking you from point A to point B. There are three levels to the course—starts maybe ten feet off the ground and then gets higher and higher as you proceed. It is a looooot of fun and I’m hoping to go once every summer!

IMG_1958 (2)

You’re strapped in with a harness, so do not  worry about slipping off a platform or planting your foot in the wrong place! The Adventure Group also has an easy-to-follow yet safe and clever way of making sure you don’t fall to your death. They’ve got a system of carabiners that hook and unhook to major line that runs throughout the entire course—the one your harness relies on. It’s all pretty settling that you’re in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

IMG_1982 (2)

I should add that it’s a bit of a workout. One of my girlfriends warned us to not wear ripped jeans (I really wanted to, actually!) or denim shorts for that matter and to instead get fully decked out in whatever spandex materials we had on hand. There’s arm strength involved if you are consistently falling off things (such as me), sweating profusely, and trying to balance yourself on pieces of wood that are literally strung up in mid-air. If you’re afraid of heights, this might not be for you.

Pro tip: Be the first group to go. My girlfriend pushed us to do so (to our initial chagrin, if I’m being honest) and actually volunteered us to go first. This is to avoid being stuck behind other groups who might take a little more time getting through the obstacles or who are afraid of heights. I definitely had my moments of being scared to push forward. This, of course, was highlighted by my friends and with their yells of encouragement.


IMG_1960 (2)

The best part of this adventure? Treetop Adventures gives you the opportunity to swing on a rope—Tarzan in the jungle style. Who wouldn’t want to try something like that in their lifetime?

Till next adventure, here’s Kay signing off! 🙂

We Love That With Kay! – Ziplining in Whistler

Ziplining. Sounds a lot of fun, right? Not only does it sound fun, it’s absolutely auh-mah-zing 🙂

Kay was out and about the other day ziplining in Whistler. How was it? Did she enjoy it? Let’s hear it straight from her.

What: Superfly Ziplines
Where: 211 – 4293 Mountain Square, Whistler BC,V0N 1B4

Entering Whis’ is like entering a whole new country—the landscape, the people,the feel, the everyday everything is so different. I love it!

Undoubtedly, Whistler is the home of extreme sports. Besides your usual winter activities, Whistler is a place for ziplining. As a matter of fact (and I literally found this out the other day), Whistler is home to the tallest and the longest zipline in all of Canada.

Let’s cue an “Ooh” in unison.

My girlfriend and I decided to go ziplining on a whim. And, because of a Groupon. We wanted to do at least one winter activity (other than boarding or skiing), and lo and behold, a discount was available for ziplining so we took it. We took it with our bare hands and made it into something special.

My few pieces of advice for you before we begin:

  1. Do not be late. They will leave without you. They do not care. We left Vancouver around 12:30PM (yes, we’re aware we were pushing it) and we ended up having to meet the group at the actual mountain instead of the home office in Whistler Village. We were those people.
  2. Don’t wear Uggs. They have zero traction to snow. You will fall! (because I did)
  3. It wasn’t as cold as we thought it’d be, so wearing a thick pair of tights and combat boots/runners would have been completely fine at this time of year. Again: no need for Ugg boots.
  4. If you have a GoPro, bring it. Superfly Ziplines provides helmets that are GoPro compatible and you get fantastic footage of snow-capped mountains, greenery on greenery, valleys filled with nature, yourself screaming etc.
  5. Get pumped because it is a wicked experience. There’s only four ziplines so get confident and get comfy to take full advantage of all four!

Our guides were so helpful and professional. They knew their stuff to the tee and added a little dry humour to it—a great combination for an activity that may or may not freak you out. There are a total of four ziplines that go from the tallest, the longest, the steepest, and then one that takes you back to home base/takes a lovely photo of you as a souvenir for home.

Zipline numero uno was amazing. So you’re at the forefront of the tallest zipline in Canada, and despite the spring equinox, you’re surrounded by snow and a bit of a chill. The view is freaking stunning and you’re about 650 feet up in the air. Yikes but so exciting at the same time! This one was by far the most beautiful zipline, and duh, you are flying with the birds at this point. Enjoy the view!

Zipline numero dos was long and hard (that’s what she said) Oh, I am kidding about the hard part. Ziplining is easy peasy because your guides strap you in, keep you safe, and are really good at what they do. But yes, this one was the longest zipline—cross your ankles and become as aerodynamic as possible to really enjoy zipping down to Point B.

The steepest zipline in all of Canada is also the most fun. Think rollercoaster drop. My friend and I were known as the loudest people in the group at this point because we were screaming our heads off at every step of the way, while everyone else remained cool as a cucumber. Screaming makes it more exciting FYI.

The last zipline gives you the opportunity to take a romantic picture—it’s the only zipline in Canada where you can hold hands. Very cute. My girlfriend and I held hands throughout most of it. It kind of felt like she was going to pull my arm out of its socket—but all good, we got our picture and it is cute as hell, as we intended it to be.


Obvs, we had to hit up Cow’s for some ice cream. I got Birthday Cake (frosting + birthday cake batter) because I’m a huge fan of anything rainbow sprinkles/funfetti involved. On the other hand, my friend got Wowie Cowie and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also had dinner at El Furniture Warehouse because where else would you go?


All in all, Whistler is definitely a new fav. We are already planning our next trip up! How about you?


How do we spell fun? B33R!

How do we spell fun? B33r, we said. Okay, it is not a random collection of alphabets and words but just a cool way to spell beer!

If you would have been following 33 Acres Brewing on Social Media, you would have guessed it.

Yeah, 33 Acres, the place that is so much more than just beers. Team Daily is a fan of their ambience, the warm welcoming feeling, the friendly faces, and of course, the beers and the snacks.

2015_05_28 - Burger_02-1

Being a fan, it was natural for us to write about them. As a Team, we feel so connected to them. The feeling of being a community, sharing ideas, enjoying drinks, good food, good company, aren’t these values same as Team Daily’s? They are!

While talking to them, we learned a little bit more about them and thought to share the same with you.

The vision of 33 Acres Brewing was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing drinks, food, conversation, space, and ideas. They carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. They are influenced by the natural elements of the surroundings, fueled by creative thinking, and driven to make the highest quality product. It is inspiration, creativity and drive that makes T3am 33 experiment and produce perfect drinks.

2014_03_03_Tours_06 (1 of 1)

Talking of their drinks, 33 Acres of Ocean is their bestseller. A hop forward pale ale, this is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to their Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionarily from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament. Woah! This adds so much character to a b33r, eh? Happens only at 33 Acres!


While 33 Acres of Ocean is the bestseller, their team loves 33 Acres of Darkness. But why is it their favourite? Because of it’s deep, dark colour yet crisp, light finish. While most equate heaviness with flavour, this Schwarzbier strives to bring tantalizing taste beyond the usual weight.

Not only drinks, their snack menu also lists some exotic items. Fancy a whiskey or malt flavored ice-cream? Yes? You know where to get it now. These boozy ice-creams are made available courtesy their collaboration with Earnest Ice cream.
Apart from ice-creams, they also have early morning, mid morning and all day snacks. Mom’s b33r chilli and perogies get our votes! The yummy snacks are made in house as well as in collaboration with partners including Nelson the Seagull and Bestie.


Ambience, warmth, drinks, food. Isn’t your plan for the weekend set now?

See you at 33 acres soon! 😀

We Love That! with Kay – Haunted Vancouver

First of all, Happy Halloween Weekend! It is Halloween and the Weekend, imagine how happy we are.


Now that you are dressed in your Fall favorites, Kay is back in the house to guide you to some spooky spots.

Although Vancouver is a relatively young city, it has got its fair share of paranormal activity and historically-grounded ghosts roaming around town.With all its supernatural bits, Vancouver still has a handful of fun events to attend for Halloween.

Before you say, “Dunbar Haunted House”, it has , unfortunately, been closed after running every Halloween for over a decade. But that doesn’t mean there’s not more to do in the city.
Not into the club scene? Here are some spooky things you can get up to this Halloween in Vancouver!

Zombie Combat Zone
Where: Semiahmoo Park
When: Thursdays – Fridays, from dusk – 1am
Get your paintball guns and get ready for the zombie apocalypse we’ve all been waiting for. The Zombie Combat Zone is a 45-minute interactive experience in the creepy setting of Semiahmoo Park in White Rock. Everything is scripted to make you feel as though you’re in one of those post-apocalyptic zombie games. Ever played Left 4 Dead? Or Call of Duty: Zombies?
Yes. Welcome.
You’re taken through a bit of a horror-flick narrative and it’s your job to save a group of scientists looking for the cure for the surrounding flesh-eating creatures.
Come with a big group and just know that bookings need to be made in advance!

Stanley Park Ghost Train
Where: Stanley Park, of course
When: October 9th – November 1st
This one is a personal favourite! This is where childhood dreams come true and live beyond the years of just getting free candy. First of all, it’s all beautifully made. It’s a chilly train ride in the park but completely worth it. Everything is decorated to perfection and the actors have created tableaux that are more stunning than they are scary.
As you can imagine, this train ride is definitely kid and family-friendly. Just make sure you bundle up because it’s getting a little frigid here in Vancouver!

Chinatown Haunted House
Where: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden
When: October 21st – October 31st
OK, this attraction is definitely not for children or even for the faint of heart for that matter!
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden’s ordinarily pristine nature is transformed into something closer to nightmarish. There will be tons of actors portraying terrifying characters, dancers, and musicians to make this haunted house especially chilling. You can expect the place to be scary as hell, as it’s all been organized by professionals—the Seven Tyrants Theatre.

Halloween and Harvest Fun at Capilano Suspension Bridge
Where: Capilano Suspension Bridge
When: October 30th – 31st
We personally find the Capilano Suspension Bridge to be scary as is. Especially when you’re that friend who likes to jump erratically once you’ve reached the ricketiest part of the bridge: the middle.
For Halloween, the people at Capilano Suspension Bridge have set up an elaborate display of carved and lit Jack-o-lanterns throughout the entirety of the park. Adding to the Halloween festivities, there will also be fortune tellers brought forth to predict your future!
If you’re a fan of Treetop Adventures—being about 110 feet above the forest floor and all—the park is also offering a special Halloween-themed Treetop Adventure.
Jump on it at night and let us know how confident you feel looking down at the dark forest below!

And if you like to keep things posh, we have another  option for you.

The Fairmont Vancouver Hotel
At the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel is where one of Vancouver’s most beloved ghosts resides. The lady in red is said to have been seen by several of the staff and guests at the hotel. If you check the menu at Griffins, there’s even a cocktail named after her.
For Halloween, the Fairmont amps up its festive factor by allowing guests to dine with the elegant lady in red herself. You can enjoy afternoon tea or a meal at Griffins with the spirit herself!

Choose your favorite and enjoy the spook-fest. And if you survive it, we will see you later!


Summer Roundup

We have written quite a lot about Summer, Summer foods and Summer adventures already. So, we thought that before the beautiful weather bids us adieu, we should have a last post dedicated to it.

Now, as you would know, Summer is the season of activity. And in the season of activity, Team Daily has been up to a lot of things.

We waited till the end of the season to update you on this because we believe in bigger surprises. The more, the merrier, right?

Where should we start from?

Let’s start from our office. Did we not tell you that we moved into a spacious and brighter workplace? No? We just told you.
Just a few blocks away from our old office, the new office is in the middle of the city’s hustle-bustle and we love the energy around.
Ever since we have moved in here, the whole Team has been putting its ‘interior design skills’ to use. But, we still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on *wink*



Tanning on the beach with a chilled bottle in hand. It is a summer dream! But the dream shatters when you realize you forgot to carry the SUP board. Even worse, you don’t own one! Sitting there and staring at people is no fun.

But when Daily Delivery is around. Do you have to get worried? No!

Team Daily has joined hands with Share Shed. With them, you can rent your outdoor gear from your local friends, whenever and wherever you are.
Forget about the summers, if you are looking to go skiing this winter, you know where to get the gear from 🙂

Smoothie Pleasure
Vegetables and smoothies make a great combination. But peeling, chopping and cleaning the veggies is no fun. Team Daily’s middle name is convenience. So, we have partnered up with Smoothie Veggies who prepare packages of fresh veggies and send them to you so all that you have to do is blend-it-babeh 😉

Sweet somethings
Too much of everything is not good. Eating healthy all the time is also not good, either.
If you are to indulge yourself, it should be worth it. And what better than perfectly crafted macarons? Pastel colors, rich flavors and a variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice at Soirette.
If you have tried all the macarons, you have to get your teeth into their cakes. They are oh-so-heavenly! At the end, wash them all up with their ultra-rich selections of teas.

11372210_1613424805608267_1922110623_n (1)


If you are not into macarons (who is not?), then you must be into chocolates. And if you are into chocolates, you must have visited Chocolate Arts already. In case you did not, you are missing out on something really delicious in your life. From individual chocolates to bars to even drinks, Chocolate Arts creates magic with chocolate.


Healthy Eating
Are you the one who thinks healthy eating is expensive? Expensive and requires more time for preparations? Then Healthy Cuisine is your angel in disguise.
Providing super healthy, amazingly delicious (we have tried them) and affordable meals at your doorsteps is what Team Daily and Healthy Cuisine are looking to do.
Be assured, these meals are dietitian approved and Team Daily approved, too. *enjoying the Kung Pao Chicken*

Fashionably Yours
If you think Team Daily is all about food, you are wrong. We believe, to look good, you should feel good. To feel good, most of us decide to wear something fashionably awesome. We have taken care of this need of yours, too. We have partnered with TheClosetYVR so that you can shop in peace and we will drop your items to you at your convenience.

Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR Picture Credit - TheClosetYVR Instagram
Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR
Picture Credit – TheClosetYVR Instagram

The Surprise
As always, we leave the Big Surprise for the end! What is it this time? Keep guessing and we’ll see you soon. Actually, you will see us soon (this is a hint!)


When will we reveal the surprise? Very soon. Sooner than you think.

Till then, enjoy the last few days of the Sun 🙂


Go! Canada Go!

No, it is not Canada Day yet. We are all pumped up and geared to cheer for Team Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup that is being held, here, in Canada!

Different cities of Canada, different shades of Summer, and different teams playing for one prestigious Cup. Oh, the Summers are going to be so kick-ass (well, literally!)

With the Cup being held in Canada, the tournament’s first game is going to be played between (you are right!) Team Canada and Team China.

#SportsSaturday and #SportySaturday have more reasons to be trending now. We are definitely sure that all the matches are going to keep us super busy and super entertained.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

Talking of Team Canada , we can’t help but be proud of our own team representing 6 provinces. And the players, they are just Perfect!

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

With 153 goals, Captain Christine is the player other teams need to watch out.

Goalkeepers Karina LeBlanc, Erin McLeod and Stephanie Labbe will make sure goals are scored but …. from our side.

With defenders including Rhian Wilkinson and midfielders including Diana Matheson, don’t be surprised if Team Canada goes on a winning spree.

So, get all your energy together, get all your friends together, get everything together (Oh, don’t worry, we are here to help if you need anything) and say, “GO! CANADA GO!” 🙂

Crazy fans like us will head to The Vancouver Fan Zone! How about you?

Planning, Packing, Pitching! It is THAT time already

*Thinking to self* Yeah, the pitch went well. Joe is oh-so impressed with our Signature bow-ties! And the ladies, they are just bowled over by our charm!

“…and for that reason, I am out!” No, do not say no. Oh %&$@! This is not happening, this is not happening!

*Phone rings*

OH! That was a nightmare *wipes sweat off forehead*

You read that right, these are the nightmares our Boys have been having from the past couple of days. But if our preps are anything to go by, this is exactly what will NOT happen when we appear on The Den in a couple of days time!

Having seen our preparations already (You did not?! Time to check that blog, too!), we now present to you what are we packing for the Den.

Numbers? Check!


Extra Bag? What?! We will get paid by cheque, right?


Bow-tie Swag? Check!


All the other things? Check!


Gearing up for Toronto weather? Check!


We clearly are very well-prepared for the Toronto weather! 😉

Our Hearts for the Dragon’s? CHECK!


We Are Ready! Bring It On, We Say!

Be prepared to be thrilled, Dragons! 😉


Another Fun Weekend of Team Daily

Just like all you folks out there, Team Daily LOVES weekends! Well, honestly, we feel and are at our productive best during the last few days of the week.

This past weekend we had A LOT more fun since our Delivery Specialists joined us too! Wonder, why? Read on.

The bright and beautiful Saturday morning started with the Admin Team (read, sleepy and hungry souls) killing it together at the Breakfast table.

After some jokes here and some yawns there, we were all fully prepped up for….yes, our Monthly Team Meeting!

It is during such meetings that we get to see the LIFE of Daily Delivery i.e. Delivery Specialists all in one place and under one roof.

One by one, we had everyone join us in enjoying the mesmerizing view and discussing life(No, we are serious about this!)


We were actually discussing life (just look at those serious faces!)

Everyone was busy sharing their thoughts, giving their inputs and some were busy with their own tasks *cough* *cough*


You know, when it is about Team Daily, it has to be about food. Just some snacks for the team.


During the peak of the meeting!


After some amazing, thoughtful and deep (Really! Believe us!) discussions, it was time for some giveaways! Yaay! Congrats once again Jake and Vince. They definitely had a great weekend and we know it 😉


And then, it was the time we all dread. Yes, the time to say good byes 😦

*Sending virtual hugs to everyone at Team Daily* See you all again, very soon.

Hope your weekend was just as fun and if not, we did not mean to make you jealous 😉


The Curious Case of Cheryl’s Birthday!

Just when we all were focusing on build some muscle for the Summers, in came THE puzzle that is helping A LOT of people around the world build brain muscles!

Yes, yes, we are talking about the puzzle (Or the logical question?  Or is it the mathematical question?!)

We all know that women love to look younger and do not like (read, despise) revealing their age and Cheryl seems to be one Smart Woman!

Team DD loves challenges and when we read about the puzzle, we got our hands (or, should we say brains?) on it.

Below are the reactions of some of the DD team members while and after working on finding Cheryl’s birthday.

Caution – Some reactions might crack you up. Be Prepared!

Sal –

Albert, Bernard, Cheryl.

Bernard, Cheryl, Albert.

Cheryl, Albert, Bernard!

May, June, July, August.

June, July, August, May?!

GOD! When is MY birthday again?!Sal

Fez –

Cheryl? Cheryl’s Age? Other figures interest me! Net Profit and Gross Profit make more sense! 😉


Tenzin –

I will!

Yes, I will!

I will find Cheryl’s…erm…What was I finding?


Jessie –

Cheryl’s age? I don’t care ‘cause I’m Sweet Sixteen forever!


Tom –

What am I doing here?!


Once we DO find Cheryl’s age, we will proceed with preparing for Dragon’s Den so please do not quiz us on this again 😉