Their Top Milkshakes Bring….

Did you just happen to sing the song while reading the title? 😉 That is why we had it there.

Continuing with the tradition of giving you some cool recipes for the Summer, here we are again but with Milkshakes this time around.

Vancouver looks even more prettier and happening during these few sunny months. With the Sun smiling at you, the light breeze blowing through your hair and colorful flowers blooming everywhere, a chilled serving of milkshake could be your best companion.

We think, milkshakes are just not drinks, they are like a part of our childhood! More than the calories, it is the feels that we get from them that make them even more delicious (Yup, for once we would not like to think of calories)

This summer, if you are missing out on some childhood memories and are feeling nostalgic, here are some places to bring you back. And of course, in no particular order –

Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery – Located in a far off land called Burnaby (Not really but Ah! Fairytales), this is THE place to be if you are craving summer drinks. Their menu boosts a selection of Sodas, Fountain Syrups, Malts, Floats and yes, Milkshakes.
The old-school charm of this place is the best thing about it (after the food, of course!) Oh, how can we forget their fresh ingredients? They are all local, fresh and made in-house (that maybe the reason why this place gives you such a home-like feeling) The top milkshake flavor to try is Strawberry…or…Coffee…or…Banana…wait! We can’t decide. How about you try all  of them (not all at once but throughout the summer) and decide for yourself?
Finally, if you are there, do not miss their Sundaes. They are ah-meh-zing, too.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ WingHin T
Picture Credit – Zomato/ WingHin T


Moderne Burger – Burger joint on the list? Yeaah! Life would be soo boring without burgers. Right? But the reason Moderne Burger is on this list is because of their fabulous milkshakes. They call their milkshakes ‘Deluxe Milk Shakes’ and we couldn’t agree more. For those of you who like it thick, you can get your drink thickened, too! All milkshakes come with whipped cream and cherry (more like cherry on the pie) Best flavor to try..hhmm…we need more servings to decide 😉
The interiors of this place, too, are bound to take you back in time so be prepared for a trip down the memory lane with your drink in your hand.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Imkoonta
Picture Credit – Zomato/ Imkoonta


Roundel Cafe – Roundel Cafe is the all-rounder of this list. The cafe serves tortilla wraps, burgers, sandwiches, sides and our beloved milkshakes. Root-beer milkshake? Yes, please! From lavender to peppermint to chai flavors, head to this neighbourhood gem for a complete meal or just the milkshake. Our pick? The Caramel milkshake.
Fresh ingredients, friendly people, awesome milkshakes, scrumptious dishes and even more tempting prices, make Roundel Cafe your new hangout.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Sherman
Picture Credit – Zomato/ Sherman


What’s Shaken Milkshake Bar – Shake it, shake it, shake that milkshake at Shaken! Located in downtown, this bar is a blessing to the milkshake loving soul in you. Their menu lists some Milkshakes, Veggie shakes, Protein shakes, Superfood shakes and a long list of flavors of all these shakes. Now you see, there is a reason this place is called What’s Shaken 😉
Some interesting milkshake flavors include Fuzzy Navel, Oreo Crunch Shamrock, Strawberry Peach Daiquiri, Raspberry Key Lime and Date Me? (Date? We would marry you, oh-dear-Milkshake!)
If you want to go the healthy way, add some supplements to your shakes. You read that right. They offer a range of supplements to choose from, too. Make this your to-go place for newer and interesting flavors.

Picture Credit - Yelp
Picture Credit – Yelp

Running for your milkshake already? How can we let you go without a special mention?

If you need a little kick from your milkshake, head to Cannibal Cafe on the Commercial Drive and ask for their boozy shakes 😉 (Yup, this is exactly what their menu says!)

Since we are busy preparing a milkshake schedule for us, we will see you later 🙂 Enjoy the milkshakes and let us know your favorites, too.