Say Hi to New Members of Team Daily

Hasn’t it been long since we last communicated? Oh, we feel like it’s been ages!

Yes, we were missing in action here but the action wasn’t missing us. While we were away from the blog, we were busy with growing Team Daily. From Delivery Specialists to Sales Reps to Interns, we have quite many new Daily-ians around.

Today, we’ll be talking to one of our new team members about some cliched and some interesting topics.

So, let’s get chatting with Rashmi Acharyya – our newest Intern.
Rashmi is a postgraduate candidate at SFU and you guessed it, she got in touch with us through our network at the University. She has been with us for over 2 months now and plans to extend her internship well into the New Year.


Prior to joining our Team, Rashmi said that she thought Daily’s working environment was just like any other office where employees came in at 9am, quietly did their tasks, took a lunch break and left by 5pm. Although she was looking to gain work experience, she mentioned that she did not want a corporate style worklife.

With the stroke of their magic wand, our contacts at SFU got Rashmi in touch with us and the rest, let’s hear it from her.

Knowing that she doesn’t enjoy the traditional working environment, we quizzed her on how she finds Daily. She started with, “it’s so much fun” and added, “I love the people around me”. Smiling brightly, like she always does, she went on to say that she is always surrounded by fun, jokes and laughter. She’s right and you all know it! Talking about her team members, she said, “Fez, Sal and Jessie are such cool people to work with. I love their energy and their passion towards their work”.
Going by her enthusiasm, we think that our energy and passion has definitely rubbed on to her.
Talking about Daily moved on with us asking her about her tasks in the office. No, we don’t burden our interns with work. And no, we don’t get our interns to grab donuts and coffee for us. Okay, donuts are fattening and we drink beer so scratch that. Coming back to Rash (as we fondly call her), she said that though initially nervous, she is now confident to dabble in everything she can. She further added that she has learnt a great deal about all facets of a startup after joining us. “Choosing to join a startup was a conscious decision since I wanted to do learn about operations management, HR, accounting and all the tiny bits about running a business. I did not want to limit myself to just development work”, she elaborated on why she chose a startup for her internship. Good decision, we say!

Rash hard at work
Rash hard at work

Other than learning about the nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations at Daily, Rash said that she’s also getting to improve her communication skills. She would like to use her enhanced interpersonal skills in the Sales arena. “Once I am well-versed with the business and am confident enough, I would like to go out and bring more clients for Daily”, she included.

It’s impressive to see Rash’s drive and zeal to learn more and do more. After all, these two qualities form the core of Team Daily.

While we can go on and on talking about work, we switched topics and asked Rashmi about fun at work. “Like I said earlier, every day at Daily is full of fun and laughter”, she said giggling thinking of all the usual antics of Daily-ians. When asked to narrate an incident, she spoke about the time Leo came into the office. “Amir’s puppy, Leo, is adorable. Playing with him while working is a lot of fun. When Leo was in the office, seeing Jessie also try and play with him was interesting. It was all the more interesting since Jessie is scared of dogs”, she said while looking at a visible embarrassed Jessie and bursting with laughter. “Also”, she went on, “playing with the drone in the office is another stress buster. But I get everyone staring at me when I crash it against the wall”. Yes, Rash, we get worried that we might just lose our beloved drone.
Work is all fun and games especially at this time of year. When inquired about her Holiday plans, Rash said that she did not have any concrete plans but looks forward to absorbing Vancouver’s Holiday spirit. With various activities and events going on, we are sure that Rash will have a gala time.

We are all in Holiday mode and mood. How about you? While you enjoy some hot chocolate, we’ll get back to working hard to bring you some exciting surprises next year. Till then, have a great time y’all! 😀


We Love That! With Kay – Vancouver Winter Festivities

The trees are sans leaves, everyone at the office is catching a cold, and going out without a scarf is just a poor, poor wardrobe judgement on your part.

Tis the season for so many things: merry-making, hot chocolate, Christmas tree-shaped cookies, sharpening the ends of candy canes till they operate like daggers, enjoying the cold while complaining about it…etc.

Sigh. What a time it is to be alive!

Besides all the joyous sentiments that come with the holidays, Vancouver provides some tangible sources of holiday cheer as well.

Here at Daily Delivery, along with Kay, we’ve created a little list of some fun things to stick your runny noses into this season! (Alright, not literally, though)
Get your scarf on and get your candy cane spear ready…

Canyon Lights @ Capilano Suspension Bridge
Where: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
When: Till January 7th
Such beauty. Such beauty. Even upon opening the Capilano Suspension Bridge’s website, they’ve got a great little holiday tune playing in the background as you scroll through the webpage. It’s a little bit of a drive to get there and at $38 per ticket, it’s not the cheapest holiday event out there. However, if you’re a sucker for twinkly lights combined with the beauty of Vancouver’s greenery, you’ll loooove this one. Just be sure to bundle up and bring a camera!

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Festival of Lights @ VanDusen Botanical Garden
Where: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1
When: Till December 31st
This is an annual favourite of many! Every year around Christmas time, a massive wave of sparkling lights hit the VanDusen Botanical Garden. It’s hella romantic—just make sure you’re warm enough to avoid any potentially embarrassing sniffly noses! Tickets include entry to Enchanted Nights at Bloedel Conservatory—a walk through the miniature world of fairy villages combined with the backdrop of the dome’s already impressive tropical plants. Like we said, what a time it is to be alive!

Picture Credit - Vancouver4Life
Picture Credit – Vancouver4Life


Bright Nights Train @ Stanley Park
Where: Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4
When: Till January 2nd
Our personal favourite on the list! The Bright Nights Train is a nostalgic event for many of us here at Daily Delivery. What’s great about this attraction is that it’s not just about gazing at pretty holiday lights, there’s also live actors, impromptu Disney themes, and of course, the warm fuzzy feeling of doing anything holiday-related.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas Celebration
Where: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9
When: Till January 4th
Pretty much what happens is that Grouse Mountain gets turned into the North Pole. Literally, there are reindeer, breakfast with Santa, and all the bells and whistles of Christmas fun. It’s all your childhood dreams come true, especially with a Gingerbread Village and a magical Light Walk. Sounds like a mystical woodland dream, right?

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –


Make It! Vancouver
Where: The PNE Forum
When: Dates are no longer available in Vancouver, but you can go next year! (Sorry, this seems like a mean one—but truly, this was a fun event that you can attend in upcoming years.)
If you’re into artisanal candles (shoutout to Vancouver Candle Co. for making candles that smell so good, you literally want to take a bite out of them), Primo chocolatiers, local Vancouver jewellery designers, and more… you are at the right place. Make It! Vancouver is aisle upon aisle of handcrafted goods—anything from clothing to coasters. A lot of the items are Vancouver themed, making it extra special to gift to older relatives who are especially nostalgic.

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –

With so many places to explore, so many people to visit,  and so many delicacies to try, we know that your Holidays are going to be great!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays from Team Daily! 🙂


Dunn’s Famous in Deli Style

Yes, it is the festive season. Yes, we are busy dreaming about food. Yes, we Love Meat! You didn’t see that coming. Did you?

It is no surprise that Team Daily is  food-centric and food-obsessed. With it being the season to eat, we have all the more reasons to talk about food. If you are a foodie like us then you would know about the re-launch of Dunn’s Famous. Yes, Dunn’s Famous, the Meat Heaven. The place to calm all your meat cravings.

They are known for their Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches and are the only restaurant in Vancouver where Smoked Meat is hand sliced to make the iconic Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich the right way.



If you have already been there after their re-launch, you would know why we are so excited. If you have not, then, after reading this blog, you will want to head there soon.

We recently caught up with Yonathan, General Manager of Dunn’s Famous BC, to learn about the revamped version of their restaurant.

To give you a quick overview, Dunn’s Famous is now Deli Style. With the deli-like setting, you can now see the Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat being hand carved in front of your eyes. Trust us, this actually makes you more hungry and makes you appreciate your meal more. With the new design, Yonathan says that they are looking to go back to the roots of Dunn’s Famous in Montreal and creating a culture of Smoked Meat here in BC.
Yum, that smoked flavor!



Dunn’s re-launch is not only about looks. You can now expect quicker service, freshest products, updated menu and more retail items to take home.

Their menu now includes Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwiches, numerous Poutines, Coffee Brined Roasted Beef Sandwich (Yeah, Coffee Infused Roast Beef. This is something you cannot miss!), a Seasonal Vegetarian Sandwich (that one vegetarian friend in the group will now be happy, too),  and The Platters. Yonathan says, “The platters are a big add-on to our menu”. After all, sharing is caring. And, what better time to introduce the platters than the festive season? We say, this year, while planning your Holiday Dinners, do keep in mind Dunn’s.

Now, you would be thinking of calling them to place your order, or heading there and wondering if all this could be made easier. Answer is, it is made easier. Dunn’s Famous BC now offers online ordering option on their website. So, just click your favorites away and the Bowtie Squad will bring your favorite items right to your doorsteps.



Other than eating in, you can take home a piece of Dunn’s Famous with you, literally. In addition to their Latkes, Matzha balls, Jar of pickles, Saurkraut, Pickled tomatoes, and Cherry peppers, you can purchase cold chunks of smoked meat to steam at home or cold sliced items sold by the weight. Just like Daily Delivery, Dunn’s Famous is all about convenience.

If you are still thinking of Dunn’s Famous as another sandwich store, think again. Yonathan explained to us how they hand slice their meat.  He says, “Hand slicing is an art that takes years to perfect and in many cases, in Montréal, is passed down through generations. Dunn’s is the only hand sliced Montréal Smoked Meat in Vancouver”.

Just like you, we were also wondering how is it different from the other types of sliced meats out there in the market? To this, Yonathan mentioned that machine slicing of meat leads to two unique problems.

  1. When machine sliced, the meat needs to be cooked for a shorter period of time. Otherwise, it does not hold up on the slicer. This reduction in cooking time results a tougher chewy product. (Ah, now we get that elastic-y feeling!)
  2. Machine slicing creates uniform slices that are not always against the grain aging resulting in a tougher sandwich.

For the soft, melt-in-your-mouth meat sandwiches, Dunn’s is your place to go.



From their food to their ambience to their staff, everything is so welcoming that you would want to be back there again. For Yonathan and his Team, upholding their reputation of being the Best and offering outstanding customer service are the two things they strive for.



If eating-in and ordering online are not enough, Dunn’s Famous BC is also open to catering for your office lunch or party at home. Want Dunn’s  Famous Meat and the ambience? Call them to book their private back room (for up to 40 people). More than 40 people on the groups? You can book the whole restaurant for your Holiday Party.


See you soon, at Dunn’s, of course! 🙂