It’s a Must Have – H.A.V.E

It’s of common knowledge that Team Daily is a food loving bunch. Food forms the focal point of all our discussions, meetings and talks. Apart from food, community is what we feel strongly about. Of course, loving food and caring for the community are the two traits that all our partners share, too. The partner that we are talking about today is so passionate about food that they even teach how to whip up delicacies. Yes, they are a Culinary Training Society. And, a Not-for-profit one at that. With the community at heart, they are also a registered charity. Yes, we are talking about H.A.V.E Culinary Training Society today.  We recently got in touch with Adriane from HAVE to learn more about them and to bring you their story to you.

HAVE is acronym for Hope Action Values Ethics. Given that HAVE is a registered charity and not-for-profit culinary training society seeking to empower individuals to break away from the cycle of poverty, their name is very fitting.

Since their inception in 2007, they have been working closely to help individuals, particularly from the DTES and Strathcona areas, who face barriers to employment. It is through their eight week long culinary training program that they equip these individuals with skills that enable them to get into the workforce.

HAVE also operates a Cafe and Catering Social enterprise that gives their students on-the-job training while aiding HAVE in funding their programs.
HAVE’s day to day operations are managed by Executive Director Amber Anderson. She is a Culinary Chef de Cuisine (CCC) and Chef Instructor at HAVE, too.

Executive Director Amber Anderson
Executive Director Amber Anderson

She is supported by Glenda Phillips, Professional Cook 1 and HAVE graduate.
HAVE’s close knit team also includes Café Manager Robert Jamieson, Student Counselor and Employment Coach Celena Arthur and Executive Assistant Adriane King.

With three well-equipped kitchens and a restaurant, HAVE is in the forefront of culinary training as well as helping the fraternity.Their premises is rented from the Lookout Emergency Aid Society. The kitchens are HAVE’s training facility. It is in the kitchens that their students prepare the meals which then go on to being served at their restaurant, to catering customers and for contract shelter meals.


While Adriane was talking about the students preparing the food, we had to know what’s the dish that the students enjoy making. She replied saying that the students really enjoy making their daily Pizza special. “Being one of the most popular items, it usually sells out and when it does, students can often be seen high-fiving each other!”, she added.

When we quizzed her on what is something that troubles the students, she replied with measurements. Elaborating on it she said, “being one of the more technical skills, students initially have tough time dealing with accurate weights and measures”.

Think about it, measuring everything to the correct weight does sound tedious. However, the students at HAVE take little time in familiarizing themselves with it. Not only they get accustomed to it, they get onto making delicious concoctions and mouth watering dishes.


Being foodies, we had to talk more about food and of course, we had to ask Adriane about her personal favorite from HAVE. Yes, her favorite sounded like we should try it soon (which we will, of course!). She said Montreal Smoked Beef and Swiss Cheese on Marbled Rye Sandwich and their homemade Tomato Soup. Yum!

Elaborating more on food, Adriane talked about how HAVE caters 7 dinners a week for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. A great initiative and we feel proud to have partnered with an entity like HAVE. Other than this, their contract catering orders go to various businesses and organizations across the city.  For your next office lunch, you know whom to contact, right?


Adriane told us that their sandwich, fruit and cookie platters are very popular for meetings and training sessions. Now you know what to order, correct? Well, we do. They are also in the process of updating their catering menu, so expect to see some yummy additions soon.


Adriane talked about her HAVE family with joy. We had to question her about her most memorable time at HAVE. It was then that she spoke about their last year’s Christmas celebrations. Adriane said, “We are lucky to work with a leader like Amber whose dedication, passion and energy does not stop uplifting and inspiring students and staff. If I had to pick one memorable day, I would have to say our Christmas celebration in 2015. We had our current students, past students and members of the community all come together with staff and our Board of Directors to celebrate.  Ian Tostenson, President of the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservice Association and a board member of HAVE, dressed up like Santa Claus Santa and gave each student a gift bag containing non-perishables, socks, shampoo/conditioner, grocery store gift certificates, White Spot gift certificates and other goodies. We had a delicious meal served by Chef Amber. Many of our students do not have family or other supports so at HAVE, we are all a big family. Celebrating Christmas with my HAVE family was really a memorable experience”.

HAVE truly reflects the values of caring and sharing. With partners like HAVE, we are motivated to work every day to be better and help others.
On this note, see you all very soon with another partner story.

Numero Uno – Number E

What does your ideal lunch look like? Now, don’t list soup, salad and other such healthy items.
Be truthful.
How about the good ‘ol sandwich? Maybe.
Sandwich with simple ingredients and complex flavours? Sure.
Warm, freshly made sandwich? Definitely!

IMG_4389 (2)

Definition of the perfect sandwich changes from person to person, day to day and even mood to mood. What make the perfect sandwich are not ingredients but feelings! Feelings with which the sandwich is made and the feelings with which the sandwich is relished.

On a sunny afternoon, one of our sandwich expeditions ended at Number E. More like #e. While chatting and eating, we learned so much about our new partner that we had to share with you.
To begin with, there’s an interesting story behind their name. Glenn, founding owner of Number E, narrated how the name came from an eatery he frequented in Ottawa. He said, “the store had the menu board by letters. All items were listed with alphabets instead of numbers. The older gentleman working there would always shout out who ordered the Number E, the letter of the meal I regularly ordered”. He further added how #e has stuck with him even before the hashtag craziness came into being. When Glenn founded the eatery, he was looking for a name that could be a symbol and would become a brand. Hence, Number E or #e was born.

Number E promotes healthy, clean eating sans additives and preservatives. All their items are store made with bread baked daily in house. “We do not use any frozen items and do not reheat or microwave orders. If we cannot make it in-house, we do not do it”, says Glenn. He adds that their store motto is to eat clean food without additives, just real food.
This really made our superficial health conscious selves happy. If you are into clean, healthy eating then make #e your new hangout.

For all those of you who think clean, healthy eating is boring and bland, think again.

A bite into Number E’s Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Sandwich will change your mind and beliefs for good. This also happens to be their best selling item. It has to be! You know the meal is delicious when you want to eat it slower just so you can enjoy it longer. Perfectly grilled juicy pieces of chicken on freshly baked Tuscan bread with baby greens, pickled jalapenos (made in-house) and avocado, this sandwich from #e gets 2 thumbs up from us.

Rosemary Chicken-3 (2)

While discussing their best selling item, Glenn said, “People love our chicken. It’s fresh as it’s from a local farm. We buy all our meats from local farms. The idea is to try to keep our money in our region and to support local businesses”. As a local startup, we support and preach this idea, too.

Discussion about food is always incomplete without us quizzing the Owners/ Founders about their personal favourites. Glenn responded to this query of ours with Reuben Sandwich. What makes Reuben his favourite?
“It’s in the way we prepare it”, he says. He explained how this idea, too, came from little eatery in Ottawa that he visited often.”The older Italian gentleman at the shop would throw the smoked meat on his flat top, put it in a Hoagie bun, garnish it with some mustard and pickle and the sandwich was ready! It was great. Simple but great”, said Glenn almost picturing the sandwich. Their Reuben sandwich is definitely one of a kind with simple ingredients yet powerful flavours. This could be one of the reasons why someone once placed an order for it right from the airport!

o (2)

Making it to the list of most memorable experiences at work, this incident made Glenn happy and proud. Giving us more details about the incident, Glenn said, “I was preparing to close the restaurant on a Saturday evening when a guy called me from the airport at about 4:15pm saying he is on his way and would arrive by 5pm. He called at 4:40 again telling me where he was and ordered a Reuben and a Chicken Sandwich. The two showed up just before 5pm, sat in and enjoyed their sandwiches. Infact, he loved the Reuben so much that he ordered another one! Not only that, he came in 2 other times before he went back home to Sacramento”.

Now that you know that Number E’s Rueben sandwich has international fans, too, you have to try it if you still haven’t. Then there’s our favourite Lemon-Rosemary Chicken sandwich. Oh, you cannot miss the Meatloaf sandwich. It’s a meat lover’s heaven! Apart from sandwiches, #e’s menu boosts a delicious selection of soups and take-home meals. The choice of drinks at #e does not end at water and pop. They have different teas, smoothies and lattes on their menu. If that’s not enough, they even have various pickles and spreads available on sale in store. So much deliciousness under one roof? Yes, that’s #e for you.


o (1)

With eyes set on expansion, all Glenn wants is to keep cooking and making good food that makes people happy!


Uncommon Food and Uncommon Love

On a crisp, breezy morning, the smell of freshly baked muffins and the warmth of coffee can make anyone feel at home. Sprinkle that with the warmth of the hosts and you don’t want to step out. This is exactly what happened with us the other day when we were at The Uncommon Cafe. Having worked with them for quite some time now, we thought it was about time that we brought their story to you.


While walking down Powell Street, it is impossible to not step in at the Uncommon Cafe. Uncommon, isn’t it an uncommon name? How was this name conceived? What’s so uncommon about Uncommon? Well, these and few other questions were answered by Co-Owner Lisa Leimanis over some scrumptious goodies.

Lisa and her husband, Luc, are the minds and hands behind The Uncommon Café. Initially planning just a commissary, Uncommon is their brainchild through which they want to support other local small businesses. With the commissary, they wanted to be a financially viable option in the commercial kitchen spaces for different small establishments. Luc chose the name “The Uncommonssary Kitchen”.

Looking into cafe

Lisa says that apart from being just landlords to small businesses, they wanted to work with them and beside them, too. Now with The Uncommon Cafe, on 477 Powell Street, they prepare home-like food for a thriving community while working with other local small businesses. Home-like? They prefer to call it Homemade (to which we can’t agree more!).

Cafe - Inside Looking out

Almost everything they have in the store is made in-house. The in-house Chef & Baker make everything from scratch – the ricotta, the muffins, the pulled pork, the jalapeno jelly, the weekly desserts – all the items are made on site with many of the recipes coming from their families. On the other hand, the coffee, tea, popsicles and different products in store are sourced from local small vendors.

At Uncommon, Lisa says, they want you to feel at home by being comfortable, known and well fed. Their passion for food, community, local businesses and health is reflected in all their dealings.

Talking of food, we had to quiz Lisa on their top selling item and personal favourite.
Braised Chicken” said Lisa with a proud smile lighting up her face. She then proceeded to explain how their braised chicken is a unique blend of various flavours. With double creamed Brie, Applewood smoked Bacon, homemade Jalapeno Jelly (prepared by Chef Luc) and Herb Aioli, their Braised Chicken is a crowd pleaser. You have to close your eyes to enjoy the taste of so many flavours mixing in your mouth!

“While Braised Chicken is a top seller, we are well known for our Meatballs, too”, said Lisa. With mentions in the Vancity Buzz (Top Meatballs in the City), LA Times (Mind-blowing Meatballs) and other local publications, Meatballs is Uncommon’s another notable delicacy. “When you stuff your Meatballs with Mint, I guess, you got a winner!” mentioned Lisa on giving us a quick insight on their distinct blend for Meatballs.

Apart from Braised  Chicken and Meatballs, do try their Quiche, too. Their French baker, Valentine Kitamura, knows how to do it right in the most authentic way.

While guests and friends love these items, Lisa’s personal favorites are the Porky Bun and the BOB (short of Bacon Onion Bun). “How you can go wrong when you take Grandma’s bun dough and pack it with BBQ slathered pulled pork or sautéed bacon and onions?!”, asks Lisa looking at the plate of buns in front of us. Before you ask, a bite into these buns is a trip down the memory lane which goes straight to your childhood where snacking on house baked goodies was one of your favourite pastimes.



When you work so hard, prepare some flavorful treats and consider customers as guests, you are bound to get immense appreciation from them. It is this appreciation and love that keeps the Uncommon Team going. Lisa narrated one such incident where hearing back from their customer shows how they have been successful in cultivating the community spirit. A Christmas Card from a nearby business in their area read, “Thanks for being in the neighbourhood. We would all still be hangry without you!”. If you are around Jackson Avenue and Powell Street, you would know how true this is.

It is good to know how much Uncommon Cafe has achieved in just a year’s time. Yes, just a year. In fact, they are celebrating their 1-year anniversary today, June 30th  ! To mark the occasion, they are hosting a Birthday BBQ from 2pm – 7pm this evening on their premises. If you are around, do pay them a visit to experience the delicious food and warm hospitality first hand.
Other than this, they will also be a part of the celebrations for this year’s 40th Annual Powell Street Festival on July 30 & 31st. Another reason for you to visit them? Yes, absolutely.

“See you soon!”, says Lisa with the warm smile that we be back for apart from the food.

the_Uncommon_Cafe_LARGE (75 of 75)


Easter Weekend Things

Team Daily enjoys holidays especially holidays that involve food and family. Food, family and friends, these are the greatest joys of life, correct?

With holidays like Easter (which bring along the long weekend among other things), it is just vice to enjoy good food and great company!


While bunnies (which Grabbit adores) and Easter eggs may look like the focal point of the celebrations, it is the spirit of Easter that we go with. Just like other holidays, it is time to emphasize on the love we share and how much we care. Like we always say, Sharing is Caring. Honestly, Team Daily wishes the holiday season never ends. We love the activities, the cheerful faces, the extra time on hands (don’t say you don’t think about this) and the delicacies, of course.

Talking about these, let’s have a look at what you can do during the Easter long weekend to make most of it.


  • Meet family – Remember they form the essence of all holidays.
  • Catch up with friends – Catch up on all the latest happenings in your friends’ lives over some delicious goodies.
  • Go egg hunting – What is Easter without egg hunts? Hop to Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Gardens or drop by any community center near you to take part in egg-citing hunts! Easy or difficult, just make sure to have some fun with your bunch.
  • Easter Brunching – Yes, brunch is our favorite meal. Easter gives us another occasion and another reason to eat more. Yeah, we are straight to the point like that.
    And, if you would like to combine Easter brunch with the egg hunt and scenic views, check out Grouse Mountain’s amazing package.
  • Stay at home – Isn’t it what many many of you are thinking of? While at home, bake Easter goodies, cook up an Easter feast, make cards, decorate your place, possibilities are endless, actually. Then, choice is yours to invite others over or enjoy it yourself.

Coming to the Easter feast, what are your favorites? Below are Team Daily’s top picks. Do indulge in some or all of them.
(There’s still time to get beach ready!)

Picture Credit -
Picture Credit –
  • Hot Cross Buns (In fact, all pastries and breads)
  • Deviled Eggs (Eggs, eggs and more eggs)
  • Ham (Glazed traditional ham, quiche with ham, mac and cheese with ham, ham sandwiches, ham and everything, really)
  • Chocolates (Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, just chocolate, basically)
  • Cake (Bunny shaped cakes, egg shaped cakes, bunny cupcakes, cupcakes decorated with eggs. Cakes that celebrate the spirit of Easter)

As numerous activities and various delicacies are there for you to choose, just remember to enjoy and indulge in all of them with Smile. Laughter makes everything perfect!

On that note, here is wishing you a Happy Easter from everyone at Team Daily 😀


It’s not Sandwich, It’s called Hubbub

Continuing with the healthy eating saga, do sandwiches pop-up in your mind when healthy is mentioned? Maybe. Bland, tiny sandwiches is what you end up thinking of. Correct?

What about messy, flavourful and scrumptious sandwiches? *lost in sandwich land*

They can be healthy, too. How? Hubbub!


If you are a lunch fan, a food loving being like the members of Team Daily, odds are that you have been to Hubbub a lot more times than you can remember.

Rightly called “Sandwich and Salad Bliss”, Hubbub is a sandwich lover’s paradise. Oh, sandwich paradise with salads, drinks and snacks too.
Having worked with them for a long time now, we decided to bring you more about Hubbub.
So, one fine morning, we got in touch with Stefan (who had stepped out of the kitchen just to talk to us) to learn more about the journey of Hubbub.

We began our chat by learning that Stefan and Ben have been friends from the past 20 years. Hubbub is the brainchild of both these gentlemen.
Prior to Hubbub, Stefan worked in a restaurant while Ben was working in the financial sector. It all began with Ben’s idea of opening up a restaurant. While working on it, they decided on  a Sports Bar. When that didn’t work out, they went back to the drawing board and finalized the Sandwich shop. Once they focused on sandwiches, everything fell into place. And rest is history.

While deciding on the name, they wanted something unique. Something that would describe the feeling of being surrounded by people. After a lot of brainstorming, they decided on Hubbub which means the noise made by an excited and happy group of people. Perfect! Isn’t it?


Coming to food, Hubbub makes its items in-house, daily. All their sandwiches are made by hand and they consider sandwich making an art. Everything at Hubbub is a reflection of the team’s passion for food.
They are just as much about salads as they are about big, messy sandwiches. Balance is everything, afterall.
They pride themselves in being quick and rightly so. 30 seconds to 5 minutes is all it takes to get your hands on some sandwich goodness. Nothing pretentious, Hubbub is simple, fresh and fast.

When quizzed about their best selling item, Stefan was quick to respond with the Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Pulled Pork Salad. Describing why it is a favorite, Stefan mentions that their pulled pork is a Cuban Pulled pork, which unlike most pulled pork is not just pork in barbecue sauce. It is spicy, hot with a distinct blend of spices. The manner in which he explained it to us, we could almost feel the taste in our mouths! Stefan added that a bite into the sandwich is like a moment of bliss. Yes, you literally lose yourself in its flavours. If you have tried it, you know what we mean.

PorkSandwich_twitter (2)

After talking about their best seller, it was time for Stefan to talk about his personal favorite. Within a moment he said, “Turkey Salad”. He says he enjoys the turkey salad so much that he can have it any day and any time of the day. What makes the turkey salad so special? Well, it makes you feel satisfied but not stuffed. Your tummy will get happy and not drowsy after you relish one.

During the course of our conversation with Stefan, we realized how caring he is about his customers, their tastes and their preferences. There is a reason why he is the Director of People at Hubbub. He spoke about how he enjoys discussing Hubbub with people and is all ears to what they have to say. Continuing our talk about the customers, Stefan said that his most memorable day at Hubbub was the day they opened their doors to the customers for the first time. It was fantastic to see the customers walk in, order and savor their meals, says Stefan.

Now, let’s get to some surprise for you. The Hubbub’s Kale Caesar and Summer Salads are coming back so get ready to get your hands on them soon. Want a bigger surprise? All you North Van folks, Hubbub will be in your neighbourhood in 2017! When in 2017? Watch this space for more details.

With various options to choose from, let your creative side help you create some delectable sandwiches and salads. Robson, Hornby or Cambie, hop into their store to get your hands dirty (in a delicious way) and hearts satisfied.


Food at your Doorsteps – Batch Food

With 2 months already into the New Year, have you been able to keep up with your planned lifestyle changes? Yes, normally, these are called resolutions. As would you know, Team Daily isn’t a fan of resolutions but of small incremental changes.
Talking of changes, changing food habits and switching to healthy eating are always on the list of priorities of everyone. Erratic work schedules and the regular errands make cooking look like a monstrous task. What’s the option left? Eating out? Ordering in? How often do you find yourself eating healthy in such times? Not many, you would say. So, what do you do?!

Don’t worry when there’s Team Daily!

How about having healthy, delicious, pre-packed comfort foods being dropped directly at your doorsteps? Perfect, you would think. Not only it’s perfect, it’s also possible with Batch Food and Team Daily.
1 day, 2 day or a week worth of meals, order them as it sits fit with you. Being pre-cooked and frozen, you do not have to worry about cooking or the food going bad.


As we have been working with Batch Food for quite some time now, we recently caught up with Joanne, Head Chef at Batch Food, to bring you some more information about them.

We started our chat with how Batch Food was born. Juggling the daily life, Joanne saw the need of having healthy and pre-cooked meals at home, she stepped up and started to freeze these meals. Before she knew, Batch Food was already growing. She says, “Batch food evolved from me cooking and freezing meals for my family. We were always rushing from work and daycare to hockey practice or swimming lessons, and I liked to have something simple and homemade to pull out of the freezer if I didn’t have the time or energy to cook. Then, I started to make 1 item a week to sell to my friends and family. After that, it has just been growing”.


Before you think what’s unique about them, Joanne added that they offer simple comfort meals which use local and seasonal produce. Nothing over-the-top fancy but these are the meals that give you the homely feeling. Does pizza give you that satisfying, home-like feeling? Maybe not. Unless, it tastes exactly like what your mum made during your childhood.

Food and aromas, don’t they kindle a lot of memories and feelings? Feelings will rush in when you dig into the Mac n Cheese from Batch Food. It’s the classic comfort meal we all have grown up with. No wonder that it is their most popular and best selling item.


With Mac n Cheese being everyone’s favourite, Joanne, on the other hand, loves the Shepherds Pie. She says, “my family loves it! It’s loaded with vegetables and it’s fuss-free. Just put it in the oven until it’s hot and serve”.


Batch food does not only offer healthy and delicious meals but offers these at an affordable price, too. They give convenience a whole new meaning! With plenty of options to choose from, reasonable prices and nominal delivery fee, you have to try Batch Food soon.


Check out their website and get ready to stick to your healthy eating plan while staying in your budget.
Not sure which items to pick to get started? Have a look at their Week’s Feature and choose the ones you love!

Private Juice Tasting at Commodity Juicery with Kay (Courtesy of Zomato!)

Nothing says “I am the epitome of health” quite like a Tumblr-worthy minimalist-chic bottle of cold pressed juice, right?

(Being perfectly honest) This was the gist of our internal narrative before attending the private tasting at Commodity Juicery. And lo and behold, we left with a completely different opinion on cold pressed juices right after our visit.

Cold pressed juices are special (and healthier) because unlike juicers that heat up (due to the blades spinning) and end up destroying some vital enzymes in your fruit and vegetables, cold pressed juicers don’t produce as much heat. Regular juicers use a centrifugal process (the fast spinning blade) and cold press juice machines literally press fruit so that it yields juice.

We met with Karolina, their in-house holistic nutritionist (how legit is that?) God bless her soul because she was helpful as ever. She gave us the 4-11 on everything we consumed at the juicer, was just crazy informative on how the ingredients affected our bodies, and even where the ingredients came from. We learnt a ton. A few health tidbits will be included below!

We were lucky enough to sample a bunch of refreshing juices, some vegan treats, a raw bowl off their food menu, as well as a smoothie made right before our eyes!



Here’s a rundown:

1) 01 – Sweet Greens (pineapple, kale, romaine, cilantro, green apple, lime)
This one was our favourite—the pineapple flavour is the most prominent and we’re not complaining.

2) 04 – Bright Greens (romaine, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, celery, lemon)
One sip and you’re like, “Dang, this tastes like green juice.”

3) 06 – Purple Puppy (beet, cucumber, cilantro, orange, apple)
Beet juice is always a favourite among the Daily Team. It might surprise you the next time you go to the washroom but it gives Purple Puppy a distinctively sweet and earthy flavour.

4) 10 – Sunrise (grapefruit, apple, lemon, mint)
Exactly what you’d expect from grapefruit juice—tart and refreshing.

5) 08 – Orange Roots (carrot, turmeric, apple, lemon)
We liked this one a lot because carrot juice is sublime in itself. Also, we got to see what turmeric looks like—it pretty much looks like ginger. Legit.

6) Healthy G (kale, banana, spinach, avocado, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, ginger, spirilina, dates, apple juice)
Ah, yes. The smoothie that was birthed right before our eyes. We liked this one so much that we each took one home at the end of the tasting! It’s got more grit than a cold pressed juice, as it’s literally your Vitamix-type blended smoothie. It’s filled with green goodness though, including spirillina—a green algae superfood.


7) Pad Thai (carrots, red peppers, green onions, zucchini, green cabbage, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, ­Pad Thai dressing)
Raw vegan pad Thai with zucchini noodles instead of rice noodles. So yummy and full of crunch! We like texture here at Daily Delivery, and this was a fresh spin on a noodle dish favourite.It’s pretty much the salad version of your traditional Pad Thai.
It was really good. We had a moment where we asked what kind of lab they had in the back and who was cooking up these raw vegan concoctions for the public. Spoiler: they have a really experienced and specialized chef who’s been doing this for years.


8) Macaroon (almond, coconut)
A lovely raw vegan alternative to your traditionally baked [and likely sugary] macaroon!

9) Kale chips
Served at the beginning of our tasting. The ones they serve here are tangy and addictive.


Overall, we love the Commodity Juicery. Not just that it’s located in Mount Pleasant that gives it a neighbourly feel, but the service is excellent and their products are on their A game (we promise!)

What makes it even better is that the company clearly has a passion for propagating a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just indicative in the products, like their cleanses that are available to order (a pretty cool service, we’ve noted), but in what Karolina was able to tell us about how the business is run. For example, the juice pulp that comes out of the machines are composted or taken home by their employees to be reused in some baked goods. Beet pulp brownies, anyone?

The fact that this sense of company culture is reverberated in every aspect of the business was extremely cool for us to witness. Commodity Juicery is definitely a new favourite! It doesn’t hurt that it’s located right across from Earnest Ice Cream so we mean…if you’re feeling guilty after a scoop (or if the line is too long, because that happens more often than not), head across the street for some fine juice. We literally mean some fine juice.

By the way, we absolutely love the people at Zomato. Shout out to their community manager, Sophia Rizos for always being so awesome and inviting us to this tasting!

How do we spell fun? B33R!

How do we spell fun? B33r, we said. Okay, it is not a random collection of alphabets and words but just a cool way to spell beer!

If you would have been following 33 Acres Brewing on Social Media, you would have guessed it.

Yeah, 33 Acres, the place that is so much more than just beers. Team Daily is a fan of their ambience, the warm welcoming feeling, the friendly faces, and of course, the beers and the snacks.

2015_05_28 - Burger_02-1

Being a fan, it was natural for us to write about them. As a Team, we feel so connected to them. The feeling of being a community, sharing ideas, enjoying drinks, good food, good company, aren’t these values same as Team Daily’s? They are!

While talking to them, we learned a little bit more about them and thought to share the same with you.

The vision of 33 Acres Brewing was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing drinks, food, conversation, space, and ideas. They carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. They are influenced by the natural elements of the surroundings, fueled by creative thinking, and driven to make the highest quality product. It is inspiration, creativity and drive that makes T3am 33 experiment and produce perfect drinks.

2014_03_03_Tours_06 (1 of 1)

Talking of their drinks, 33 Acres of Ocean is their bestseller. A hop forward pale ale, this is a full flavoured beer integrated with a distinct floral hop which gives it a quality unique to their Pacific Northwest surroundings. This style is evolutionarily from a typical IPA with an assertive hop, lower alcohol content, and slight pine aroma. Low in malt character, this beer has a refined quality and a refreshing temperament. Woah! This adds so much character to a b33r, eh? Happens only at 33 Acres!


While 33 Acres of Ocean is the bestseller, their team loves 33 Acres of Darkness. But why is it their favourite? Because of it’s deep, dark colour yet crisp, light finish. While most equate heaviness with flavour, this Schwarzbier strives to bring tantalizing taste beyond the usual weight.

Not only drinks, their snack menu also lists some exotic items. Fancy a whiskey or malt flavored ice-cream? Yes? You know where to get it now. These boozy ice-creams are made available courtesy their collaboration with Earnest Ice cream.
Apart from ice-creams, they also have early morning, mid morning and all day snacks. Mom’s b33r chilli and perogies get our votes! The yummy snacks are made in house as well as in collaboration with partners including Nelson the Seagull and Bestie.


Ambience, warmth, drinks, food. Isn’t your plan for the weekend set now?

See you at 33 acres soon! 😀

We Love That! With Kay – Vancouver’s Best Cheesecakes

Cake! Yes, cake. We love everything cake related. Think about it, cake is something you can eat anytime and anywhere.
(Alright, ignore the fact that some of us watch our diets)

You celebrate with cake. You nurse a broken heart with cake. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, cake is always ready to accompany you. Rain, Sun, Snow, cake is always there to comfort you.

For those who are not really into sweets but love cakes, there is Cheesecake.

Numme numme (that’s how they say nom nom in Danish, FYI).

Cheesecake is a favourite among us here at Team Daily. New York Style, three-ingredient Japanese cheesecake (yes—we’re talking about the one that’s gone viral on Pinterest), pumpkin-spiced cheesecake that reveals itself every Fall, and the many flavours that cheesecake seems to get tossed into.

In no particular order, here are our favourite spots to indulge in some Cheesecake goodness in Vancouver.

Cheesecake Etc.
Where: 2141 Granville St. Vancouver, BC
FIRST OF ALL, this place is perfect for that après date kind of vibe—dimmed lights, candlelight, hot beverages, and curtains blocking doorways and all. It is one of our favourites after dinner places and for more than just the pleasant atmosphere. The cheesecake is BOMB!
By all means, grab a slice of their original cheesecake but please do yourself a favour and order it with their strawberry sauce. Numme numme x 100. Unlike the standard New York style cheesecake, which is pretty dense in texture, the cheesecake at Cheesecake here melts in your mouth. It’s fluffy and tastes like the hand of a God whipped it together. God bless you, Cheesecake Etc. Thanks for making our cheesecake dreams come true every night of the week.

Picture Credit - Elisa W/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Elisa W/ Yelp


Ganache Patisserie
Where: 1262 Homer St, Vancouver, BC
We’re pretty sure that everything served is delicious upon delicious, as well as being hella aesthetic. This modern French patisserie (we say modern because their cakes have some creative twists here and there) is located in the town of Yale, so you know it is very fancy as well. Friends of ours have also had the experience of ordering customized cakes from Ganache Patisserie, and the results have been marvelous. You literally get to speak with pastry chef and owner Peter Fong about exactly what you’d like for your special occasion. They’ve got a coco-mango cheesecake right now and it is divine! Take it from us, and step into Ganache Patisserie for a café au lait and a taste of their wonderful cakes.

Picture Credit - La Petite Vancouver/ Zomato
Picture Credit – La Petite Vancouver/ Zomato


True Confections
Where: 866 Denman St, Vancouver, BC  and 3701 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC
True Confections is like the land of cakes. Their cakes are like the picture-perfect type of cakes with geometric layers and perfectly distributed icing. They’ve also got a wide range of cheesecakes available—from their famous blueberry cheesecake to chocolate peanut butter. We’d recommend trying their original blueberry cheesecake because the combination in itself is lethal. Like #1 on dream cheesecakes’ list, True Confections is great place to take a date.
Imagine gazing at each other over a slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake? It’s like a scene from a rom-com.

Picture Credit - Constant Cravings/ Zomato
Picture Credit – Constant Cravings/ Zomato


Sweet Revenge
Where: 4160 Main St, Vancouver, BC
This place has definitely got character, a sultry kind of atmosphere, and a kickass playlist featuring some of the 1920’s best hits. Sweet Revenge is a relatively small all-desserts restaurant on Main Street, but that’s part of the charm. It’s got antiquey mismatched furniture, a red interior that adds to its sexy vibe, and due to the size of the place, it just screams intimate. Sweet Revenge features a white chocolate cheesecake—flourless and served with a homemade sauce.

Picture Credit - Stephanie/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Stephanie/ Yelp


Chicco Dall Oriente
Where: 1504 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
Duh, we wouldn’t mention Japanese style cheesecake then leave you hanging. Famous for their parfaits, Chicco serves up a wicked cheesecake parfait. It is a customer favourite among their long list of parfaits, of which includes green tea, black sesame, and more. Instead of using granola, this Japanese dessert café adds in cornflakes for some added crunch (a nice little change, yeah?).
The cheesecake included in their parfait is from their featured Japanese soft cheesecake. It’s soft, pillowy, spongy, and unlike the other cheesecakes on this list, Japanese cheesecakes are baked. The cheesy aspect to this version of the cake is not overpowering, as Japanese cakes are primarily meringue based and known for their exquisite lightness.It’s quite the change from your traditional kinda cheesecake. Jump on board the Japanese dessert train and grab a slice at Chicco!

Picture Credit - Pep C/ Yelp
Picture Credit – Pep C/ Yelp


Just like us, we are sure even you are in Cheesecake heaven right now. These were just some of the best ones in Vancouver and our favs. Don’t forget to let us know about the ones that make your heart flutter 😉


It’s all about Team Eating with Kessel and March

When was the last time your Team  and you went for a relaxing meal? Not long ago considering the Holiday season was just few weeks back, correct? Sharing a few laughs over a delicious spread coupled with warm hospitality only helps to bring teams, friends and families closer.

If your Team consists of your friends and is like your family, then even better, we say!

Having tried a lot of different cuisines over the past sometime, Team Daily was in search of a joint that would offer home-like European fare. Our search ended with Kessel & March. Not only is their food scrumptious, the ambience and the hosts make you feel at-home.

We love the food at Kessel&March or as we like to say, K&M, and also adore the owners Sachi & Tony.

We got chatty with them the other day to know more about Kessel and March and thought to share the same with you. Be assured that by the end of this post, you will want to meet them and yes, enjoy some delicacies at K&M, too.

Kessel&March opened its doors in the summer of 2013 by Sachi & Tony, a husband and wife team. The name Kessel&March is inspired by, the husband, Tony’s European roots. It is a play on his parents’ last names. Kessel is a portion of his mother’s maiden name (German) & March is the anglicized translation of his father’s last name Marzo (Italian). Lovely, isn’t it?

K&M’s essence is European Gastronomy.  Everything on the menu has a story that originates from a city or country in Europe, a nostalgic nod to traditions.  Their food is classic, timeless, natural and clean.

They had initially started as a dinner and brunch restaurant serving the Modern European dishes that were technical and specialized. As the fare was delectable, catering orders started flowing in. Slowly and steadily, catering orders for K&M had started to grow and that is when Sachi & Tony decided to move forward with lunch and catering services instead of brunch and dinner. We are glad they made this choice as now with the catering services, we can share their delicious meals with one and all.

Among all things perfect, it is difficult to decide the best item on the menu. But, if we really had to choose, it will be their Best Selling Quiche & Coronation Chicken Sandwich. Quiche because they have the best tasting quiche! Coronation Chicken because of its unusual and punchy flavour profile.
(You have to try them since our words do not do justice to their flavours)

On being asked about their personal favorites, Tony was quick to respond with Ham & Cheese Quiche. Sachi loves their Cauliflower Salad, it’s a seasonal item and not always on the menu.

Apart from the amazing reviews on food, the relationships that Sachi & Tony have built with their customers is what keeps them motivated. In their words, “We have a lot of regular customers and we greet many of our lunch customers by their first names.  We enjoy their company and on-going conversations we have with them with each visit.” Hospitality at its best, you see.

If you are looking for private dinners and events, get in touch with them soon. They are constantly hosting private dinners and events at the restaurant in the evenings and weekends. The menus are customized for each event.  In addition to their lunch catering, they have also been involved in off-site catering and canapé events.

So, now you know who to contact for your next event or maybe even office lunch! But wait, before the events, make sure to visit K&M to meet Tony & Sachi 🙂