We Love That! with Kay – It is Squamish September

Kaylynn is back! And this time, she is talking about something that Team Daily really likes. Yes, outdoors. Wait, not the patio-type outdoors but Mother Nature’s outdoors 🙂

The past weekend was a little rough for some of us but, hey, the weather forecast for the coming long weekend is perfect. If you don’t have any plans yet, you definitely will have some after reading this post.

In Kay’s words – With our first year spending a whole weekend in Squamish Valley, we can say that we LOVE Squamish! Only a 45 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver, it’s the perfect mountain-studded getaway. For real, it’s like living in a postcard.

Here’s a few reasons why Squamish Valley is one of our favourite stay-cation spots:

Stawamus Chief – Possibly my absolute favourite thing about Squamish. The Chief is a lot of fun – three peaks means three amazing panorama views. It’s about a 6-hour long hike to make it to all three peaks, but totally worth it. The hardest part of the hike in my opinion? Scaling the mountain when getting to the very top.
Not to worry, you’ll make it!

Squamish Valley Music Festival – Had my first experience with Squam Fest just this summer. Was it fun? Hell ya! The music was an unparalleled experience altogether. Sam Smith’s vocals? Ooof. The performances definitely delivered goose bumps and a respectable amount of swooning, but the camping. The camping is another story.
My girlfriends and I know nothing about camping but thought it’d be all giggles if we camped this year. Let me tell you, festival camping is not easy for novices.
Oh, we definitely had giggles, but those giggles were NOT happening when we arrived at our campsite past midnight, after dragging our stuff five blocks into the camp and down a gravel road, took out our tent, and realized it had no poles.
It was a learning experience to say the least.

Sea to Sky Gondola – Scenic doesn’t even begin to describe the Sea to Sky Gondola ride.
As we’ve mentioned, one of the most amazing things about Squamish Valley is that it looks like something out of a postcard, no matter where you look. You’ve got the water, the mountains, the blue skies – it’s truly breathtaking.
Head up and enjoy a beer at the top! As Squamish is home to Howe Sound Brewing, you can enjoy handcrafted ales and lagers at every bar in the city.
With the Sea to Sky Gondola, you can opt to take the gondola there and back, or even hike up the Sea to Summit Trail and gondola down!

Camping(Alice Lake, Klahani Campground, Paradise Valley Campground etc.) – We know, we know – we just talked about camping and its multitude of sins. But camping is also a lot fun. It’s great bonding time between you and your friends (especially if you’re bonding over who’s putting up the tent wrong and all that.)
It also gives you the opportunity to put away technology and sit back and bask in everyone’s presence. Plus, camping food is so good. There’s something about being out in the wild, rationing, and an overcooked hot dog suddenly tastes like heaven.

Shannon Falls – If the Chief is looking a little too intimidating for you, Shannon Falls is the next best thing. Completely hiking-with-a-hangover friendly, as well as being totally family friendly.
Surrounded by lush, lush nature, and blessed with a beautiful view of the falls. It’s a mere stop on the Sea to Sky Highway. Lots to explore and picnic areas are available at your service!

Now, you must be wondering where are all the pictures in this post? We didn’t put them in purposely. Why? Because we want you to experience the beauty of Squamish and paint your own memories.

Until next time, stay safe and prep up for Fall 🙂


Top Burger Places in Vancouver

“I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today” – Wimpy, Popeye the Sailor Man

That time when hamburgers were someone’s vice and they might still be today… bet there’s someone out there… bet they’re reading this right now (Of course, you know who it is!)

Team Daily loves food and adores Vancouver. Talking about food and Vancouver together just charges us all up. And, when you are talking about cheat day  food items, we are all the more charged and pumped up 😉

Here is our unbiased list of the juiciest, softest and delicious burgers of Vancouver (Yes, we have tried them all!)
In no particular order, presenting the burger gems to you –

Romer’s Burger Bar – Let us start from The Best! With a large array of burgers to choose from, you will be left wanting for more, more and moorree!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Senses inspired
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Senses inspired

Five Guys: Burgers and Fries Nothing like your own customized burger, add all that you want *lost in burgerland*
Hey, easy on the toppings…we would not want to lose the burger in you.

 Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ SoupNazi
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ SoupNazi

 Meet on Main We can meet anyone anywhere. But, meeting burgers on Main is just beyond words, or should we say taste-buds? Besides the fact that they’re vegan friendly, there’s just the right “feels” about the place.

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Tricia's choice
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Tricia’s choice

Fets Whisky KitchenYou heard it right! This is on the list because you want a stronger drink to go with your burger (Burgers need to have fun, too)

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Ryan Fergie
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Ryan Fergie

Alibi Room Burgers, Drinks, Ambience, need we say more? Overall great place to catch up with friends every now and then.

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Tiffany T
Picture Credit – Yelp/ Tiffany T

Save on Meats Burgers and Milkshakes, everyone.
(Oh, we should all save, btw!)

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Marc D
Picture Credit – Yelp/ Marc D

“We take the hamburger business more seriously than anyone else” – Ray Kroc
After this day, they won’t be the only ones who will take the hamburger business seriously. We are taking the hamburger business seriously right now.

So, we seriously cannot let you go without an honorable mention –

Sea to Sky Gondola It’s true, they have burgers and, wait for it, a magnificent view! “DINE 885M ABOVE HOWE SOUND” — it doesn’t get any better than that. Now that’s how you take a burger to a whole new level… literally!

Let us know which are your favorite burger joints in Vancouver because life is all about exploring, after all 🙂