Movember Loving!

Known as the Bowtie Squad, Team Daily members are always out and about flaunting their bowties. Bowties are our pride. We love them so much that we got Grabbit and Yuki wear them, too.



Don’t they look just adorable?

Apart from bowties, one more thing is very noticeable about some of the members of Team Daily.
Since we are talking about Movember here, moustache it is. Or, the way we like to say, stache!
Fez and Sal regularly charm one and all  with their stache and this month, Sam joined them, too.

How does Sam (first-time-stacher) feel about the stache? What do the boys think about their most noticeable feature? How can You take care of your handle bar?

Hold on, we got the answers for you!

Along with Kay, we bring you some stache fun.

After observing Movember for the whole month, Sam feels at ease with his achievement, erm, stache. He says, “I plan on keeping the moustache and seeing where it takes me”. On being asked to describe his stache in 3 words, he had a rather quirky answer. “Tom Selleck Impersonator”, he said. We are not too sure about this one. What do you think?


Having observed Movember since high school where a fundraiser motivated him, Sam says that he receives a lot of compliments on his stache. And, we couldn’t agree more. Good Job, Sam!

With the stache, Fez feels that it is easy to stand out. The stache has become such an integral part of his look that he feels incomplete without it. “Wonder how I will be able to stay stache-free now!”, says Fez when quipped if he is planning to change his look anytime soon. On asked about the most important stache grooming product, he said, “Beeswax is KING”. Yes, it is. Look at his hard work!


When we quizzed Sal about his stache, he said, “It is fantastic”. Sal’s stache-piration comes from Fez. He feels that the stache gives him a more mature look, a more formal look, a look that he is fond of. He, however, isn’t shy of changing the style of his stache every now and then. “You need to experiment, sometimes”, he says. Like Fez, he is also a fan of Beeswax.

Team Stache, actually, Team Daily in all their stache glory.


This is about our team and their staches.
Below are the details from Kay on how you can take care of your stache in this festive season.

We know beards have been all the rage this year, but an old school gentleman’s moustache still tickles our fancy.

In the spirit of Movember, here’s a list on how to take care of your mo’!

Step 1: Start Using a Wax
We recommend Clubman Moustache Wax. Once your moustache starts getting long, the wax will help keep it nice and tidy. It’ll keep stray hairs from, well…going astray.

Step 2: Get a Moustache Comb
Get a moustache comb—these are tiny and can be kept in your pocket. You’ll need to apply the wax and to keep your moustache from getting filthy. Plus, you can use it on your hair!
We recommend Kent Fine Toothed Moustache and Beard Comb. They’re known for their sturdiness, quality, and are handmade!

Step 3: Use Wax Sparingly
Take a tiny bit of moustache wax and work your moustache brush along the wax. If you use too much, your moustache is going to look like it’s drawn in. Not cute.

Step 4: Don’t Play With Your Moustache
As tempting as it is to keep twirling the ends (if you’re looking at a handlebar moustache) or just stroking it in general, the more you touch your moustache, the more wax is going to fall out. Leave it alone otherwise you’ll keep having to reapply!

That’s all the Stache love from us, till we see you next, enjoy the weather and festivity around 🙂



The Lost Hour that was!

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It’s been a week into THE #DaylightSavingTime! Yeah, a week! Is it just us or time is actually running?!  But anyway, we hope that all of you are coping well with the advanced hour (We are! NOT!)

There are a bunch of us (if not everyone) who have mixed feelings during this occasion, at one point we’re thinking, “Hey! Summer is near!” and at the other end, “I have been robbed!”. 1 HOUR! One hour! We mean being robbed of THAT one hour which we all could have utilized to do a whole bunch of things. Most of us also begin to realize how valuable our time is because we literally cannot bring an hour back and rewind.

So, instead of nagging and whining about the lost hour, let us talk a bit more about it.
First of all, we practice daylight saving time to stretch out the light into the evening (Ok, we know that you already know that. Or at least, we like to think you know it). The main purpose of DST is to use the most of daylight and conserve energy (Now we are talking!) While there’s a long history of the matter, the aim of DST is for efficiency (Ah! How we loove this word!).
Now, there are a lot who are against DST as well. But the more you think about it, the more time you spend stressing on the matter when you should be focusing on bigger things.

Here are just some tips to survive and to adjust to DST

  1. Have a lavish and (importantly) healthy breakfast
  2. Take advantage of the day: Get some SUN!
  3. Keep your usual schedule
  4. (But) sleep a little bit earlier
  5. Do NOT THINK about the lost one hour
  6. Drink lots of WATER
  7. Be ready to welcome Summer with both hands!

If all else fails, just continue with your regular schedule 😉