Hello, Toronto!

Been so long, readers! How have you all been? Yes, we’ve been missing in action here for quite some time now. However, if you’ve been following us on our Social Media, you would know how busy we’ve been. So much has happened in the past few months that we’ll just stick to giving you a quick brief of what’s cooking at Team Daily Headquarters.

Yeah, Headquarters. Our Vancouver office is now our Head Office as we enter newer markets.

Exploring new waters and venturing into new territories is our plan of action for this year. We spent Winter 2016 planning our moves and now, with Spring, we’ve sprung into action.

To start our journey out of our home city, we decided on Toronto as the first stop. It took us some intense manpower, a great deal of planning, a whole lot of emails and a couple of tedious weeks to settle in. Now that we have settled in, we are beginning to replicate our Vancouver operations in Tdot.

The highlight of our Toronto move? Walmart!

How convenient is it to shop for your groceries while sitting in the comfort of your house? Super convenient, we say. Walmart heard you and have launched their Grocery Home Delivery services. Before you get too happy, it’s only in Toronto for now.
Being their delivery partner, we help fulfill numerous delivery orders throughout the day. So, just with the click of a button or tap on the app, you’ll have all your groceries delivered to your door steps in no time.
Here are some behind the scenes pictures of us going about our daily tasks with Walmart.

Fez helping with sorting the orders in the warehouse


Orders sorted


Delivery Specialists picking up and packing their orders

Apart from Walmart, we are also in talks with various other partners to make sure that the Bowtie Squad becomes recognizable in Toronto.

So, if you are a restaurant or store looking to partner with us, sign-up now on http://dailydelivery.ca/merchants.php

And, if you are a Delivery Specialist, get started with us on http://dailydelivery.ca/drivers.php

Let’s all join forces to make the Toronto chapter of Team Daily a success!

Wait, before we sign-off, here’s a BIG, WARM, HEARTFELT Thank You to everyone who has been supporting and encouraging us so far. Yes, we are talking about you, you and you, too.
Without you all, there’s no Team in Team Daily.

That’s all folks, we’ll now get back to planning some more awesomeness. Until next time 🙂


We Love That With Kay! – Luminescence Exhibit

By now, we are sure that you are aware of the fact that apart from being foodies, we are adventure seekers, too. When we say we, we mean all of Team Daily! While some get the adrenaline rush from skiing and zip-lining, others enjoy shopping at new places and trying out new workout regimes. However, over the past week, Kay was on a different adventure. An art exhibition. How did it go? Did she enjoy it? Does she recommend it? Hold on with the questions there and read her first hand experience below.

What?   Luminescence Exhibit
Where? Deer Lake Park Gallery
When?  In celebration of the spring equinox, so it’s over now—but try to catch it when it’s back again!

Growing up, one of the girls in my class had her mother work at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We’d do workshops every semester and visit every new exhibition that graced the deep halls of the Gallery. All the exhibitions were breathtaking to say the least. During my year in Europe, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of art museums. I’ve wandered underneath the ceiling masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. I’ve gazed at the remarkable curvature of the David’s bottom (let’s keep it clean here) by Michelangelo in Florence. On my tippy-toes, craning my neck above the hordes of surrounding tourists, I’ve seen the Mona Lisa behind its pane of protective glass when I was sixteen and visiting Paris for the first time.

When it comes to modern art—what the Luminescence Exhibit is more geared towards—I personally find myself less than thrilled. I am a huge fan of ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art (it might just be my favourite museum ever) but not so wowed by museums like the Tate Modern in London (sorry if I offend!). I think what pushed me over the edge at the Tate Modern was when a straight-up mirror was presented as a work of art. No. I could. Not. Gel. With. That.

Talking of the Luminescence Exhibit, we had no idea what to expect. I was semi-aware that Deer Lake Park hosted a gallery somewhere along my 144 SFU bus route to school back in the day, but couldn’t be sure. One of my girlfriends was joining me that day and she had Google mapped the place in advance. She sent me the picture featured on Google images and asked, “Is it in a house?”

Picture Credit – Google Maps

We were definitely about to get turned into human centipedes.

Nope. Just kidding!

A little background info – The Luminescence Exhibit pays tribute to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room installation. It is insanely gorgeous and the name speaks for itself—a spectacular LED light display that is made to look like it spawns on forever and forever.

Virtual tour here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vebDk7xQmCw

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Tate Modern, one of the best things about modern art and art in general is that it’s all about perception and interpretation. I had read that the Luminescence display was featured in a utility closet come to life by mirrors and lights, and had actually received some comments on social media commenting on my gallery photos with something along the lines of, “Wasn’t that just a room with lights hanging from the ceiling?”

But isn’t a painting just duck cloth wrapped around a wooden frame with paint slapped on it?

I think that’s pretty dope if you can turn a storage room into an interactive piece of art. The gallery itself is relatively small and indeed, located in a house. All other pieces of art had to do with light. It was a lovely visit—getting a little culture outside of the city. There were plenty of people paying a visit to the gallery as well and a small line had formed outside of the storage closet door. Plus, opening night had a line around the block!

Groups were going in one by one…et voila:

Kay at the Exhibit
Kay at the Exhibit

And there you have it—a small look into the beyond.

Till my next adventure, here’s Kay signing off. Catch you all later!


We Love That With Kay! – Ziplining in Whistler

Ziplining. Sounds a lot of fun, right? Not only does it sound fun, it’s absolutely auh-mah-zing 🙂

Kay was out and about the other day ziplining in Whistler. How was it? Did she enjoy it? Let’s hear it straight from her.

What: Superfly Ziplines
Where: 211 – 4293 Mountain Square, Whistler BC,V0N 1B4

Entering Whis’ is like entering a whole new country—the landscape, the people,the feel, the everyday everything is so different. I love it!

Undoubtedly, Whistler is the home of extreme sports. Besides your usual winter activities, Whistler is a place for ziplining. As a matter of fact (and I literally found this out the other day), Whistler is home to the tallest and the longest zipline in all of Canada.

Let’s cue an “Ooh” in unison.

My girlfriend and I decided to go ziplining on a whim. And, because of a Groupon. We wanted to do at least one winter activity (other than boarding or skiing), and lo and behold, a discount was available for ziplining so we took it. We took it with our bare hands and made it into something special.

My few pieces of advice for you before we begin:

  1. Do not be late. They will leave without you. They do not care. We left Vancouver around 12:30PM (yes, we’re aware we were pushing it) and we ended up having to meet the group at the actual mountain instead of the home office in Whistler Village. We were those people.
  2. Don’t wear Uggs. They have zero traction to snow. You will fall! (because I did)
  3. It wasn’t as cold as we thought it’d be, so wearing a thick pair of tights and combat boots/runners would have been completely fine at this time of year. Again: no need for Ugg boots.
  4. If you have a GoPro, bring it. Superfly Ziplines provides helmets that are GoPro compatible and you get fantastic footage of snow-capped mountains, greenery on greenery, valleys filled with nature, yourself screaming etc.
  5. Get pumped because it is a wicked experience. There’s only four ziplines so get confident and get comfy to take full advantage of all four!

Our guides were so helpful and professional. They knew their stuff to the tee and added a little dry humour to it—a great combination for an activity that may or may not freak you out. There are a total of four ziplines that go from the tallest, the longest, the steepest, and then one that takes you back to home base/takes a lovely photo of you as a souvenir for home.

Zipline numero uno was amazing. So you’re at the forefront of the tallest zipline in Canada, and despite the spring equinox, you’re surrounded by snow and a bit of a chill. The view is freaking stunning and you’re about 650 feet up in the air. Yikes but so exciting at the same time! This one was by far the most beautiful zipline, and duh, you are flying with the birds at this point. Enjoy the view!

Zipline numero dos was long and hard (that’s what she said) Oh, I am kidding about the hard part. Ziplining is easy peasy because your guides strap you in, keep you safe, and are really good at what they do. But yes, this one was the longest zipline—cross your ankles and become as aerodynamic as possible to really enjoy zipping down to Point B.

The steepest zipline in all of Canada is also the most fun. Think rollercoaster drop. My friend and I were known as the loudest people in the group at this point because we were screaming our heads off at every step of the way, while everyone else remained cool as a cucumber. Screaming makes it more exciting FYI.

The last zipline gives you the opportunity to take a romantic picture—it’s the only zipline in Canada where you can hold hands. Very cute. My girlfriend and I held hands throughout most of it. It kind of felt like she was going to pull my arm out of its socket—but all good, we got our picture and it is cute as hell, as we intended it to be.


Obvs, we had to hit up Cow’s for some ice cream. I got Birthday Cake (frosting + birthday cake batter) because I’m a huge fan of anything rainbow sprinkles/funfetti involved. On the other hand, my friend got Wowie Cowie and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also had dinner at El Furniture Warehouse because where else would you go?


All in all, Whistler is definitely a new fav. We are already planning our next trip up! How about you?


The Lost Hour that was!

Picture Credit - Officewise.ca
Picture Credit – Officewise.ca

It’s been a week into THE #DaylightSavingTime! Yeah, a week! Is it just us or time is actually running?!  But anyway, we hope that all of you are coping well with the advanced hour (We are! NOT!)

There are a bunch of us (if not everyone) who have mixed feelings during this occasion, at one point we’re thinking, “Hey! Summer is near!” and at the other end, “I have been robbed!”. 1 HOUR! One hour! We mean being robbed of THAT one hour which we all could have utilized to do a whole bunch of things. Most of us also begin to realize how valuable our time is because we literally cannot bring an hour back and rewind.

So, instead of nagging and whining about the lost hour, let us talk a bit more about it.
First of all, we practice daylight saving time to stretch out the light into the evening (Ok, we know that you already know that. Or at least, we like to think you know it). The main purpose of DST is to use the most of daylight and conserve energy (Now we are talking!) While there’s a long history of the matter, the aim of DST is for efficiency (Ah! How we loove this word!).
Now, there are a lot who are against DST as well. But the more you think about it, the more time you spend stressing on the matter when you should be focusing on bigger things.

Here are just some tips to survive and to adjust to DST

  1. Have a lavish and (importantly) healthy breakfast
  2. Take advantage of the day: Get some SUN!
  3. Keep your usual schedule
  4. (But) sleep a little bit earlier
  5. Do NOT THINK about the lost one hour
  6. Drink lots of WATER
  7. Be ready to welcome Summer with both hands!

If all else fails, just continue with your regular schedule 😉


Knock, knock! Who’s there? Spring Allergies!

Picture Credit - myauntthecarnivorousmoose.blogspot.ca
Picture Credit – myauntthecarnivorousmoose.blogspot.ca

With the mornings shining bright, trees turning green and rains bidding good-bye (at least, for a couple of days!), what do we see around?

Aaachhhooo!! Sorry. So, what do we see around? *cough* *cough*No, not the Oscars and the Fashion police dissecting who wore what. Aaachoo! No, not the gloves that Lady Gaga wore to the Oscars. Aaachoo! No, not the Canucks games. Aaachoo!Yesss! You guessed it right! All we see (or perhaps, hear) around are allergies! Just as much we adore the Spring, we all hate the allergies it brings (a coin always has two-sides! Doesn’t it?)

So, what can we do to enjoy the oh-so-amazing Spring without the coughs and sneezes?Simple, simple. Make some changes to your diet and get those antibodies fight the allergens themselves *dishoom* * dishoom*.

The most essential food items that can protect you from Spring allergies include –

  • Apples – Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Go with that motto and grab an apple now.
  • Red Grapes – No, not the drinks made out of them but a good bunch of red grapes will do the trick.
  • Warm Liquids – Have plenty of warm liquids including different types of teas (like mint and chamomile, ginger), coffees and soups (from chicken to veggies to lentils, just keep the flow going!)
  • Fish – Add a portion of fish to any of your meals to get your dose of good cholesterol and to keep the sneezes at bay.

Apart from these and mostly importantly, take good care of yourself! Enjoy the Spring you all 😉

Happy Chinese New Year!

Picture credit - myasianplanet.com
Picture credit – myasianplanet.com

Just as the hype for the ‘standard’ New Year is slowly going down low , here comes the Chinese New Year! As Vancouver is considered one of the most diverse cities in the world, let us all celebrate another New Year! (Can we renew our ‘New Year’ resolutions now?)

The Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year, and is also the mark of Spring Festival. One of the best and most popular things people look out for during this hearty event besides the Dragon dance, lanterns, and red envelopes, is the food (Yes, our love for food and all things food makes us see only food!)

Food is very important in Chinese tradition, as there are customs that need to be followed before actually digging in…. like respect, where elders must be served first before anyone on the table. Another thing is that, Chinese cuisine takes extensive prep and cooking times, but you can bet that it’s always worth the wait!

However, you don’t have to wait this Chinese New Year! We are here to help (as always!) So don’t let the foodie in you miss out. Order with us and enjoy your New Year hassle free!

Team DD wishes you all a foodilious and blessed New Year ahead!