We Love That With Kay! – Adventure Time in the Trees

Where is Kay? Yes, she has been busy. Busy with some interesting and thrilling adventures. Here’s an account of one of her recent adventures. She writes this while she’s packing and planning for the next one!

What:   Treetop Adventure Course
Who:    The Adventure Group
Where: Whistler
When:  All. Summer. Long.

Treetop Adventures is best described as an obstacle course of sorts, situated within the trees of Whistler’s Cougar Mountain. Imagine living in a tree house and having to traverse your way across a community of tree houses built on ladders, tightropes, suspended buoys, and the occasional zip line taking you from point A to point B. There are three levels to the course—starts maybe ten feet off the ground and then gets higher and higher as you proceed. It is a looooot of fun and I’m hoping to go once every summer!

IMG_1958 (2)

You’re strapped in with a harness, so do not  worry about slipping off a platform or planting your foot in the wrong place! The Adventure Group also has an easy-to-follow yet safe and clever way of making sure you don’t fall to your death. They’ve got a system of carabiners that hook and unhook to major line that runs throughout the entire course—the one your harness relies on. It’s all pretty settling that you’re in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

IMG_1982 (2)

I should add that it’s a bit of a workout. One of my girlfriends warned us to not wear ripped jeans (I really wanted to, actually!) or denim shorts for that matter and to instead get fully decked out in whatever spandex materials we had on hand. There’s arm strength involved if you are consistently falling off things (such as me), sweating profusely, and trying to balance yourself on pieces of wood that are literally strung up in mid-air. If you’re afraid of heights, this might not be for you.

Pro tip: Be the first group to go. My girlfriend pushed us to do so (to our initial chagrin, if I’m being honest) and actually volunteered us to go first. This is to avoid being stuck behind other groups who might take a little more time getting through the obstacles or who are afraid of heights. I definitely had my moments of being scared to push forward. This, of course, was highlighted by my friends and with their yells of encouragement.


IMG_1960 (2)

The best part of this adventure? Treetop Adventures gives you the opportunity to swing on a rope—Tarzan in the jungle style. Who wouldn’t want to try something like that in their lifetime?

Till next adventure, here’s Kay signing off! 🙂

We Love That With Kay! – James Bay

James Bay was in Vancouver last month and being a fan, Kay had to be there for the concert. What happened next? Read to find out 😉

Haaaaay! James Bay!” – Just a sample of some of the things I was screaming on a fine Wednesday night in April at the Orpheum. The rest might have been a little NSFW.
First of all, James Bay was going to perform on a stage that I  had on for my graduation. James Bay and I were about to share the same stomping grounds—kind of. It felt like we were about the grace each other’s presence in a retroactive/The Lake House-type way.

James Bay started off his set like a full-on rockstar—which was NOT at all what I expected. My girlfriend and I thought the show would consist of a skinny little mic-stand, a spotlight, and James sitting atop a stool. He’d be crooning into the mic and strumming away at an acoustic guitar. There would be multiple renditions of “Let It Go.” Perhaps his fedora would even be strategically dipped below one eye. Or, so we thought!

We had completely missed James Bay at Squamish Festival last year (so many regrets) so we had no idea the man had this much energy. But nay—James Bay dances a little bit like Elvis, he seriously rocks out, and he does the candlelight music to a tee. That boy has got moves and more!

Given the nature of his music—something reminiscent to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran’s love child—I personally thought James Bay would bring us to tears. And granted, he did, but in a different way.

It’s important to mention that in addition to delivering great music—the kind that pulls at your heart strings and grazes your soul ever so gently—James Bay is a sick performer.

As mentioned, lights were used, slow dancing ensued, and lots of hyping up the crowd was happening. James was incredibly engaged with us and seemed to genuinely want to be there. On top of looking really good in skinny jeans, he had that humble artist persona done sooo right.


He got us to stand up, to hold whoever you brought by their shoulders and literally sway to one of his songs (pretty much the best wingman when you think about it), and made us laugh with his dry British humour. He donned his signature fedora and charmed us to a smitten state.

“Let It Go” obviously made the entire crowd sway and swoon. “Hold Back the River” was played dead last; after James and co. left the stage and pretended the show was over. He also performed an unreleased song with his opening band, Joseph.
(I should also add that Joseph was crazy good. Three sisters from Oregon who have a little bit of a twang and harmonize like they’re singing for the Greek Gods. They’re amazing, and I immediately had to look them up on YouTube after I got home from the concert.)

I won’t delve too far into his music but the most magical moment of the night for me was “Scars.” The song is played right after a few steady riffs of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.”Everyone heard the first few notes and somehow all caught up in singing the lyrics in unison.

There’s something so special about having an audience sing together. I’m already a huge sucker for audiences singing back songs to an artist (which happened a lot during the show) because of the look on the artist’s face. That moment they’re realizing their music isn’t just theirs, but it’s been played over and over again and is being heard.

I love it. And I love James amazing Bay!

Summer Roundup

We have written quite a lot about Summer, Summer foods and Summer adventures already. So, we thought that before the beautiful weather bids us adieu, we should have a last post dedicated to it.

Now, as you would know, Summer is the season of activity. And in the season of activity, Team Daily has been up to a lot of things.

We waited till the end of the season to update you on this because we believe in bigger surprises. The more, the merrier, right?

Where should we start from?

Let’s start from our office. Did we not tell you that we moved into a spacious and brighter workplace? No? We just told you.
Just a few blocks away from our old office, the new office is in the middle of the city’s hustle-bustle and we love the energy around.
Ever since we have moved in here, the whole Team has been putting its ‘interior design skills’ to use. But, we still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on *wink*



Tanning on the beach with a chilled bottle in hand. It is a summer dream! But the dream shatters when you realize you forgot to carry the SUP board. Even worse, you don’t own one! Sitting there and staring at people is no fun.

But when Daily Delivery is around. Do you have to get worried? No!

Team Daily has joined hands with Share Shed. With them, you can rent your outdoor gear from your local friends, whenever and wherever you are.
Forget about the summers, if you are looking to go skiing this winter, you know where to get the gear from 🙂

Smoothie Pleasure
Vegetables and smoothies make a great combination. But peeling, chopping and cleaning the veggies is no fun. Team Daily’s middle name is convenience. So, we have partnered up with Smoothie Veggies who prepare packages of fresh veggies and send them to you so all that you have to do is blend-it-babeh 😉

Sweet somethings
Too much of everything is not good. Eating healthy all the time is also not good, either.
If you are to indulge yourself, it should be worth it. And what better than perfectly crafted macarons? Pastel colors, rich flavors and a variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice at Soirette.
If you have tried all the macarons, you have to get your teeth into their cakes. They are oh-so-heavenly! At the end, wash them all up with their ultra-rich selections of teas.

11372210_1613424805608267_1922110623_n (1)


If you are not into macarons (who is not?), then you must be into chocolates. And if you are into chocolates, you must have visited Chocolate Arts already. In case you did not, you are missing out on something really delicious in your life. From individual chocolates to bars to even drinks, Chocolate Arts creates magic with chocolate.


Healthy Eating
Are you the one who thinks healthy eating is expensive? Expensive and requires more time for preparations? Then Healthy Cuisine is your angel in disguise.
Providing super healthy, amazingly delicious (we have tried them) and affordable meals at your doorsteps is what Team Daily and Healthy Cuisine are looking to do.
Be assured, these meals are dietitian approved and Team Daily approved, too. *enjoying the Kung Pao Chicken*

Fashionably Yours
If you think Team Daily is all about food, you are wrong. We believe, to look good, you should feel good. To feel good, most of us decide to wear something fashionably awesome. We have taken care of this need of yours, too. We have partnered with TheClosetYVR so that you can shop in peace and we will drop your items to you at your convenience.

Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR Picture Credit - TheClosetYVR Instagram
Team Daily in action at TheClosetYVR
Picture Credit – TheClosetYVR Instagram

The Surprise
As always, we leave the Big Surprise for the end! What is it this time? Keep guessing and we’ll see you soon. Actually, you will see us soon (this is a hint!)


When will we reveal the surprise? Very soon. Sooner than you think.

Till then, enjoy the last few days of the Sun 🙂


Hi there, City Adventures!

Whether you are busy preparing for the start of another school year, just going on with your regular work schedules or waiting for Fall (really!) one thing is for sure – Summer is going by quickly.
We’re sure that a lot of you are still out camping, traveling, or chilling to make the most of the last few weeks (erm, days, maybe?) of Summer. In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the places around the City you could casually hang out and relax. But Summer ‘adventures’ ought to get some adrenaline pumping.

Yes, we know you are busy. We also know that you like the comfort of your home and enjoy the hustle-bustle of the City. But that does not mean you cannot indulge in some adventurous activities in the City itself!

The thing is: there’s still adventure even if it does not cost an overnight in the wild. Here are, maybe, some unexplored adventures around the City that you need to uncover before Summer bids us adieu.

Forbidden Vancouver When the name is so mysterious, imagine the secrets you might just discover. Their walking tours will take you through the notorious history of the City. Whether you want to catch the Lost Souls of Gastown, step into the Prohibition City or know of the Secrets of the Penthouse, be quick to book your place in the walking tours because places are limited! Oh, if you want someone else to unravel the City’s past, give them Forbidden Vancouver Gift Certificate. What to know more about it? Check it out on – http://forbiddenvancouver.ca/

Picture Credit - Forbidden Vancouver
Picture Credit – Forbidden Vancouver


H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – If history doesn’t excite you and Science does then this is your place to be. Bring out the geek in you at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. Learn more about the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Earth all while having fun. They have various shows scheduled for the mornings and evenings alike so head there at your convenience. But if shows are not your thing, you could check out the observatory and be fascinated by how amazing the Universe is! Don’t want to head there alone? Enjoy the experience with your family and friends by taking advantage of their Group visits and Family Program.
And if you truly are a geek, rent one of their facilities and be ready to be mesmerized.
Learn more about them on – http://www.spacecentre.ca/

Picture Credit - H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
Picture Credit – H.R. MacMillan Space Centre


Vancouver Seaplane Tours – Up, Up, in the Air is what we like. Being at the top is what we all love. Don’t we? 😉 This adventure might cost you a little bit more but the extend of BC’s beauty that you will discover, really justifies the cost. From Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo, Victoria, pick your destination and ready to fly. Now you must be thinking that the options to choose from are limited. Wait. For each of these places, they have different packages. Pick, Hop and Fly. You will definitely be in awe of nature’s beauty at its finest and rawest form.
Find more about their deals on http://www.harbourair.com/

Picture Credit - Harbour Air Seaplanes
Picture Credit – Harbour Air Seaplanes

Once back from the tours, do let us know how they were 😉

Just Some Summer Outings

We have waited so long for this season, but guess what? It is now coming to an end pretty soon (soon not already so relax!)

They say that every summer has it’s own story, and if you feel like this year’s story is not over yet then you are probably right! There are still a lot of memories to make, lots of fun to have and a little bit of more sun to enjoy. Before Fall knocks on our doors, fill in another chapter with some new adventures or the same adventures with different people.

If looking for adventures, you can count on BC to have unlimited attractions available to the adventure-seekers like you.

Some of our top picks? Check them out below –

For quiet time, peace and serenity, head out to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

If you enjoy the city’s hustle-bustle and are an art-lover, Vancouver Art Gallery is your place to be.

Seeking some thrill or just flat out adventurous wandering around? Lynn Canyon or hiking the Grouse Grind with a time record in mind is your best bet.

However, if you are the type who loves to go shopping (yeah, window shopping included) or basically if you’re fond of shops, get a good walk around Downtown, Granville Island, or wait, there is Richmond’s Night Market and even Surrey’s Night Market. Lots of food and lots of shopping!

See you all again when we are back from enjoying some Summer 😉

Juice it up!

With the Sun shining ever-so-brightly on Rainvouver lately, we badly need to conserve water and…..so we turn to juice!

(On a serious note, we do need to conserve water and that is why the Stage 3 watering restrictions are in effect from July 20th onwards)

Coming back to juices, of course we still use water to make juice, but that is not the reason why we would give up on them. Fresh juices are packed with nutrients, are great food supplements and are perfect source of energy. Today we are only talking about cold-pressed juices and not the juice cleanses.
(We will be back with some juice cleanse packages soon)

It can be very time consuming for busy-bees to make fresh juice at home and that is why we are giving you a list of top juicers around the block.

Krokodile Pear – Krokodile? Crocodile? What’s in a name? Let’s focus on the amazing variety of juices that these guys offer. Be it in their mason jars or in their bottles, these colorful juices not only look nice and bright but are also healthy and yummy. Cold-pressed juices, blended juices and nut milks are awaiting for you so what are you waiting for? Our recommendation? Blackcomb. Not your regular juice but even better. Try it for yourself.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ OnlyMeKimberly
Picture Credit – Zomato/ OnlyMeKimberly


The Juice Truck – Pop by their Cafe in Kitsilano or stop by the truck and enjoy their wide array of goodies. Don’t be fooled when they call themselves as the ‘Juice Truck’ because their cafe serves food as well. Sushi, salad, and spring rolls, select wisely and enjoy well! Juice and food, what else could we ask for? The Turmeric is the juice you should try followed by their Wellness Shot. Healthy shot, you see 😉

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Selina
Picture Credit – Yelp/ Selina


Leafy Box – If it is leafy, it has to be about the greens. Spicy Greens, Sweet Greens and Essential Greens. Pick the greens that suit your taste palate. Their juice cleanse is what they are known for so we will talk about that later. We suggest that you try out all their cold-pressed juices to get a hint of the cleanse packages before hand!

Picture Credit - Yelp/ LeafyboxY
Picture Credit – Yelp/ LeafyboxY


Say Hello to the New Juicers

Melu Juice – Coal Harbour’s newest gem. Hidden gem for the moment but definitely not hard to spot. From juices, to smoothies, to ‘mylks’ and puddings, they offer pretty many healthy items. Pick your juice based on the benefits you seek. Thirst quenching,  Cold fighting, Immune boosting are just some of the benefits. For the complete list of benefits that these flavor-rich juices have, check out their store at 1110 W Pender St. soon.
p.s – Grabbit loves Berry Beetiful.

Picture Credit - Team Daily
Picture Credit – Team Daily


Nectar Juicery – If you are not aware, let’s update you that these folks are now open at 102 West Hastings St. Brightly colored juices fill the warm and stylish interiors of their store. Pick the juice that suits your personality. Be the ‘Leader’, ‘Motivate’, ‘Innovate’ or ‘Chill out’. If you wish to ‘Protect’, you will have to wait as this is temporarily. For the uninitiated, these are the names of their juices.

Picture Credit - Team Daily
Picture Credit – Team Daily

Check out all the juices before we come back with some more Summer suggestions 😉


I Scream, You Scream and We All Scream, “ Top Ice Cream!”

Sunny and breezy weather always calls for some ice cream. But, when it is the National Ice Cream month, you get all the more reasons to indulge (let’s just pretend that we don’t indulge otherwise)

Not sure about you but Team Daily has always wondered about the right time to have a scoop. Should it be had after meals as dessert? How about for breakfast? Is ice cream an ‘anytime snack’? Well, maybe. Can it be had during office coffee breaks? Of course. Instead of warming up with some coffee, chill out with some ice cream!

So, where to get the tastiest, softest and the most delicious scoop from? Here? There? Where? Don’t worry, Team Daily is here to the rescue! After some ice cream-hopping around Vancouver, we have come with the list of our top favorites.

In no particular order, here are the TOP Ice cream places in Vancouver –

Soft Peaks – As the name suggests, they sell dreams, erm, we mean organic milk soft serves. Organic? Yup! Organic and local. Isn’t that amazing? They use the freshest ingredients to whip up their magic. If you haven’t tried their signature Honeycomb Peak, you haven’t tried anything. Why is the Honeycomb Peak so special? It has local, real honeycomb on it. A piece of Real Honey Comb!
And the other flavors they offer? Salty Himalayan, Sunrise in California, North Pole Breakfast and Green Forest to name a few.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Merissa L
                Picture Credit – Zomato/ Merissa L


Earnest Ice Cream – Pint-sized glass jars of ice cream just appear in front of us every time Earnest ice cream is mentioned. Yes, yes, you could return them back if you don’t want to treasure them! Oh, wait. Let’s talk of their ice creams. Dense, creamy and rich in flavor is what sums up Earnest. Salted Caramel and London Fog are the flavors you need to try (i.e, if you still haven’t been to Earnest)
Some other flavors we also like include Whiskey Hazelnut, Serious Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea.

Picture Credit - Team Daily
                   Picture Credit – Team Daily


Bella Gelateria – Bella Gelateria is all about food. This is the place to go if you prefer having ice cream, in this case, gelato as a dessert. Pastas to soups to pizzas, Bella brings the best of Italy to your plate. Since we are only talking of their gelato, their Akbar Mashti flavor stands out. Lavender Earl Grey Tea? Yes, please. Not only gelato, they also sell Gelatini. Gelatini is gelato martini served with a float of gelato. Have Wild Evita Gelatini to end your meal on a high note 😉

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Rick C
                     Picture Credit – Yelp/ Rick C


Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – Yes, we have a pizzeria on this list because they have some of the tastiest gelatos in town. After you have had your brunch/ lunch or dinner at Famoso, opt for the Blood Orange Creamsicle. If not having a complete meal here, try their gelato sandwich, too. Did we mention they have a splendid collection of desserts as well? Nutella Pizza is one of them (already at Famoso for Nutella loaded pizza)

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Mekye
                                 Picture Credit – Zomato/ Mekye


La Casa Gelato – Be at La Casa only if you wish to be spoilt. With 218 flavors always on site to be selected from, you sure are going to have a tough time choosing what to eat and what to leave! Multiple trips are not harmful, actually. Not only are these gelatos tasty, they are a treat for the eyes as well. Colors of neon pink, blue, orange and green fill the store. Curry flavored gelato? Yes, because having regular flavor is too mainstream. From Garlic to Spicy Mango to Durian to Aloe Vera, be prepared to be amazed before heading to La Casa Gelato. If you ahve had enough of gelato, try their ice cream cakes, almond nougats and italian cannolis, too 🙂

Picture Credit - Yelp/ Denise W
      Picture Credit – Yelp/ Denise W

Looks like we have given you enough reasons to chill this week, check them all out while we relish on some more ice creaaamm!

Pop goes the Summer

What? Another Summer post? Yess! There are so many interesting things to do in this beautiful weather and lively season that we can’t help ourselves.

Just as much as we like the warm weather, we find ourselves trying to beat the heat every now and then. While every other season we crave soup, tea, or coffee (oh wait, we still crave coffee!), Summers are meant for outdoor brunches, and lots of homemade coolers. Talking of coolers, next on our list is Popsicles.

There’s nothing like a juicy, fruity, colorful and cool home-made popsicle. While they are also some of the easiest summer coolers to prepare, like smoothies and shakes, they can also be customized in a lot of different ways. Since you can play around with the ingredients, they are super fun to prepare. Not sure how? Here are some of our favorites for you to get started with.

Pink Pops

Picture Credit - Real Simple
Picture Credit – Real Simple

1 pound strawberries, hulled
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup sugar pinch fine salt

Puree the strawberries. Add them and the remaining ingredients together in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pop evenly into molds and freeze until firm for 4 hours and upto 4 days.

Recipe Courtesy
Real Simple


Green Pops

Picture Credit - Real Simple
Picture Credit – Real Simple

2 large English cucumbers, chopped (about 6 cups)
1 cup fresh mint leaves
1 cup fresh lime juice
3/4 cup agave nectar
A pinch of  fine salt

Puree the cucumbers. Add them and the remaining ingredients together in a blender.   Blend until smooth. Pop evenly into molds and freeze until firm for 4 hours and upto 4 days.

Recipe  Courtesy
Real Simple


Something Fun for Adults 😉

Picture Credit - Real Simple
Picture Credit – Real Simple

1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1 seedless watermelon, chopped (about 4 1/2 cups)
1/4 cup tequila
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth, pop evenly into molds and freeze until firm for 8 hours or overnight.

Recipe  Courtesy
Real Simple

DID YOU KNOW: You can also make Jelly popsicles! Try following the instructions on your favorite Jelly mix and just pour the product to a mold and freeze it.

On this cool note, Happy Friday Y’all!

Smooth-tastic Summer

Summer is on! Yaay! Have you been hitting the gym of late? (Say, y-y-yess) We have, actually. Summer is the season to get your beast mode on for the gym and what better way to power up your day than to indulge in some healthy smoothies?!

Calling smoothies energy fuel wouldn’t be wrong, eh? What’s fun about these is that you can play around with different fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even spices. See, you don’t always have to be a chef to prepare delicacies. But just make sure not to cook up a storm 😉

To get you started here are some easy smoothie recipes that will hopefully give you the taste of adventure and fuel to get you going throughout your day.

Fruity Smoothie

Picture Credit - Best Health Mag
Picture Credit – Best Health Mag

4 cups (1 L) ripe strawberries
1 cup (250 ml) plain low-fat yogurt
1/2 cup (125 ml) fresh orange juice
1 tbsp (15 ml) sugar, or to taste

Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend everything together for about 15 seconds or until desired consistency is reached. Serve chilled.

Recipe Courtesy
Best Health Mag

Green Smoothie

Picture Credit - Best Health Mag
Picture Credit – Best Health Mag

1 cup (250 ml) orange juice
1/2 cup (125 ml) plain low-fat yogurt
1 cup (250 ml) baby spinach leaves
1 cup (250 ml) raw broccoli florets
2 Tbsp (30 ml) ground flaxseed
2 Tbsp (30 ml) fresh mint
1 cup (250 ml) fresh or frozen strawberries

Blend together all the ingredients in a food processor or the blender in the order listed for about a minute or until the desired consistency is reached. Serve chilled.

Recipe Courtesy
Best Health Mag

Remember you can always add protein or some nuts, or add whatever that’ll make you enjoy these drinks even more. Just make sure not to add too many ingredients. Keep it simple and smooth.

And, on that healthy note, Happy Weekend to you all!

Their Top Milkshakes Bring….

Did you just happen to sing the song while reading the title? 😉 That is why we had it there.

Continuing with the tradition of giving you some cool recipes for the Summer, here we are again but with Milkshakes this time around.

Vancouver looks even more prettier and happening during these few sunny months. With the Sun smiling at you, the light breeze blowing through your hair and colorful flowers blooming everywhere, a chilled serving of milkshake could be your best companion.

We think, milkshakes are just not drinks, they are like a part of our childhood! More than the calories, it is the feels that we get from them that make them even more delicious (Yup, for once we would not like to think of calories)

This summer, if you are missing out on some childhood memories and are feeling nostalgic, here are some places to bring you back. And of course, in no particular order –

Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery – Located in a far off land called Burnaby (Not really but Ah! Fairytales), this is THE place to be if you are craving summer drinks. Their menu boosts a selection of Sodas, Fountain Syrups, Malts, Floats and yes, Milkshakes.
The old-school charm of this place is the best thing about it (after the food, of course!) Oh, how can we forget their fresh ingredients? They are all local, fresh and made in-house (that maybe the reason why this place gives you such a home-like feeling) The top milkshake flavor to try is Strawberry…or…Coffee…or…Banana…wait! We can’t decide. How about you try all  of them (not all at once but throughout the summer) and decide for yourself?
Finally, if you are there, do not miss their Sundaes. They are ah-meh-zing, too.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ WingHin T
Picture Credit – Zomato/ WingHin T


Moderne Burger – Burger joint on the list? Yeaah! Life would be soo boring without burgers. Right? But the reason Moderne Burger is on this list is because of their fabulous milkshakes. They call their milkshakes ‘Deluxe Milk Shakes’ and we couldn’t agree more. For those of you who like it thick, you can get your drink thickened, too! All milkshakes come with whipped cream and cherry (more like cherry on the pie) Best flavor to try..hhmm…we need more servings to decide 😉
The interiors of this place, too, are bound to take you back in time so be prepared for a trip down the memory lane with your drink in your hand.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Imkoonta
Picture Credit – Zomato/ Imkoonta


Roundel Cafe – Roundel Cafe is the all-rounder of this list. The cafe serves tortilla wraps, burgers, sandwiches, sides and our beloved milkshakes. Root-beer milkshake? Yes, please! From lavender to peppermint to chai flavors, head to this neighbourhood gem for a complete meal or just the milkshake. Our pick? The Caramel milkshake.
Fresh ingredients, friendly people, awesome milkshakes, scrumptious dishes and even more tempting prices, make Roundel Cafe your new hangout.

Picture Credit - Zomato/ Sherman
Picture Credit – Zomato/ Sherman


What’s Shaken Milkshake Bar – Shake it, shake it, shake that milkshake at Shaken! Located in downtown, this bar is a blessing to the milkshake loving soul in you. Their menu lists some Milkshakes, Veggie shakes, Protein shakes, Superfood shakes and a long list of flavors of all these shakes. Now you see, there is a reason this place is called What’s Shaken 😉
Some interesting milkshake flavors include Fuzzy Navel, Oreo Crunch Shamrock, Strawberry Peach Daiquiri, Raspberry Key Lime and Date Me? (Date? We would marry you, oh-dear-Milkshake!)
If you want to go the healthy way, add some supplements to your shakes. You read that right. They offer a range of supplements to choose from, too. Make this your to-go place for newer and interesting flavors.

Picture Credit - Yelp
Picture Credit – Yelp

Running for your milkshake already? How can we let you go without a special mention?

If you need a little kick from your milkshake, head to Cannibal Cafe on the Commercial Drive and ask for their boozy shakes 😉 (Yup, this is exactly what their menu says!)

Since we are busy preparing a milkshake schedule for us, we will see you later 🙂 Enjoy the milkshakes and let us know your favorites, too.