Time to Stop and Start this New Year

What?! We are 16 days into January already? What about the New Year Resolutions? Remember those tips you gave to yourself for 2015, do them! Get that quality time, family time, or start taking those classes you have longed to take for so long now. Make 2015 your year! It’s time to Stop and Start. Stop making plans and Start making decisions. Stop waiting and Start living the life you want to. Stop running around for the errands and Start enjoying your time. This New Year don’t worry about your groceries, errands, or pick-up list! We can help you with what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. Keep collecting those moments, and we’ll collect the things on your pick-up list and deliver them to you. This year we want you to learn a new hobby, get into a new class and spend the quality time you deserve…. because You Deserve A Break!


2014, the amazing year it was!

Its been an amazing first year at Daily as we set out a new path, working with local businesses and residents to help create more sustainable and interconnected communities in the neighbourhoods we serve. With just a couple of days left for 2015, we decided to look back at 2014 and reminisce the year it was.

This year started for us like every one of you. But, how did it start? We don’t remember anything! Anyway, we are glad to have crossed many milestones and achieved many targets this year. From expanding our operations, to serving more customers, to building new partnerships… WOAH ! We have done so much.

Special Mention
All of this would not have been possible without our partners Just-Eat, Food.ee, LazyMeal, Spoon.pm, MintyFusion, and DinnrTime who have been supporting us throughout. A BIG THANK YOU to you all!

Our Clients
Apart from our partners, we have had the pleasure to cater to, and work with some wonderful clients including A Thinking Ape, Have Culinary Training Society, Freshbowl, Build Direct, Dunns Famous BC, Rebellious Tomato, India Bistro, India Gate, Yummy Pizza , Chengdu Bistro, and Kadoya Japanese Restaurant. A BIG SHOUTOUT to all of you!

Our Expansion
We have been constantly looking into serving more customers, and have expanded our operations to the neighborhoods of Kitsilano, Arbutus, Shaughnessy, Cambie, Fairview, FalseCreek, Mount Pleaseant, Hastings, East Hastings, Grandview, Renfrew, Renfrew Heights, Collingwood, Victoria, Knight, Fraser, Main, Mackenzie Heights, Quilchena, and Kerridale in Vancouver.
In the coming year, we are looking to expand our operations in the UBC & SFU campuses, W&N Vancouver, and even Toronto.
Having listened to our customers’ feedback, we are working on Grabbit; our consumer focused app to cater specifically to our individual users.

Our Team
In addition to the operations, we have also expanded our team and on-boarded more than 200+ Community Specialists some of whom are students, fathers, teachers, and even professional athletes. As we hope to expand our operations in the future, we are always on the lookout for more Community Specialists as well as more talent to join us at the Core Team of Daily Delivery.

Community Engagement
Coming to the community, we are honoured to have sponsored and serve the Greater Vancouver Food Bank program, StartUps-Care, and TEDxSFU this year.

So much achieved and so much more to look forward to! It was a collective effort of everyone that has brought about such a successful year for us.
Stay tuned with us for more exciting news in the coming year!
Till then, here is wishing everyone a very Happy, Rocking and Delicious New Year ahead!

The Year in Numbers
Over 25,000 Orders delivered in the first year of our operations.
Saved over 400,000 minutes of people’s time.
Delivered over a $1 million worth of food.