Happy Easter!

Picture Credit - festivalwallpaper.com
Picture Credit – festivalwallpaper.com

Easter Sunday is here, lovely people! (insert loud music and dancing here).

Hope you have enjoyed the first two days of the long weekend and are ready for the last day (We can’t believe it is Monday again, tomorrow!)

Coming to Easter Sunday, it is one of the most celebrated days around the world. Hence, another glorious opportunity to feast with the loved ones. Easter has been around for centuries, and so it spread to different cultures and religions with varying customs and traditions. It’s just one of those shared  traditions, where different groups embraced it and made it their own. There were also historical events that fell on that day that made it more meaningful for people to celebrate. Easter is one of those celebrated days that truly brings people together . It just proves that at the end of the day, it is all about love and sharing. Sharing is caring, you see. Love here is some customs and traditions to share with your loved ones like –

  1. Easter Eggs decorating
  2. Easter cards making
  3. Egg hunting
  4. Attending Easter parades
  5. Baking sweet treats (egg shaped cookies)

If it is about sharing, it has to be about food. Here are some dishes to enjoy this Easter!

  1. Sweet Ham (Yumm)
  2. Cheesy Potatoes (Bliss! Forget the calories during celebrations)
  3. Tasty Deviled Eggs (Yes!)
  4. Carrot Cake (The favorite!)
  5. Buns 😉

Hope you all have a Blessed Easter!


Caramel Crazy in Vancouver!

At Daily Delivery, it is quite apparent that we LOVE our sweets. Actually, scratch that, we love ALL foods here so ta-da! Another food related post. With so many desserts and sweets available, our chosen focus this week is on caramel! Yes, that is because it is Chocolate Caramel Day! 😀

From cakes to cookies, chocolates to ice-creams…we have you covered! Continue reading for some caramel-tastic treats to be found around Vancouver!

Thomas Haas
Hands down! These are the best pastries you can find in town. The chocolate caramel brownie cake…is a mouthful to say, but it’s also a mouthful of fantastic. A gluten-free cake full of chocolate pecan brownie, caramel cremeux, caramel Bavarian, with hints of fleur de sel…can we say this place stocks the best of all worlds?! (or should we say, best of all caramels) *runs to Thomas Haas*

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ OMNOMics
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ OMNOMics


Earnest Ice Cream
YAY to their second location for more ice cream coverage around town! We totally are in love with all their ice cream flavors *lovestruck* Salted caramel is one of their classic flavours and there is a reason why -it is deeeeeelicious! Words can’t even describe how we feel about this ice cream, so you might as well go try one (or two)!

Oh and apart from their wonderful ice creams the best part about them is that they embody both sustainable local food values and aim to be a zero waste company with their returnable ice cream pint jars!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Eva
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Eva


Cartems Donuterie
Another salted caramel addition! The donuts here are beyond amazing and it is with excitement that we are sharing this salted caramel donut with you. The chocolate donut is topped off with sweet buttery goodness and coarse sea salt. The perfect balance between both sweet and salty are all jam packed in this flavourful donut. A bite into this piece of heaven is like,no..not like but is eternal bliss!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ MissVancouverPiggy
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ MissVancouverPiggy


Looking for award winning sweet treats? Well, here it is! All the goodies here are auh-mazingly good but for the sake of this category, we would like to introduce you to their scrumptious rich and creamy butter caramels! These babies are slow cooked in small batches so without a doubt, they are packed with flavour. Think of grandma’s traditional Werther’s original caramels …but better. With three different flavours to choose from, we say, gotta have them all!

Picture Credit - Urbanspoon/ Foodology.ca
Picture Credit – Urbanspoon/ Foodology.ca

The Lost Hour that was!

Picture Credit - Officewise.ca
Picture Credit – Officewise.ca

It’s been a week into THE #DaylightSavingTime! Yeah, a week! Is it just us or time is actually running?!  But anyway, we hope that all of you are coping well with the advanced hour (We are! NOT!)

There are a bunch of us (if not everyone) who have mixed feelings during this occasion, at one point we’re thinking, “Hey! Summer is near!” and at the other end, “I have been robbed!”. 1 HOUR! One hour! We mean being robbed of THAT one hour which we all could have utilized to do a whole bunch of things. Most of us also begin to realize how valuable our time is because we literally cannot bring an hour back and rewind.

So, instead of nagging and whining about the lost hour, let us talk a bit more about it.
First of all, we practice daylight saving time to stretch out the light into the evening (Ok, we know that you already know that. Or at least, we like to think you know it). The main purpose of DST is to use the most of daylight and conserve energy (Now we are talking!) While there’s a long history of the matter, the aim of DST is for efficiency (Ah! How we loove this word!).
Now, there are a lot who are against DST as well. But the more you think about it, the more time you spend stressing on the matter when you should be focusing on bigger things.

Here are just some tips to survive and to adjust to DST

  1. Have a lavish and (importantly) healthy breakfast
  2. Take advantage of the day: Get some SUN!
  3. Keep your usual schedule
  4. (But) sleep a little bit earlier
  5. Do NOT THINK about the lost one hour
  6. Drink lots of WATER
  7. Be ready to welcome Summer with both hands!

If all else fails, just continue with your regular schedule 😉


What is Saturday morning after a Friday night?

Picture Credit - Vancitybuzz.com
Picture Credit – Vancitybuzz.com

What is Saturday morning after a Friday night? Well, last night was game night. Before everything else, we trust that everyone had a productive week 😉  Some of you might be a little bit hungover, and some may still even have those deadlines hanging, but just hold on! There still is one more game this weekend. Yeaaa!

For now, the only finger you’ll need to get your fix is the one you use for clicking. Stay at home, relax… You can even invite your friends over and you won’t even have to lift another finger. Skip the dishes and order online. We have got you covered (as always!)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Picture credit - myasianplanet.com
Picture credit – myasianplanet.com

Just as the hype for the ‘standard’ New Year is slowly going down low , here comes the Chinese New Year! As Vancouver is considered one of the most diverse cities in the world, let us all celebrate another New Year! (Can we renew our ‘New Year’ resolutions now?)

The Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year, and is also the mark of Spring Festival. One of the best and most popular things people look out for during this hearty event besides the Dragon dance, lanterns, and red envelopes, is the food (Yes, our love for food and all things food makes us see only food!)

Food is very important in Chinese tradition, as there are customs that need to be followed before actually digging in…. like respect, where elders must be served first before anyone on the table. Another thing is that, Chinese cuisine takes extensive prep and cooking times, but you can bet that it’s always worth the wait!

However, you don’t have to wait this Chinese New Year! We are here to help (as always!) So don’t let the foodie in you miss out. Order with us and enjoy your New Year hassle free!

Team DD wishes you all a foodilious and blessed New Year ahead!

Single on Valentine’s? No more!

Picture Credit - Favim.com
Picture Credit – Favim.com

With a gloomy welcome to February, all that we are seeing around is rain, clouds and yes, hearts!

Hearts? Yes, THE Valentine’s Day that everyone seems to be celebrating is finally here!

Have you ever thought about how Valentine’s should not only be restricted to couples? What about the other people you love? What about yourself?

Yeaaaa! Yourself! Don’t we all love ourselves?

To aall the Singles out there, Happy Single Awareness Day! C’mon, it’s not a bad thing… whether you chose the single life or the single life chose you, it has it perks either way. Haven’t you ever thought of being like, “I’ve been single for a while and I have to say, it’s going well. Like….it’s working out. I think I’m the one.” But you know, sometimes it is kind of heart melting to receive something for being just an awesome person. Something is just too special when it’s delivered. So why not get something delivered and we can do this all day! Take a break from that “Single life (sigh)”, and be “Yaaaaaaz, the single life!!” Whether it is a meal and coffee for you to enjoy, or a tub of ice-cream for you to cry over being single (Not!) or a book you want to curl up and read, we will deliver anything for you (Well, almost anything!)

Forget about others, we are just a click away from you!

Mid-week Blues or Reds?

Picture Credit - Getty Images
Picture Credit – Getty Images

Wednesday is here and so is the weekend! (Yes, let us focus on the brighter things) This weekend is not going to be your typical weekend since it is THE #Valentine’s weekend!

And now, it is Happy almost Valentine’s day! How convenient is it that this year #hearts fall on a Saturday? That’s right. Almost all of us have plans for this night, but why not make it an all-day #date. The evening can be a surprise, ofcourse!

But guess what?! This year’s Valentine’s will be different and better! You don’t have to make reservations or go gift shopping this time. Not sure how? Plan it and we’ll help you with everything from the food, drinks, arrangements, flowers, and you name it. Order with us on our website, specify what you need and where you want it to be delivered and we’ll take care of the rest. We will make sure that you don’t get caught with the surprises. Everybody wins!


Make Some Memories this Family Day!

Picture Credit - Montco Happening
Picture Credit – Montco Happening

Family day weekend is here folks. Don’t let it be another loong, boring and lazy weekend! Actually celebrate the day with your Family! Stay at home this weekend, pull out those board games for something different. Nothing says #Throwback and #Funtimes like good ol’Snakes and Ladders, Game of Life, or Monopoly type of a day. Since your dear plants are missing you, you may want to pamper them. And yes, a fun watch on Netflix will also help cheer everyone up. A marathon run of Friends also sounds great, right? How can we forget about those New Year’s Resolutions you made for 2015 just a few weeks ago? Well, it is time to check to see how on track you are!

But wait……what about the grocery shopping? Oh, and the laundry pickup? Relax! Sometimes taking advantage of the weekend does not mean running around to get the groceries or picking up your laundry. Take advantage by skipping the line and the hassle, take advantage of ordering online through us. Your break is yours, but your hassles are on us. This family day, make memories and not to-do lists!


Pick your Super Bowl side and orders today!

superbowl-xlix_home_page1(Picture Credit – TiqIQ Blog)

Yeaaa! The time is here again to reunite with old friends and gather around your flatscreens today afternoon. THE Super Bowl game for 2015 is here!

Let’s be real, not everyone cheering wildly from their homes or at the pub are hardcdore football fans but that does not mean we can’t pretend to be one! Whether you are cheering on the Seahawks or the Patriots…or even Katy Perry during halftime (no judgement), here is how you can successfully enjoy the game and release the inner football coach within:

  1. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors (did we leave anyone out?!). Fans or not, the more the merrier, right!?
  2. Make sure there are enough chairs/seating for your guests.
  3. Football theme every single thing. Amping up the home decor will really pump up the mood!
  4. Order three times the food and adult beverages you THINK you will need as there’s always room for more food (erm, and drinks as well)…always.
  5. Most importantly, make sure to place all your food orders and last minute errands with us on game day!

Who wants to be running around town last minute to grab platters of buffalo wings right before kick-off? We know, you don’t. Or even worse, you run out of food way before Ms.Perry even hits the halftime stage! We have you covered! Place your orders with us today and our Delivery Specialists will come and save you the worry and time. After all, You deserve a Break! (especially during the Super Bowl!)

This Saturday, get your Brunch game on!

(Picture Credit – Elite Daily)

It’s Friday once again! We are sure your “party mode” is on. The Friday hangover can be quite..well, messy. Ever wondered why Friday is so far away from Monday yet Monday comes in so soon after Friday? We can’t figure that out still. Just when you thought you have it all sorted for the weekend, here comes…the hangover, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

By the time you get over the hangover, it’s Saturday…..we totally get you! But enough of that getting up late and wondering what to do. Here’s a tip to hopefully get you motivated: Get your BRUNCH GAME on. The word itself says it all! Breakfast + Lunch, so it’s always good to get a mix of food (or maybe even wine, too) going on. Instead of going heavy like your are having breakfast or going light like you are having lunch, mix and match your favorite dishes.Order from wherever you please and we will be happy to be a part of your Brunch game.

Enjoy and relax because you Deserve a Break!